Is this another day at the beach as rumours persist?

6 Aug

Another day, another Brentford related transfer rumour with nothing but questions. Did Hull City really put in a £9million bid to for Andre and Moses? Are the club going to ‘politely decline’ if so? And does Hull have a beach?

The respective answers are. Quite probably to the pair of bids. We already know Moses has had his contract clause activated (but that is it) whilst Andre has already been the subject of a comedy enquiry to which Marinus has categorically denied any desire or need to sell. So for Hull ‘to go again’ with an increased bid is the next logical step although whether that has actually happened or not remains to be seen .

The source of these rumours, our beloved local press, would happily report a free transfer in a packet of cereal if it meant a headline. That’s just the nature of the Internet and social media these days. I’m not surprised these stories keep on being pushed around and I’m sure that agents have nothing to do with it.

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Nick Bruzon


11 Responses to “Is this another day at the beach as rumours persist?”

  1. Gary Michael Vasey August 6, 2015 at 7:15 am #

    Feel your pain. The Hull Daily Mail says the defender is at Hull and has been since Sunday – deal agreed but awaiting some 21-day clause. Hull want the striker. They have the money and the ambition. HDM again claims Brentford want 10.5 for the pair. Before the weekend, that offer will be made is my guess.

    • RebelBee August 6, 2015 at 8:12 am #

      Not clear from the media reports if the offer is £8M or £9M, it may sound a lot – although from a Bees perspective it isn’t, given that Moses is going on the cheap due to the release clause.

      What some Hull fans may not know, maybe a few Bees too, is that almost £2.5M of any joint fee is owed to Orient and Luton. So if the offer is really £8M BFC will only see £5.5M – which is why we really have to hold out for a fee of above £10M or not sell all.

      • berksbee August 6, 2015 at 10:51 am #

        From what I’ve read the initial offer from Hull was £8m + 1m add ons for the pair of them. We want £10.5 + 2m add-ons. My view is that unless Hull match that £10.5m up front figure, valuing Gray at £7m (which he’s been all along) there will be no deal, Brucie.

  2. Old Bees Fan August 6, 2015 at 7:50 am #

    Thank you Nick , I agree with much of what you say but on one point specifically I am on the side of LadyBee who yesterday said
    ‘ I expect that the average age of a Season Ticket holder to be nearer my age than yours and it is us older supporters that do worry that this is the demise of Griffin Park , at least as we love and know it ‘.

  3. RebelBee August 6, 2015 at 8:05 am #

    Good blog as always, but I have a feeling we are in for a very tricky 48 hours – we shall see. You make a fair point in that amongst the departures we have signed some players with real pedigree and potential, so why does it feel a bit flat, even depressing?

    Sure for some there is still the Warbs hangover – a good win Saturday would put that to bed. Another reason is the manner in which SD/JD have gone, very messily imho – with confused messages about reasons, contract details etc. Both exits seemingly making the club look bad – and going unanswered.

    Then we have this awful luck which leaves our 2 young star midfielders sitting in the stands on Sat – my god we could with them both in the stripes on Saturday.

    But it’s more than that – whilst thinking this through last night, I’ve concluded that the real problem for me at the moment is a lack of leadership and communication from within the club. I’m happy to acknowledge that so many things at BFC are done better these days, Mark Devlin and his team have done wonders, and despite some horrible # strap lines the marketing is on another level to what it was just a few years ago. Most of the peripheral non footballing things really are to be commended.

    Then we come to the football side, the problem as I see it is that Matthew wants to put all his energy into the concept and detail involved in taking us forward, he doesn’t want to be the front man working the media circuit, and of course he can’t do everything. The trouble is though, that without him stepping in, there is a complete comms vacuum unfilled by any of the other fancy titled people now at the club, after MB i’d include the chairman, the 2 DoF’s, the coach in this, and on and on it goes – the only noises coming out of GP in recent days are a few clumsy confusing comments from Phil Giles – i’m sure he’s a smart guy but communication is clearly not his thing – so why’s he doing it?

    Clearly after MB, the man with the magic dust is Rasmus, so let’s get him out there talking up BFC reminding us and the media of some of the more positive things that are going on. We seem to have few friends out there and are taking hits, many want us to fail and the fans can easily lose perspective become feral as you call it – hearts and minds matter Nick!

    You have rightly reminded us that it is not all doom and gloom, now the club need to step up shout it from the rooftops. Appointing a popular and strong captain, vice captain, club captain (Dean, Mac, Judge, Bjelland?) would be smart and is very overdue – get the senior players out there and pulling everyone together.

    Leadership and communication throughout the playing side needs to step up a level, time to get started right now and we’ll all feel better.

  4. Neil August 6, 2015 at 8:42 am #

    The Gray story isn’t going away and City said all along that we wanted to sign both. The story would have gone away if Brentford had no intention of selling and I suspect Gray wants to come and that it is simply a case of City paying an acceptable fee. May be wrong but I would be very surprised if it wasn’t sorted before the weekend but either way the Moses deal looks to be happenings.HDM reported yesterday that agreement had been reached with BFC re the 21 day clause.

  5. Crabby Clause August 6, 2015 at 8:56 am #

    As a Hull city supporter I enjoyed the article and the honest reactions. If Hull do manage to buy the two players in question and for the figures quoted then this will mean a heavy investment for us and a nice bit of business for you. WE have just seen three of our very best players exit our club and it does hurt to loose this sort of talent. Using the dosh we got allows us to make bids for your players and guess what…it will allow your club to do the same. Its called ‘trickle down’ helping those clubs intelligently building for success to achieve their objectives and stay in business. Whatever happens I wish your club and all its supporters well for the coming season. I would have loved to have seen Brentford in the Premiere this season as this pricks the bubbles of the arrogant big clubs when you go beat em!!

    • RebelBee August 6, 2015 at 10:23 am #

      Nice post mate.

      At least so far most of the Hull fans I’ve seen have been fair and decent over this, we need to get the very best deal for BFC if these 2 key assets are to go. My view is if it goes to £10.5M or above, a deal will be done. We’ll miss them but will kick on eventually. My problems is that despite my age I still look at footballers as my heroes – when really they are mainly just very well paid employees constantly looking to do the best for themselves.

    • berksbee August 6, 2015 at 10:56 am #

      Erm, ‘trickle-down’? You forget one important point. Brentford do not want to sell Andre Gray. We have no choice with regards to Odubajo due to his release cause but neither player will be sold because Brentford ‘need the money’. We don’t ‘need the money’, we don’t want to sell Gray. Unless Hull cough up the £10.5m + 2m add-ons, Gray won’t be going anywhere. Benham has made it crystal clear that players will be sold on our terms and every player has a price. The price for Gray is £7m.

      • malbee August 6, 2015 at 5:12 pm #

        Lets rewind five or six seasons judging by some of the posts over the last week or so some fans wish we where back there full of negative comments i for one certainly know what side our breads buttered. ONCE AGAIN ONWARD AND UPWARD BEES

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