How keyboard warriors missed the point

24 Nov

Forty-eight hours after Fulham were beaten by Brentford in the Championship , their keyboard warriors were still fighting a desperate rearguard action to try and salvage some pride from Friday’s derby defeat.

If it makes the Cottagers feel better then good luck to them. That said, if you fancy a smile then do go and check out some of the remaining comments from Saturday morning’s post game review. Personally, I’ve better things to do than continue trying to reason with opinion so blinkered and out of touch with the current landscape that it would be more suited to a North Korean propaganda leaflet.

If anything it has made me realise, even more, just how much Friday’s win meant. To both sides.

Having thrown away their chance of two local games after last season’s capitulation denied them the Chelsea and QPR showdowns, Brentford were their only hope of winning such a fixture. And Fulham weren’t even close to coming second.

I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t have been upset had we lost but, at the same time, winning was a sweet, sweet feeling. Especially doing so in such fashion. That said, there’s a lot of hilarious comment on twitter and certain fan sites referring to this as our ‘cup final’.

That’s as patronising as it is bitter. Who wouldn’t want to win a local derby? Who wouldn’t celebrate a win over their neighbours? Who wouldn’t get excited about climbing to just one point off the top of the table?

This is nothing to do with perceived club size or our respective teams’ past successes but, simply, current season form and a fine victory in a local derby.

And it WAS fine, with Brentford having totally dominated the game to the extent that, per the BBC, we had almost two thirds of the possession. In layman’s terms, that just means our opponents didn’t get near the ball for an hour.

Brentford had hold of the ball for an hour. The BBC stats don't lie

Brentford had hold of the ball for an hour. The BBC stats don’t lie

After Russell Slade’s sour grapes last season (also in a local derby) I didn’t think we’d be revisiting this territory so soon. The source may be different but the effect is much the same. And that speaks volumes about what Friday meant.

Anyway, that’s me just about done on this subject. Banter is close to getting out of hand and so, for now, I’ll leave Fulham (who are only one win clear of the bottom three) to whatever ambitions they have.

As for The Bees, I make no apologies for ‘bigging up’ Brentford on this Brentford related site. Billy Reeves nailed it later, noting about those ‘away’ fans who’d got upset: “That’s like criticising an autobiography for being self-centred...”

Well said that man.

BBC viewers got an extra viewing of the game on Saturday's FLS

BBC viewers got an extra viewing of the game on Saturday’s FLS

2 Responses to “How keyboard warriors missed the point”

  1. Andy November 24, 2014 at 1:36 pm #

    There were a lot of keyboard warriors out over the weekend from both sides around the social media sites, but can you really take anything from a game where you outplayed the opposition to such a degree (if facebook is to be believed) yet it took you 81 minutes to score, then well ino injury time to ge the winner?

    A lot of Fulham fans, while not happy about it, are respectful of your league position. But you have to agree at the moment ou are puncing well above your weight and that bubble will burst when things are so tight.

    You take great pleasure in seeing Fulham as one win off the relegation zone (it’s actually one point) but we are also only 13 points away from Derby. Not too shabby seeing as up until 11 games ago we were looking at hoping Blackpool would lose each week to keep us off the bottom!

    At the end of the season, we can look back at what hapened at the start with, for us sad eyes, and for you happy ones and reminise how we both just missed out on the play offs. Yes you might well laugh at that prediction, but bear in mind that we have pulled 7 points back on the leaders, we were in the Capital one cup a good few weeks after you were dumped out at home, so despite having ambitions on the top of the table, most of us will be quite happy with a mid table finish. A bit like you guys would have at the start of the season, and given a few tough games will do once again. 🙂

    Enjoy your football

  2. MALBEE November 24, 2014 at 6:49 pm #

    We will; it will be interesting to see who has the bragging rights at the cottage on good Friday COME ON YOU BEES

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