Five days and this is the explanation? It feels a bit ‘villagey’

28 Nov

So as expected by just about everybody, with the Bolton Wanderers game on Monday night and no new head coach in charge (are we waiting for a sacking at Swansea City?), Lee Carsley will start his second stint as caretaker at Brentford. Or, should I say, he “Will continue as head coach”, if you read the official statement.

Despite Lee’s own admission last week when talking to Billy Reeves at BBC Radio London, “That was the last game for myself and Paul today” he finds himself back in charge of Brentford – at least in the short term. And it is a decision which makes absolute sense, given the circumstance, although how we have got there remains what could politely be described as somewhat ‘peculiar’.

The interview with Billy seemed pretty definitive about his own position and forthcoming future, in which Lee went on to add, “I am going to miss all this. It has been a fantastic couple of months”.

And by peculiar, I specifically mean the five days of media and comms radio silence before Phil Giles published his statement yesterday, saying , “In Lee’s last post-match press conference, he discussed the possibility that the Nottingham Forest game would be his last in charge.”

The Possibility? Apologies, but that bears repeating. The..possibility. Seriously. That was the opening gambit. The phrase, “That was my last game” seems like a nailed on statement to me.

Come on. We aren’t a bunch of idiots and all know what we heard. Equally we know that this sort of process can take time and, after the start to the season, every Brentford fan wants the club to get this right. But handling things like this has produced the expected reaction – and by no means directed at Lee who the fans, myself included, are just chuffed to have back in time for (at least) one more game.

Twitter was awash with comments, all of those I saw along very similar lines. And you can ignore social media all you want, but this is the gut reaction of the people coming through the turnstile.


And there are plenty more along those lines. The point being that fans didn’t seem overly thrilled at how things had been handled. That said,at least we had the calming influence of the aforementioned Mr. Reeves to add to the mix.

Billy on Lee


Let’s be clear, I want to know what as going on as much as the next person. I wrote as much about the current scenario in yesterday’s column. Equally, whilst it may well have been Lee’s intention to step down after the Forest game – something Phil and Rasmus were also expecting – no immediate follow up statement , followed by five days of silence before this latest effort lends an almost ‘villagey’ feel to proceedings.

We’ve not been great at PR for years. Here’s another example. The most frustrating part of this being that it doesn’t even cost anything – just a bit of common sense.

Still, I’m sure this will all sort itself out but it doesn’t half leave a bitter taste in the mouth. That phrase about being able to organise parties and breweries springs to mind.

Things are going great on the pitch. I fully respect Lee’s decision and, indeed, am really pleased he’s agreed to continue in the short term.

Here’s to it all continuing on Monday at Bolton.

Nick Bruzon



6 Responses to “Five days and this is the explanation? It feels a bit ‘villagey’”

  1. Gordonbankole November 28, 2015 at 8:19 am #

    Agree 100% with all that Nick.

    I cringe every time I read a quote from Phil Giles, and frankly he should be kept firmly in the background.

  2. Jason Smith November 28, 2015 at 6:15 pm #

    I can’t see what the problem is, they obviously haven’t got the man they wanted why should the club be releasing statements, as long as Lee and the players are happy, that’s good enough for me..

  3. Rob November 28, 2015 at 8:08 pm #

    “Villagey”, “incompetent”, “small clubby”! I think they all apply. How many more PR faux pas do we have to endure before someone realises that actually we probably need a change in that department too? Sad that more than a couple of times in the past few seasons, the good work on the pitch gets overshadowed by avoidable situations of our own clubs making.
    Still, another chance for LC to handle team affairs, and a chance to further improve those stats that say he’s the best manager the Bees have ever had 😉

    • hobo November 29, 2015 at 12:56 pm #

      Please stop bloody wingeing,look at what we were and how far we have come as a football club.

      • nickbruzon November 29, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

        We’ve made huge progress – absolutely.

        Which makes ‘cocking up’ the simple, and free, stuff – such as decent comms – even more inexcusable

  4. Gordonbankole November 29, 2015 at 4:56 pm #

    Of course we have come such a long way, which makes the amateurish communications all the more irritating. I understand the recent stuff could be seen from both sides, but the whole problem here stems from Cliff Clown’s statement that LC would be in charge for the rest of the season. We still have a lot to learn in some areas.

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