Transfer window set to slam shut for Brentford but is this it?

31 Aug

Tuesday is the day. The transfer window slams shut ( © Sky Sports) and, with it, the last chance to see who will leave or join the Brentford squad on a full time basis. Of course, the Bees have already stepped up their loan activity with the news that Sergi Canos has signed until January from Liverpool. But does this mean that all business has now been concluded? Or will Jim White and Natalie Sawyer be working themselves into a Griffin Park related frenzy on national “Harry Redknapp leaning out of a car window” day?

Canos is the latest to wield the Brentford FC signing shirt

Canos is the latest to wield the Brentford FC signing shirt

Brentford have certainly been profligate in recent weeks with several big name players leaving TW8 for Championship rivals. Andre Gray to Burnley, Moses Odubajo to Hull City and Stuart Dallas to Leeds United have been the names to really stand out. Not to mention the release of Jonathan Douglas to Ipswich Town. Factor in the freak injuries to Jota and Josh McEachran (the latter before a ball had even been kicked in anger) and it’s no wonder our attacking options have, according to many, been stifled .

But could this change? Monday’s new saw a signing that followed hot on the heels of striker Marco Djuricin to give, on paper, an added dimension of flair to the Brentford squad. In the Red Bull Salzburg loanee we have, at the least, a plethora of puns. Moreso alongside A. Judge (that’s Alan, of course). He is an Austrian international who already has two full caps to his name,

As for Canos, it really is a huge case of potential. I’d offer a word of caution in putting too much pressure on this young man’s shoulders. In recent years we’ve learned that for every loan gem from that part of the world (see Adam Forshaw, Chris Long and Jake Bidwell) there’s a potential Joao Carlos Teixera. For every unheard of youth prodigy (see Marcello Trotta) there’s a Betinho lurking in the wings.

Betin-who ?

Betin-who ?

Whilst we’ve done very well in the past in our recruitment, the previous management haven’t been infallible. Those lamenting the departure of Warbs should bear in mind he took several bites at the cherry to get things right. The second coming of Liam  Moore is another that springs to mind. And then out of it.

It takes time to build a team. There’s no denying we’ve taken an unconventional approach in allowing several well established players to leave (albeit for an incredible amount of money) before looking to rebuild from scratch. Likewise, that we’ve then had our cause hindered by injury – and one can only worry about the amount of twigs that may reach the training ground now that Autumn is almost upon us.

However, my guess is that any long term activity has come to a close and we’ll not be troubling Sky Sports News. This is the squad Marinus has to play with and, with quality players also on the mend, we could soon be in a much stronger place.

Certainly, that usual barometer of impending transfer news – Matthew Benham’s twitter account – hasn’t troubled the scorers since August 19th. And that was the wonderful coming together of fiction and fact that saw Alan Partridge’s ‘Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank’ become a reality.

So unless we’re planning on signing the former World Middleweight Champion, this is probably it for any ‘inward’ activity on Tuesday. Welcome Marco and Sergi. Griffin Park is certainly a place of change at present but, equally, we’re a club who are on the up.

6 Responses to “Transfer window set to slam shut for Brentford but is this it?”

  1. RebelBee September 1, 2015 at 10:35 am #

    What’s going on with you lately? Little digs at Warbs, then the fans for not cheering loudly enough during a 1st half humping by Reading.

    I think you’ve become all establishment mate – the once independent last word has now gone pravda on us.

    • nickbruzon September 1, 2015 at 8:11 pm #

      Warbs did a fantastic job but he wasn’t perfect ; something I’ve referenced several time in the past – Over dependence on Douglas, overlooking Tony Craig when the team were crying out for him, over dependence on short corners, telegraphed substitutions on 66th minute.
      Those aren’t little digs but statements of fact – just as is the point that he got some loan activity wrong.
      If the club or aspects of it need a shoeing then I’ll give it. But what I won’t do is jump on Marinus , Matthew or Cliff so soon into the season as so many supporters are doing.

      This is different way of running a team and its one I’m, equally, finding ‘unusual’. However, we are only four games in and, equally, have a new stadium to fund (amongst other expense). If things take a proper turn for the worse then I’ll say my piece.
      But I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon at this juncture – I’ve got to much time and faith invested in this club.

  2. Old Bees Fan September 1, 2015 at 11:43 am #

    Well said RebelBee.
    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Warbs first defeat as Brentford manager not come until after a run of 19 league games unbeaten .

    • nickbruzon September 1, 2015 at 8:18 pm #

      Warbs had a stunning run at the start of his career in League 1; agreed 100%. But he wasn’t perfect. Marinus has got some massive shoes to fill yet, so far, is only one point behind Warbs (4 rather than 5) from the start of their respective Championship campaigns.
      I don’t think Marinus is helping his cause with some of the body language and this, combined with the club’s transfer policy, is rubbing off on some fans.
      I’m just holding tight for the long haul and hoping my club can continue the stunning rise in form they’ve experienced over the last few seasons

  3. Gordon Bankole September 1, 2015 at 6:52 pm #

    Absolutely agree with the comments above. It seems that to justify the sub-standard performances this season we have to refer to some of the poorer moments under Warbo. Cliff Crown did exactly the same in the article on the website today. All unnecessary if you ask me, and smacks more than a little bit of insecurity if you ask me.

    The important thing is now that MD starts building a team now he knows his squad for the next few months. If MD can start to sort out the defence in a way Warbo didn’t manage and get the attacking play working like we have seen over the last couple of years, then his predecessor will be forgotten soon enough.

    • nickbruzon September 1, 2015 at 8:20 pm #

      Thanks. Marinus has a huge job ahead of him but some fantastic potential – moreso when his missing midfielders recover from injury. Here’s hoping he can go some way to emulating some of the positives form last season

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