When Harry met Sammy

28 Jul

It’s fair to say that things are never quiet in TW8. No sooner had the last puff of green smoke vanished into the ether than the next round of Brentford based questions were being asked. The vast majority of these were at Thursday night’s ‘fans forum’ where a panel including manager Uwe Rösler and chief executive Mark Devlin were on hand to face all comers.

This really was a fantastic opportunity and, yet again, one of the things that makes our club unique. There was huge emphasis placed on Lionel Road, of course, and if you haven’t sent in your support as yet – please do. The club has made this so simple to do that even I’ve been able to follow the links and send in my backing.  http://www.brentfordfc.co.uk/news/article/support-lionel-road-static-941456.aspx) .

Also on the agenda was Simon Moore, where his rumoured move to Cardiff City has been all over the Internet since the middle of the week. Bluebird’s boss Malky Mackay has been shooting his mouth off to the BBC today, claiming it to be a done deal barring the paperwork which will be completed Monday. Brentford have maintained a dignified silence, with nothing more being said beyond a cryptic quote at the forum about Simon probably being at the beach on the day his medical was said to have taken place.

Is it all just desperate mind-games from Cardiff ahead of Tuesday night’s friendly? Or will we be disappointed on Monday morning? If so, all I’ll say is a massive ’Thank you and good luck’ to Simon. He has already achieved so much in his short time at Griffin Park and is, without doubt, an England international of the future. The current ‘Last Word player of the year’ for 2012/13 is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet off the field and I wish him well, should he ever choose to leave. Although, Simon, if you could wait until the next issue of ‘4-4-2’ magazine is published on August 3rd (more to follow next week) that would really help me….

A beach, Thursday


The other main event of the week was Sunday’s ‘Family Fun day’ at Griffin Park.  Almost the entire first team squad barring Simon were there to meet the fans. Even fellow ‘keeper Richard Lee (whom I gather is still recovering from this summer’s surgery to his hairline) was a later arrival where my sources tell me the popular custodian was promptly ‘mobbed’. Supporters were given the run of Griffin Park whilst Buzz and Buzzette (now brother and sister rather than the ‘friends’ they started off as) were also in attendance. The newest arrival to our family, eight-week old Harry Samuel Bruce Bruzon, certainly enjoyed himself meeting Sam and Clayton amongst others.

Buzz and Buzzette with Harry


Again, like the fan’s forum, this just shows what a great set up we have at Brentford. A football club, yes, but one completely entrenched in the local community. It really is a symbiotic relationship between club and supporters that I don’t think you’d find anywhere else.  We are so lucky to have this balance between club and fans and, having stepped back through the gates today, I find myself with even more renewed energy and excitement for the forthcoming season.

As a final thought, one question that hasn’t been answered is how on earth does our Chief Executive find time to moonlight? It must be a 25-hour a day job trying to prepare for the big kick off but his twitter feed this week suggested he still had time to be contacted about ‘other interests’. Is he set to become the next Jane Fonda or is there another explanation?

I’ll leave you to make up your minds….

The new Doctor Atkins?

 Mark Devlin weight loss

(please note – there IS another explanation)

When Harry met Sammy and more, at the Brentford Family Fun day





2 Responses to “When Harry met Sammy”

  1. michaelosullivanuk July 29, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    Another great read. Does this mean you’ve done the Brentford pre-season predictions in the 4-4-2 guide to the season?

    • nickbruzon July 29, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

      Barring a disaster/my answers being too controversial then I believe it will be my selection in their season guide

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