Pies, points and padlocks

18 Aug

Free meat pie with every five visits to this blogsite.

As unsolved mysteries go, it wasn’t quite up there with ‘Who shot JFK’? or ‘How were the pyramids built’? However, with the respective ‘away game’ loyalty points finally being released it has meant we can now concentrate on other issues rather than, ‘How many do I get for going to Port Vale’?

The answer, for the record, and per the various updates over the last two weeks on the official site was:

To read the rest of this article, season 2013/14 is now available to download onto Kindle, in full. Containing previously unseen content, you can do so here for less than the cost of one matchday programme.

 Thanks for reading over the course of the campaign. For now I need to make space on this page for any follow up.  The ‘close season’ / World Cup columns continue in full, further on in this site.


One Response to “Pies, points and padlocks”

  1. Justin August 18, 2013 at 8:49 pm #

    Yes, indeed, having spent an enjoyable afternoon watching a busy Slough Town team ‘do a Brentford’ and have 90% of the play yet go down 1-0 to one of Northwood’s two shots (perfectly legitimate goal given offside by a linesman who could only have been less up with play if he was tuned into the tardy digital version of BeesPlayer notwithstanding) and hearing of miserly Arsenal’s embarrassing capitulation to a team that only just escaped the drop last time around, I was as convinced as you were by the twitter commentary that notorious Channel swimmer and Barnet FC enthusiast Martin Allen would be given something to gloat about, but it would appear that he is indeed “a Brentford fan” (ibid.) gifting us the opportunity to perch in a top six slot after our first three games. Resilient is clearly the watch word for Brentford yet again and it would appear that Rösler has spent some of the summer upsetting children by raiding numerous Monopoly sets for their ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ cards while ticking off as many pages as possible in his copy of ‘I-SPY’s Big Book Of Football League Strikers’. Brentford will go one better this time. We are going up.

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