Worst. Kit launch. Ever. (and who has a three inch tiddler?)

8 Jul

Oh dear Manchester United. Following last season’s moribund Premiership campaign, they’ve now launched their new ‘home shirt’ (one which, of course, won’t be seen in European competition this season). And if you thought we’d had issues at Brentford with the leaked image of the away shirt, spare a thought for the Old Trafford marketing men.

The kit is a somewhat middle-of-the road effort, which is ironic given the oversized Chevrolet logo that now draws attention from the rest of it – much like the sponsoring equivalent of Fergie’s red nose. However, what had me more amused was the attempt to then promote the thing on Twitter.

Perhaps it’s just my childish mind, but surely I can’t be alone in finding United’s choice of ‘hashtag’ somewhat awkward : #MUFCKit.

Back to school for the marketing team ?

Back to school for the marketing team ?

A deliberate piece of faux-crudity or just a really unfortunate choice of phrase as the marketing men have had a shocker?

Either way, it didn’t work. When I checked my Manchester ’trends’ this was nowhere to be seen – although #benefitsBritain, Tom Ince and London (presumably the heartland of the fanbase) were all in that top ten.

Nice to see London trending in Manchester - is it season ticket day?

Nice to see London trending in Manchester – is it season ticket day?

Better luck with the away kit, chaps. If I can give you one piece of advice, keep it clear of the carpet.

Back to matters Griffin Park related, Sky news were reporting a possible move for Monaco striker Gaetano Monachello to the Championship – with Brentford just one of the teams rumoured to be in the running for a player whose club is, apparently, going to cover the entire wage bill. I’ve no idea if there is any truth in this story whatsoever but you can read their report here.

The one thing that is fact is the pricing of tickets for the friendlies against Espanyol and Nice. At £5-£10 a pop these really are great value and, with the home support chomping at the bit to see the Championship new boys in action, I’d anticipate a big crowd. Certainly a huge contrast with 12 months ago and the visit of Brentford to Celtic’s Griffin Park ground.

Nice work.

And finally, the latest installment of Peter Gilham’s tour diary is now up. He has a full report on the competition that saw Harlee Dean hit in the face with a wet fish. You can read it here to find out who was left floundering, which plaice ‘Coley’ Richard Lee finished and why Moses Odubajo was left holding a three inch tiddler.

‘Celebrating like they’d won the FA Cup…..’ (The story of Brentford’s season 2013/14, amongst other football related things) – is now available as a digital book. Featuring the best of the not so bad columns from the last ten months, and some new content, you can download it here for your kindle / digital device.

How not to 'launch' an away kit. Curse that leak

How not to ‘launch’ an away kit. Curse that leak


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