Forget England. Celebrate like you’ve won the FA Cup this summer.

21 Jun

Remember when Brentford went neck and neck with Wolves or celebrated like they’d won the FA Cup at Leyton Orient? It was only last month that League One came to a glorious head but, after England limped out of the World Cup yesterday, it is thoughts of that campaign and our forthcoming Championship fixtures that are keeping a smile on my face.

As such, I’m pleased to announce that ‘the Last Word’ has been turned into a book. Electronic, that is!  The best of the not so bad bits from the last ten months have been collated, tweaked, had some new material added and become a season diary of 2013/14.

Entitled, “Celebrating like they’d won the FA Cup…. (just don’t mention that penalty)” it is now available for your kindle. Naturally, it focuses mainly on our attempt to escape League One for the Championship but, as anybody who has looked at this column over the last season will be aware, there are as many diversions into the general ‘goings on’ in the wider world of football. Adrian Chiles, Fulham’s self-destruction, Vincent Tan, No to Hull Tigers, the national team and THAT band. Just for starters.

So if you can’t wait until August for your domestic football fix, this could help kill a few hours on the beach / train / toilet this summer. If nothing else, the thought of ‘Saunders territory’ might prove a welcome diversion from World Cup disappointment.


Better than watching England. Possibly


And talking of which, whilst England may have stuffed it up it would be churlish not to offer big congratulations to Costa Rica.  After the brief glimmer of hope we’d been offered, Roy’s boys didn’t even get the chance to try and beat them, hope Italy did us a favour against Uruguay and then rely on goal difference.

Los Ticos produced a deserved win to secure their own group qualification and fatally torpedo a sinking England below the water line. Results like that are what make football such an exiting game that continues to captivate, regardless of the obvious impact on our own shrinking chances.

So I’ll still be watching the World Cup but it will be more in the guise of interested observer rather than excited fan with the prospect of glory only six games away.  England have shot their bolt and it fell disappointingly short. All we have left is to sit through a meaningless (for us) game against a Costa Rica team looking to top a group of which they were, originally, regarded by many as being the weakest member.

It would make a pre-season friendly look competitive and really will be one for the stat fans only. I’ll carry on watching all the way through to the final (Argentina – Germany) but I’ll definitely be thinking about Brentford.


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