Sit Down? Shut Up! James or games?

17 Jul

Yesterday saw the news that the Championship clash between Brentford and Fulham has been moved from a Saturday afternoon to the preceding Friday evening, November 21st, for the benefit of Sky TV.

Given the excitement of a local derby, and the fact it was probably the first fixture that most Bees fans looked out for when the scheduling was announced, it is no surprise that Sky have plumped for this one. Even if not, I’d imagine the police would probably have found some excuse to move it from a traditional 3pm slot, anyway.

Does it actually make a difference? We’ve been stung by Sky in the past, when carefully planned away trips (and early purchase rail tickets) have had to be abandoned but this is only down the road. Will people be impacted that much?

Not if you live locally, although not all Brentford fans have that luxury. Then there’s work to juggle, childcare arrangements to change and pre-match rituals (that all-important ‘first pint’) thrown out of the window. And this is the thin end of the wedge.

Reading the GPG last night, I was touched by the plight of one supporter who has tickets to go and see popular music’s ‘James’ the same evening. My initial thoughts were incredulation – why would anybody miss this game? No matter who the band are.

It the BIG one. Memories of that 4-0 demolition back in April 1992, as we closed in on the third division title, come surging forth every time I think of Fulham visiting Griffin Park. Personally, I wouldn’t miss the chance of seeing this again for anything, even the veteran Mancunian rockers.

Chuck in that extra frisson of Griffin Park under floodlights – always one make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up – and it’s a no brainer for me. Whatever it takes, I’ll be there – even if it means having to try and get a day off work.

The good times of being a Brentford fan have, historically, been at the thin end of the wedge. Supporting the Bees is an acquired addiction that I can’t shake – and nor would I want to. When things are on the up I want to enjoy them all.

Perhaps it is the same liking James and, as such, I genuinely feel for the chap with that dilemma.

I just can’t imagine it.

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Awaiting another floodlit kick off

Awaiting another floodlit kick off


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