Hogan? Bam Bam? Or both? Do not adjust your set.

21 Jul

With most of the speculation yesterday about who may sign for Brentford focusing on Scott Hogan, club owner Matthew Benham added his own voice with the return of the ever popular ‘cryptic clue’. This now customary ‘air raid siren’ to announce an incoming signing went off last night as Bees fans were still wondering who will replace Birmingham City new boy Clayton Donaldson or Will Grigg, last seen visiting concrete cows at Milton Keynes.

Matthew’s clues have, in the past, been as tricky to answer as one of those from TV’s 3-2-1. Hosted by the late, great Ted Rogers, contestants on that show had more chance picking out the holiday from the booby prize by sticking a finger in the air than attempting to untangle the mystery rhyme.

A typical Ted Rogers clue. Matthew has a tough act to follow


However, last night even ‘your’s truly’ seems to have got this one. A twitter link from Matthew with the line “obvious clue” , led to this video of ‘Wigwam’ by Bob Dylan. Whilst being a great tune, the song is somewhat bereft of lyrics.

It seems obvious, but....

It seems obvious, but….

That said, it is only a short step from the Bob Dylan version to the song of the same name by The Sweet. And that includes the line: “Wigwam, Bam, gonna make you my man”.

Surely, with Patrick Bamford being the other name in the frame, it wouldn’t be that obvious? But I’d be very pleased if it was. VERY pleased .

The Chelsea youngster is already an England U-21 and has an extremely impressive strike rate at both MK Dons and Derby County. 22 goals from his last 45 games for these two is a more than potent ratio for a twenty year old. It’s just a shame that, if this does come to pass, we won’t get the chance to see him face off against Will, given MK failed to trouble the play offs last season.

Still, at the time of writing (6.30am on Monday morning) the Hogan and Bamford stories both remain speculation . Which, if either, could be true? Is Matthew deliberately sending us off course? Or have I just put 2+2 together and got 5? As ever, I’m sure the club site will be the place to find out.

Unless, of course, the players themselves tell us first on twitter (Moses Odubajo, I’m looking at you….)

And if you can’t wait for the new season, why not catch up on the last one? ‘Celebrating like they’d won the FA Cup…..’ (The story of Brentford’s 2013/14 promotion campaign, amongst other football related chatter) – is now available as a digital book. Featuring the best of the not so bad columns from last season, and some new content, you can download it here for your kindle / digital device.

Is Bam Bam about to become a Bee? Sweet !!

Is Bam Bam about to become a Bee? Sweet !!

3 Responses to “Hogan? Bam Bam? Or both? Do not adjust your set.”

  1. Deano July 21, 2014 at 7:13 am #

    Nice thinking Nick but a “Hogan” is another name for a Native American home….

    • nickbruzon July 21, 2014 at 7:33 am #

      THAT obvious??? I’d be disappointed if so (not in the signing but just at the level of clue. And nothing to do with misinterpreting yet another one).
      Good spot – we await news with interest.


  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) July 21, 2014 at 6:40 pm #

    Could have been interpreted as Hogan or Bamford.

    By the way 3-2-1 was the most infuriating programme as a child. Even aged 8 I never really saw the point of it. I also once met the late Ted Rogers in a shop in Bournemouth, seemed a genuine fella as he purchased a packet of Chewits!

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