Don’t forget about Buzzette

29 Oct

Brentford supporters were treated to the sight of a new mascot at the start of last season, in the magnificent Buzzette. An immediate fan favourite, she has gone on to adorn her very own ‘mug’ and you can win one below.

Yes, it’s the return of the ‘Last Word Caption Competition’, which will be judged by none other than Natalie Sawyer.

Can you beat our previous winner, Iain Roswell? (below).

Can you come up with a caption that doesn’t involve ‘rock, paper, scissors’?

Can you come up with a funnier comment that does involve ‘rock, paper, scissors’?


(Above – the previous winner, as judged by Kevin O’Connor : ” After last year’s success of London 2012, there was a massive disappointment with the anniversary games.”)

The entries have now started to reach ‘Last Word Towers’ and the competition closes on Friday 1st November at midnight.

You can enter HERE by adding your comment to the picture of Farid and Fergie.

The Last Word will return in full, shortly. In the meantime get those thinking caps on and, if you can make Natalie laugh, then you could win your very Buzzette mug.


Win a ‘money can buy’ prize – the Buzzette mug. As pictured above



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