Supporters pay tribute to Mark Warburton and David Weir

22 May

Hot off the back of yesterday’s piece looking at what Mark Warburton achieved with Brentford after taking over from (the now Leeds United bound) Uwe Rösler, our supporters have been quick to pay more tribute. The Bees’ Premiership dream may have come to an end at the hands of Middlesbrough but Mark’s reputation is better than ever before. No moreso than in the eyes of the Griffin Park faithful.

And not just to Mark but also (and here is where I MUST apologise) to David Weir. One almost tends to take for granted the partnership they had together. So much so, that this didn’t even get mention yesterday.

However, rather than my own ‘pouring forth’ on the subject, here’s a selection of the comments from around social media to show what the supporters themselves had to say yesterday about Mark, and David’s, time at Griffin Park.

Regular correspondent, the ever eloquent Bernard Quackenbush opens proceedings:

BQ: “Quite simply the best post-war manager we have had.

Fans have been ridiculously over critical of him. Name me one manager who would be considered perfect? Even Sir Alex had plenty of duff signings, results, and games he got tactically wrong. Although Nick, your piece is very clearly tongue-in-cheek and characteristics we all recognise in Warbs.

Mention also to David Weir. This was clearly a partnership. His knowledge, coaching and passion were always clear to see, and the club will miss him just as much as Warbs. Always enjoyed how Warbs would stand back and let Weir mix it up with slow opposition full backs and over excitable away coaches.

One thing that is certain, that Warbs has the most positive and frequent use of thumbs since the Fonz.”

No greater 'thumbs up' than being likened to The Fonz

No greater ‘thumbs up’ than being likened to The Fonz

RebelBee is also one to pick up on the role played by David and writes:

“Firstly well done on devoting a piece to Mark, this was badly needed to mark his departure. The final look over the shoulder as he walked away at Boro on Friday was emotional for me, and a sad end to a beautiful period at BFC – whatever comes next things will never be the same – of that I’m certain.

After the shabby way in which Uwe finally left us, MW’s appointment came as a bit of a surprise and he wasn’t top of my list at the time, so glad I was wrong and that MB was right to be fair.

I was never a big Rosler fan and found his football to be dull, predictable and I never warmed to his manner. Then Warburton, players instantly released from their chains and a wave of attacking positivity from day 1 – blowing away almost everyone through to that glorious promotion – his promotion! This then followed by the most memorable season that most living fans can remember, owner, staff, fans all pulling together as BFC was rising again – never a small club but now finally regaining the attention of the footballing world.

Bump, then in Feb the self inflicted shambles that finally resulted in the shocking news that Mark was on his way regardless of the outcome of the season. Can we imagine how hard it must have been to stay dignified and to keep the team so focussed through to a play off finish. In an industry of mercenaries and money grabbers he just did his job and saw it through as promised.

Mark wasn’t perfect – yes there were things he could and would have improved upon, however he wasn’t any old manager – he was special, not someone I felt would walk at the 1st decent offer, loyal to his owner, his supporters and his players. Indeed I felt maybe the only role that would finally prise him away from GP would be one with the national team.

Mark & David Weir will get a great job, and be successful in it. I fear it will be our loss and however successful the new model turns out to be, we are diminished without his human qualities. He goes with my thanks for the best 18 months I’ve known in all the years of following our great club. Our finest post war manager – we will miss him.”

Let's not forget David Weir in all of this, either

Let’s not forget David Weir in all of this, either

Next up, Roger Greenaway:

Excellent summary. It is exactly how I picture him. Very good man Manager and superb at dealing with the media. I listened to his views on two occasions on SSPN and was impressed with his knowledge on football generally. It is a shame that he could not fit in with the new plan but it has convinced me that with our limitations we have to do something different.

I accept that, in the main, the usual type of Manager/ Coach model does not work. The average ( Not Leeds Utd ) span of 18 Months tenure leads to yet another clear out of players and another short term fix and so on. I am so glad that MB wants to go another way and I can’t wait to see it succeed . The Bees in the Premiership is something I never thought I would be able to see. I’ve always envied supporters that can say ” oh that was the year we won the cup ” Maybe we can say that too one day.

Rob notes: “Not perfect, but hugely impressive and in only 18 months of his managerial vocation will continue to learn and improve.

A bright forward thinking manager with different life skills and experience he can bring to the job that sets him apart from the rest. Someone who for a small club unable to compete with the big boys financially will get the most out of his team using a combination of statistical analysis and conventional methods, and who has proven exceptional man management. Conducts himself with integrity and humility in everything he does.

Sign him up Bees……”

Brian Moriarty took to Facebook to add: “I believe that MW is a much stronger person than maybe some think on cursory glance. He was MB’s choice before Uwe and it was refreshing when he did get the gig. I was never a fan of Uwe, just me. MW was more fun and now at my age am prepared to go with the flow at an interesting time. We played amazing football, lacked badly in corner threat, but have loved it all.”

Rod Davidson gives his own thoughts, “Spot on! I have rarely come across such a man in public life. Perhaps it was his professional ‘city’ upbringing but how often do you hear someone give unflinching support to those who have won out against you. Clearly a man of immense integrity Mark Warburton always said the right thing.

He was clearly very loyal to his players and respected by them in return. In more recent interviews he was ‘baited’ time and time again to declare his unhappiness. Did he heck! Well done Mark Waburton! A fine man, you managed Brentford to the very best of your ability and you have gained immense respect from the vast majority of Brentford supporters.”

And Rod, I can’t beat that. It simply remains for me to say, once more, THANK YOU – to both Mark and David.

Warbs  - there was no doubt about his popularity with the players

Warbs – there was no doubt about his popularity with the players


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