Cave Canos – Liverpool loanee stars as Bees beat Preston

20 Sep

Thanks Liverpool. Anfield Loanee Sergi Canós was at the heart of things as a 2-1 win for Brentford over Preston North End saw the Bees climb up the table to within four points of the play offs (and still with that game in hand). Whilst it still remains far too early to decide what sort of form we’ll be showing this season – ten games being the metaphorical line in the sand for that one – what was encouraging were further signs that the players in our new team have the right level of positivity.

With Preston scoring after anything from 16 to 34 seconds depending on which report you read or video you watch (either way, not good) the stage was set for the terrace boo boys to let rip. Instead, and as ever one does have to acknowledge the performance of David Button, the Bees stayed in touch until the arrival of Canós from the bench. And then things went into overdrive.

Sergi Canos - another loan star in the making?

Sergi Canos – another loan star in the making?

Described by one terrace wag as “looking like he came on with a bag of E for the squad” (presumably that’s short for ‘energy’), his arrival turned the game on it’s head. He set up Lasse Vibe for the equaliser after great interplay with Alan McCormack, a player who also received supporter plaudits, just moments after his Warburtonesque entrance to the field of play i.e. on the hour.

But then it got better. Do check out the highlights for the wonderful control exhibited by Marco Djuricin. His technique to drag the ball out of the air and turn 180 before running straight at the Ealing Road goal was a thing of beauty. Even better, to then beat the ‘keeper at his near post on the angle, with defenders bearing down on him.

Mark Burridge adds more colour to an impressive package of highlights

Yet despite a Ray Biggar style nine minutes of time added on, the Bees held strong to record a valuable win that could, and say this carefully, be a huge psychological turning point – as much for certain elements of our support.

Talking afterwards to another resident of the terrace, his own view of Canós,was “great vision and really niggled at the opposition. He had just lifted the team when he came on”.

Is it too soon to judge? Or have we unearthed another gem with the Liverpool loanee? Whichever way things turn out the player himself certainly seemed to enjoy the occasion, judging by his post-match Twitter feed.

The Liverpool loan star enjoyed it as much as we did

The Liverpool loan star enjoyed it as much as we did

As for the Bees, that’s the first of three successive home games out of the way and how nice to see Marinus and the team record a win. Sheffield Wednesday, who came out better than Fulham by the odd goal in five, are next up at Griffin Park on Saturday.

Will Canos start that one? Marinus will be hard pushed to keep him on the bench. Wednesday will need to beware, if not the dog (that’s one for any Latin scholars out there) certainly the Spaniard.

Latin punnery - a rare chance indeed

Latin punnery – a rare chance indeed

Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “Cave Canos – Liverpool loanee stars as Bees beat Preston”

  1. RebelBee September 21, 2015 at 8:15 am #

    I though our fans were really good on Sat, let’s be fair the 1st half was as bad as the Reading game but Vs poorer oppo, nobody in the Braemar got on their back at all so I guess you are highlighting a few comments from guys in the ER.

    It has been a tough few months and you can’t blame fans for feeling confused, angry and all the rest. For many it’s our life and the fear of BFC imploding after just one season at this level weighs heavy on some. Hopefully we’ve turned a corner now but I wouldn’t blame anyone who pays to watch BFC for expressing their viewpoint – passion runs deep and although i’m able to control it mostly some can’t.

    • nickbruzon September 21, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

      No issue whatsoever with people expressing their viewpoint – as you say, passion does run deep.
      Personally, I struggle to understand how people can have such short memories or such high expectations so soon after being mainstays of League 1 / 2 for the vast majority of the last 60 years. That said, last season has certainly whetted out appetites and shown us what might be possible in the future – potentially even this season(which is use 7(seven) games old)

  2. RebelBee September 22, 2015 at 7:56 am #

    I have to push back a bit on this high expectations thing. Nobody that I know has any higher expectations that to stay in the division – perhaps with a little to spare. We’ve all suggested that this season may be more like the one we expected to have last term. If there are raised expectations out there then this is on the club, for stating that the aim for Marinus and the new regime was to do better than last season. You could argue that given the suffering we’ve endured to get here, and the fantastic backing from MB, that one decent season in the Championship would be a very poor return from all the hard work that everyone has put in. So there is a balance to be found between managed expectations and serving up a litany of excuses for a poor and ultimately disastrous season. We started poorly on and off the pitch, people needed to up their game – maybe including us, the fans. There are signs that this is happening, but like many others I will continue to call it as I see it.

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