A question for YOU – win a Buzzette mug

24 Dec

I’ve written a few columns this year having a moan about the ‘post game’ music at Brentford.

Whilst the team is evolving and making great advances in League One, musically we still seem stuck in the mud. Frankly, if I never heard Guaglione at Griffin Park again it would be too soon.

But that’s my opinion. I could well be alone.

Which is what I’d like to find out by trying something positive (Hey – it’s Christmas). And I’m so keen that I’ll give a Buzzette mug (very kindly donated by Roger Greenaway, the last ‘caption competition’ winner) to whomever comes up with the best answer to the following question.

If you controlled Big B Radio for a day, what would you have as your music to play when:

1)The players walk out of the tunnel?

2)Brentford win?

3)The game ends in a draw?

4)The Bees go home empty handed?

You can answer by posting a comment to this article or email me at: lastwordbrentford@hotmail.com. Please submit your entries by December 31st and then the winner will be announced before the Brentford v Port Vale game, where I’ll look to present the prize.

I’m hoping Roger will agree to be our judge. If not then I’ll ask Mrs Bruzon.

This is not an official poll but our club does listen and so if enough people answer, at the least, we’ll find out if supporters would like a change or they are happy with the…status quo.

Which brings me onto a few of my selections, to get the ball rolling (and I have also picked the brains of another club’s ‘man with the mic’). Of course, you don’t need to pick one of these but it might start the juices flowing if you would like an alternative to The Power Game / Celebrate / Guaglione.

Walk out music: London Calling – The Clash;  Shoot to Thrill/Thunderstruck- AC/DC; One to Another – The Charlatans; Hard to Beat – Hard-Fi; Run to the hills – Iron Maiden; The Final Countdown – Europe

Win music: Rocking all over the world – Status Quo; Mr Brightside – The Killers

Draw music: Movin on up – Primal Scream  ; Burning Heart – Survivor

Lose  Music: Don’t look back in Anger – Oasis; Ain’t no pleasing you – Chas and Dave; Down,Down – Status Quo; Times like these  – Foo Fighters; Hard to explain – The Strokes

Over to you…

Could THIS replace Guaglione?


One Response to “A question for YOU – win a Buzzette mug”

  1. Tim December 25, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    I think the music at GP needs a general refresh but is a nice balance most of the time.

    My main gripe with the current music (mainly the end of the match to be fair) is the lack of variety. Woking have done this really well in the last couple of seasons by only having the run out music fixed but everything else is just mood dependent.

    Run Out-
    You want something foreboding that makes the opposition nervous or unsettled-
    Strings for Yasmin- Tin Tin Out
    Monster- The Automatic
    Requiem for a Tower
    Kashmir- Led Zepllin ( now ruined by the X Factor
    Shoot to Thrill – AC/ DC
    Sandstorm- Da Rude
    Block Rockin Beats- Chemical Bros
    Theme From Superstars (Similar to the power game but would be more unique, and Jonathon Douglas wouldn’t look out of place stood next to Brian Jacks)
    Duel of The Fates from Star Wars episode one. (The only good thing to come out of that mess of a film)


    That’s the Way I Like It- KC and sunshine band
    Beautiful Day- U2
    Hallelujah- Happy Mondays
    Fantastic Day- Haircut 100
    Everywhere- Fleetwood Mac
    Yeah Yeah- Willy Moon
    You Love Us- Manic Street Preachers
    Shout to the top- Style Council
    I feel good- James Brown

    That’s Entertainment- The Jam
    Mr Brightside- The Killers
    Everyone ones a winner/ You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate (Local Band)

    Mambo No 5 if we’ve scored 5!

    Movin on Up- Primal Scream
    Always the Sun- The Stranglers
    True Faith- New Order
    Not Giving In- John Newman
    Alright- Cast
    Stuck in the middle with you- Steelers Wheel
    Dakota- Stereophonics
    Wake me up before you go go- Wham

    Times like these- Foo Fighters
    Things Can Only Get Better- D Ream
    I can’t stand up for falling down- Elvis Costello
    Mercy- the third degree
    I will survive- Gloria Gaynor
    Why does it always rain on me- Travis

    This is just from my collection, If you don’t have any of these can always pop them on a USB.

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