Congratulations Manchester City – now up to Brentford standards

30 Jan

As a Brentford supporter, I always have particular interest in Manchester City and their 5-1 demolition of Tottenham, at Tottenham, last night was no exception.

In recent years the Uwe Rösler connection has been the obvious one whilst, of course, this Tuesday was the 25th anniversary of the day that the Bees dumped City out of the FA Cup. I still get goose-bumps thinking of Gary Blissett performing heroics against the team he has supported since childhood. The memories of a quagmire pitch, a ground that was heaving two hours before kick-off, a lone pitch invader wielding an inflatable banana and distraught visiting defenders still come to the fore whenever I hear City’s name mentioned.

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 Thanks for reading over the course of the campaign. For now I need to make space on this page for any follow up.  The ‘close season’ / World Cup columns continue in full, further on in this site.

4 Responses to “Congratulations Manchester City – now up to Brentford standards”

  1. Alex Wolves January 30, 2014 at 7:13 am #

    Just remember you don’t get promoted in January, we’ve had our slump, lets hope you don’t have yours in April/May…………………………Up the Wolves !!

  2. John January 30, 2014 at 9:55 am #

    Your talking like a cunt! The difference is you are a third division club always have been always will be, even if you go up you will be cannon fodder for the big boys in the championship.
    We’re the Wolves are a premier league club in the third division- premier players, premier ground, premier facilities with an A1 academy and of course premier fans.
    Brentford play on a mud heap of a pitch in a 1914 ground with conference league fan’s and ???? Do you have an academy!
    You may well be top four points in front! a few year’s ago we were 11points in front of our neighbours from up the road, they caught and passed us and won promotion to the premiership, so don’t count your chickens yet! The wolves and the O’s are a coming to get ya.
    by the way you were by a country mile the worst team to come to the golden palace for some time

    • Tash January 30, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

      Goodness and there was me thinking we were all in League 1….. Must’ve missed the fixtures against Chelsea, Man City, Villa, WBA etc. How did you get on against them this season? Turn it in mate . We are all in the same league, maybe we won’t go up, maybe you will whatever for now you are in League 1. Deal with it

    • nickbruzon January 30, 2014 at 6:43 pm #

      Hi John

      Thanks, as ever, for your insightful observations.

      Look positive. Whatever else happens this campaign at least ‘Premier League’ Wolves should now be safe from being relegated for a third, successive, season.

      Kind Regards

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