How Leverkusen beat Brentford when it comes to scoring

5 Sep

It would be fair to say that Brentford certainly lead the way when it comes to adopting a different approach on the field. The oft quoted ‘statistical model’ has helped unearth players from all over Germany, Austria and Denmark whilst, of course, we have a new management structure in place. Our decision to play beach football at Griffin Park was, perhaps, an ill-fated one but it can never be said that life as a Brentford fan is a quiet one.

Whilst Brentford may be trendsetters in many areas, we aren’t a patch on German and, specifically, Bayer Leverkusen. Although we are picking up players from that country I wonder if we might soon adopt some of their other ideas ?

With the Bees busy promoting their latest idea, ‘Back to School’ gear for the kids, Leverkusen have adopted a more adult marketing strategy. In a move that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘get your kit off’, their website offers none more than club issue condoms for sale.

I was convinced this was a joke upon being sent the picture but, sure enough, these really exist. Alongside cuddly socks, alarm clocks and shirt pyjamas, the Leverkusen ‘must have, bedroom’ category also includes the aforementioned prophylactics.

This really exists

This really exists

Should you want to try something different, you can get them here. At just Euro 1.90, there is now the chance for fans to wear their colours on every occasion whilst still earning those all important loyalty points.

Leverkusen aren’t alone. The BBC ran a report as far back as 2002 on the popularity of such items in Brazil (Flamengo being the biggest seller, apparently). Even as recently as the World Cup of 2014, there were stories doing the rounds about local favourite Neymar have one designed in his honour.

Which does make me wonder if Matthew Benham , Mark Devlin and the rest of the Brentford marketing chaps will leap upon this as our next foray into club issue items. It’s one thing having the shirt on your back but why not go one better ?

Then again, given our previous issues in getting shirt sizes right (thanks, Puma) or even the lack of any choice for women, perhaps this is one area we are probably safest steering away from. The last thing we want is something leaky than the defence.

An idea that will probably remain on the drawing board

An idea that will probably remain on the drawing board

Nick Bruzon

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