What happens next as Rangers prepare to announce Warbs ?

15 Jun

Former Brentford manager Mark Warburton is today (Monday) finally set to be revealed as the new man in charge at Rangers. Swapping the English Championship for the Scottish, he takes David Weir with him and puts to bed one of the most rumoured, but prolonged, stories doing the rounds.

Brentford fans have, of course, known since February that Mark and David would be leaving us following the Football Village affair prior to the home game against Watford. But until the stories about Rangers started to circulate last month, most of us assumed he would be staying South of the border.

News sources as diverse as the BBC, Herald Scotland and even City A.M. (worth reading that one for the input of Brentford fan, reporter and podcaster Billy Grant) are now reporting that Mark will be officially unveiled in a 2pm press conference on Monday.

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2 Responses to “What happens next as Rangers prepare to announce Warbs ?”

  1. geomacdonald June 15, 2015 at 6:35 am #

    I suspect Bees fans have no need to fear the loss of any players to Rangers. Rangers is a loss – making business with no line of credit from a bank and no cash reserves. It meets the payroll through a series of emergency loans and is limping on until the 2015/16 season ticket money comes in (essentially its only source of income as TV is peanuts and more or less all retail income hoes to Sports Direct). Rangers cant borrow as all Assets are already encumbered and cant launch a shsres issue as it was forcibly delisted by AIM and won’t find an exchange to list on Anytime soon.The mainstream media in Scotland paints an ‘everything is rosy’ picture but that is far from the case. Two blogs worth checking are ‘The Clumpany’ and ‘Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’ both written from a Celtic – supporting viewpoint. Another is ‘RangrrsSupportersLoyal’. As the name suggests this is the domain of ultra-loyal Rangers supporters but the contributions of Merlin, From the Blue Room and Ninjaman are well worth reading. In essence, Rangers are in deep, deep trouble and the appointment of Warburton and Weir is surprising because no one can figure out how Rangers can possibly pay them. Expect more court action from Mike
    Ashley possibly as early as today. He is the kingpin.

  2. RebelBee June 15, 2015 at 8:05 am #

    Firstly I want to congratulate Mark and David on securing their new positions, and to wish them much success as they attempt to revive one of the UK and Europe’s great clubs. Thank god they haven’t gone to the hooped “Rangers”, Fulham or another championship club. I do think that MW/DW have shown us great respect in taking on their next project in another league, Bees fans – please don’t underestimate this point.

    I’m confident that with a little patience and sensible backing they’ll do really well, how far they can take it is the only open question for me. Any Rangers fans reading this should be excited, MW will improve the players he coaches and his positive footballing philosophy will be refreshing, he plays a stylish brand of football – to win, and risks quite a bit in the pursuit of this. Look at his win ratio as Bees manager and you’ll see why. The best manager we’ve had and the best football seen in my BFC lifetime.

    Rangers have a man of class, integrity and with the strength of character and ability to make them proud. He wears a whistle too!

    I’m only sad that he isn’t planning our assault on the Premier League, but as you say we can now move on.

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