ITV’s FA Cup Arsenal is less than fully loaded

17 May

The World Cup is almost here but there is still plenty of football before that. Brentford, of course, wait to find out their final Championship opponents (hopefully Leyton Orient and the Loftus Road mob) whilst, today, Hull City AFC take on Arsenal in the FA Cup final at the W place in North London.

I’ll be tuned in to ITV this afternoon, hoping that Hull City get the chance to take their celebrations to Slade-like levels. This is not a particular pop at Arsenal, although I am sure most neutrals would prefer their barren streak continued, but more because of the way it would round off the year for their supporters.

Any regular reader of this column will be aware of the ‘No to Hull Tigers’ campaign which was, eventually, successful. The team remains as Hull City AFC whilst their owner Doctor Assem Allam now needs to rethink his marketing plans somewhat.

So for them it promises to be a celebratory occasion but I can’t help feeling slightly let down. For me, the FA Cup is all about day-long coverage and the legend that is Jim Rosenthal.

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5 Responses to “ITV’s FA Cup Arsenal is less than fully loaded”

  1. TT May 17, 2014 at 9:34 am #

    Really like your blog, despite being a LOFC supporter! Don’t mind your jest on the ‘celebrate like they’d won the FA Cup’ either. I think Russell Slade was just a tad disappointed (of course, who wouldn’t be?) maybe with his own performance rather than yours, or the behaviour of the fans and teams celebrations.
    I think the two games Bees against O’s were standout games this season, and wish you all the best for the next. Hope to be seeing you there, and for another (maybe the last?) visit to Griffin Park, a real football stadium in the true sense.

    Cheers, TT

    • nickbruzon May 18, 2014 at 6:40 am #

      Cheers TT.
      I’m really hoping the O’s win it from here. Another London derby next season would be awesome whilst your performance in the semis really was a great team performance.
      Unfortunately for Mr Slade, I think that comment will haunt him forever in Brentford circles. The significance of that result for us was immense. You were a MASSIVE threat at the time and so for us to win a ,proverbial, six pointer was a huge deal. Moreso, to then go on and win promotion.
      I am sure it was nothing more than disappointment – fully agree. But as I said recently, has gone down as part of Brentford folklore, and as much because of what we subsequently achieved.
      I’ll have my fingers crossed for the O’s. Would love a return to East London next season.
      Good luck, and enjoy the ‘W’ place in North London (after 7(seven) play off chokes and a few JPTs, I can’t say it by name)

  2. Darren May 17, 2014 at 12:24 pm #

    Wolves fan, back for more of your wit and sentiments.
    Totally agree about the poor coverage of the FA cup final these days. Gone are the days of the cameras being on board the team coaches going down the old Wembley way, chatting to the players. On the points of whose going to be in the Championship with us next season. Hopefully Orient wont be, due to the most arrogant manager in football (poor little Orient, smallest budget blah blah). Their opponents Rotherham will be getting my backing, infact, myself and son will be at Wembley backing them and their supporters. Nice family club, good stadium etc. I dont really want QPR to go up, dont fancy travelling to another small tin pot club in London. Still at least we dont have to worry about whats going on, just sit back and enjoy the ride..

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) May 18, 2014 at 6:35 am #

    There is always something a bit half hearted about ITV’s coverage. My cynical opinion and marketing experience feels their priority is advertisement slots rather than presentation or innovation. The World Cup will be the same.

    Here’s where I court controversy and I feel Nick would disagree strongly. 5pm is a crap time for the FA Cup its neither a here nor there time. A bit of a graveyard slot in the Saturday schedules. Either take it back to 3pm, or my choice is move it to 7.45 like the Champions League Final. Make it a big TV event again by putting it on bang in the middle of prime time (it would also get rid of the appalling Britains Got No Talent for another week). I know few would agree with me but having seen the recent CL finals at Wembley on TV these last couple of years I thought the atmosphere was electric under the setting May sun with the Cup lifted to the tune of thousands of camera flashes, plus bigger TV audiences.

    Id also like to publicly flog any singer who sings the national anthem and ends it on a high note. There should be a law about that as it just ends up sounding like Madame Edith in Allo Allo. This years singer should be put in the stocks and pelted with rotten fruit. Im sure Jim would have made a much better fist of it.

    • nickbruzon May 18, 2014 at 9:36 am #

      Cup final SHOULD be 3pm. 5.15 is a fiasco that it plays second fiddle to advertising space. That said, I believe BBC have the rights soon
      As for the national anthem, nothing can be worse than the version used by the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team during 2012 Olympics. (although yesterday’s was a close second, from what my team of ‘Last word’ snoopers tell me)

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