Can anybody swap me a Will Grigg ?

24 Oct

In all the excitement of Brentford’s 125th anniversary this week, a story has completely passed me by as it seems we are not alone in celebrating our formation. Whereas we chose to mark the occasion by honouring it with, amongst other things, the game against Sheffield Wednesday, League One MK Dons have adopted a different approach to note their proud ten years of existence.

The League One team’s website reports that they have launched their own ‘sticker album’ as a means of celebrating a decade since their inception. Produced by Esportada (certainly don’t sound like a Panini), fans can collect 120 stickers that include the current squad, ‘action’ shots from classic matches and some club ‘record’ holders.

There’s more excitement, though. The first five people to complete their sticker book receive a free subscription to MK Dons player.

This is all true. Should you wish, then you can see the full story here. Personally, as a grown man had I elected to switch allegiances to this recently manufactured team, I can’t for one second believe I’d be participating in this primary school ritual.

Still, if it works for them then all I can do is raise a celebratory glass to Karl Robinson and his team.

Now, can anybody swap a Will Grigg?

Artists impression of the Will Grigg sticker - only on loan; not swapped

Artists impression of the Will Grigg sticker – only on loan; not swapped

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