Forget the horses and Cameron Diaz. There’s mascot news

11 Mar

I spent a lot of  yesterday on social media, principally looking for early news about Brentford v Cardiff City on Saturday. To be quite honest, if you aren’t into horses (I’m not) it was like a wasteland out there.

There was nothing but tips and Cheltenham. Lucky punters showing off about their winnings and unlucky ones moaning about how much a loser had ‘cost’ them (and I know I’m a pedant but you’ve lost nothing except your stake – money you never had can’t be lost).

As for Ruby…. It (or as it later turned out, he) was everywhere. At times it felt as though, impossibly, the Kaiser Chiefs were trending. You couldn’t move for: Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

Not only was it a horse fest, I then had to think about the Kaiser Chiefs

Not only was it a horse fest, I then had to think about the Kaiser Chiefs

Good luck to horse fans. It’s not my thing and, at a time when I really needed social media to keep me sane, the only nag related piece of entertainment came from John Inverdale. The normally open shirted, chest-wigged commentator had a bit “of a ‘mare” live on the radio. Or what he called ‘ a slip of the tongue’.

And then it happened. I’ve still not got over the news about Cameron Diaz and the revelations about her support (or lack of) for Brentford. However, it would seem we have a new name in the frame to make up the ‘fab four’ of famous fans alongside Dean Gaffney, Rhino from The Quo and Natalie Sawyer.

Could Diaz be replaced on the celebrity Bees montage?

Could Diaz be replaced on the celebrity Bees montage?

Comedian Michael Legge (@michaelLegge on twitter) isn’t, it would be fair to say, a football fan. However, he has undertaken the mission to ‘get into it” as part of a Comic Relief fund raising effort.

Not only has he now chosen the Bees as his team to follow but, on Saturday against Cardiff City, he’s going to be a mascot. Not donning the Buzzette costume but walking out alongside the players and, one would imagine, captain Jonathan Douglas.

Presumably appearing in full kit (there’s no finer sight than a ‘grown up’ non-player sporting complete football apparel on match day), this will be his first ‘league’ game.

We have a new fan

We have a new fan

You can read about Michael falling in love with the game of football whilst I’d also recommend a listen to his work on the Dave Gorman podcast (episode 127 – Knights in Shining Armour from 17/07/12 , feat. Hunter from Gladiators, being a particular favourite) .

Whatever your thoughts about adult mascots, this is all for a great cause and there is a just giving page available. I’m sure we’ll hear more about Michael’s visit in the build up to the Cardiff City game.

And there was me thinking the only comic relief on Saturday was going to be Russell Slade.

Russell Slade - has gone down in Brentford legend

Russell Slade – has gone down in Brentford legend

3 Responses to “Forget the horses and Cameron Diaz. There’s mascot news”

  1. savilerowblogger March 11, 2015 at 8:53 am #

    You do know that comedian Nathan Caton, Hard Fi frontman Richard Archer, Bluetones guitarist Adam Devlin and rapper Swami Baracus are all bees fans too. I’m not sure if any of them turned up during the dark “Terry Butcher months” though!

    • nickbruzon March 11, 2015 at 5:04 pm #

      Thanks very much. We seem blessed with a wide circle of ‘famous’ fans although, i must admit, i’m unfamiliar with the rapper you mention (the name Baracus more typically conjuring images of Bosco ‘Bad Attitude’ Barracus and his mohawked stylings in the Bruzon house).

      Kudos to anyone who turned up in the Butcher years – ‘celeb’ or otherwise.
      I think even Pat would have done a better job than Terry.

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) March 12, 2015 at 5:06 pm #

    I too have never heard of the rapper known as BA Baracus

    I wonder what constitutes being a ‘famous’ fan?

    Recently saw an ep of Shooting Stars on GOLD when burger van ‘magnate’ Angelos Epithemiou was asked whether he had any famous clients. He said he did. As ‘Barry with the orange socks’ often bought a bacon sandwich.

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