Saturday just got even tastier with a transfer shock

28 Jan

You couldn’t make it up. Just 17 games after making a transfer to Wigan Athletic (for a rumoured £4million), former Brentford star Adam Forshaw is reportedly on the verge of signing for Middlesbrough. The fee, almost half what Athletic paid for him, was being reported in numerous sources on Tuesday evening although, at the time of writing (6.30am) had yet to be officially confirmed.

However, with Wigan heading for League One faster than you can say “second relegation”, it marks a terrible investment (cash wise) from Dave Whelan who was, of course, made to wait by Brentford until the price was right.

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Thanks for reading and all your comments over the course of the season. For now, I need to make more space on the site for any follow up. However, ‘close season’ will continue in full, further on.

2 Responses to “Saturday just got even tastier with a transfer shock”

  1. Gaz January 28, 2015 at 7:49 am #

    As a Wigan fan it is probably a good deal financially, but shows how poorly we handled the transfer dealings in the summer. £2m would have been the maximum I would have paid at that time, but for an Englishman you pay a premium.

    Forshaw has struggled within a poor team but that is, in part, down to the dreadful tactics. In truth though he has looked a shade of similar players we had of that age. Even now he looks a long way behind Emyr Huws and the likes of McCarthy and McArthur are out of site over the horizon.

    He’ll be a solid player in the top two leagues but England honours sit way out of reach based on his performances.

  2. J-me January 28, 2015 at 8:34 pm #

    I am not one to criticise players as I am very aware that certain players can flourish at one club and not another usually due to different tactics or the morale within the club. Therefore I won’t disagree with you entirely about him having potential talent to become a great player but from my observations of watching him at Wigan I just haven’t seen enough quality from him to suggest that. And when you mentioned England I had to go back and check you were still writing about Forshaw. I’m sorry but there is no way he is at that level or ever looks likely to be from his performances. His decisions were always negative and he was too weak physically and mentally to have any influence towards changing a game or even doing the little things that midfielders do to try to swing the advantages in his teams favour. We’ve been blessed with many great midfielders at Wigan in the past and had some go on to do great things even after looking very raw during their Wigan days. With Forshaw I just can’t see him making it to the top and to be honest I do not feel a great loss with his departure. Good luck to the lad and I hope his fortunes change. Like the last guy said he is not a patch on Emyr Huws so I’m glad we are holding onto him instead and think he will offer more in our relegation battle, I’m just praying he can hit his full potential very soon to give us hope! Worried Wigan fan

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