Lino’s flag saves Fulham from a pointless afternoon

13 Dec

But for a flag. Brentford and Fulham played out a 2-2 Championship draw as the Bees made it 8 goals and 7(seven) points from the last three league games against our West London rivals. But, being quite honest, we’ve left this one feeling somewhat hard done by after a rogue linesman denied Jota a late winner.

In front of almost 20,000 supporters, Brentford took the lead from the penalty spot. Jake Bidwell was tripped just inside the edge of the box, running at the touchline. He didn’t look that much of a threat, if we’re being honest, but…a foul is a foul. And when they happen in the box only one thing can follow.

Up stepped Alan Judge to thump it down the middle and leave a diving Andy Londergan in the Fulham goal with no chance. 1-0 and normal service resumed. Indeed, the pressure built but the Bees couldn’t find a way through and, instead, with half time approaching the home side began to press.

That said, they still needed James Tarkowski to head past David Button to equalise. Hey, it wouldn’t be Brentford without one of our centre-backs scoring an o.g.

The same player was beaten by Dembele as the Cottagers took a second half lead but it would transpire to be a short lived one. The man seemingly at the centre of everything, Tarks, headed Jake Bidwell’s corner goalwards to find Jack O’Connell for the equaliser. The celebrations from the visiting fans at that end were immense, but not as good as they would get….

As with our first goal, it was followed by a period of immense pressure that saw Brentford desperately unlucky not to score again. Lonergan was the difference between one point and three for the Bees. And, of course, we also have the elephant in the room. Or, should that be, on the touchline?

The linesman’s flag denied Jota a winning goal as he was adjudged offside when given the freedom of the penalty box to make it 3-2 to the Bees. That the Spaniard had been granted more space than a professional footballer should have any right t expect his hardly his fault.

That’s the only reason I can think for his being deemed to have encroached. But he looked ‘on’ from where the celebrating Brentford fans were standing and television would subsequently confirm the same.

Football League Tonight was essential viewing (not a phrase I thought I’d have been using back in August) to confirm what we all knew. The goal should have stood. And so, instead of Brentford taking the lead and building, Fulham were allowed back into the game and, in the end, a draw was probably a fair result – based on chances and possession.

Jota onside v Fulham

F. Off…. Channel 5 confirm what we all knew

But as we’ve said so many times – the only stat that counts is ‘balls in the back of the net’. So to have a legitimate strike ruled out and a potential extra two points that would have taken us sixth, denied, rankles somewhat.

On the positive side, that’s five unbeaten for the Bees and, much like Football League Tonight, considering how things looked a few months ago to be talking so positively now is just amazing. It is vindication, again, of the fact that the league is a marathon not sprint. Brentford are certainly a team who are building their momentum and the battle for sixth place, or beyond, could be a very interesting one over the next month.

The Mark Burridge infused highlights package from the club’s official YouTube channel shows what a good game it was.

As for the other stuff from the game, my man of the match was Jake Bidwell although I thought Toumani also had an excellent game. Jack O’Connell continues to impress and this now presents Dean Smith with an interesting selection choice for the trip to Cardiff City on Tuesday night.

Is Harlee Dean an automatic selection, now that the three match suspension for his stupidity against Nottingham Forest has been served? And if he is, who does he replace ? Or will be quite a statement of intent from Dean Smith as to what he does when the next team sheet is handed in

Fairplay to the majority of the Brentford fans. Despite us reading about the threat of some Draconian sounding police and stewarding beforehand, everything was all very good spirited – from supporters, stewards and constabulary.

Indeed, aside from yet another flare wielding numpty (the solitary line of half-arsed Christmas lights decorating the Cottage being about the only thing more embarrassing than our yoof element) the one ejection I saw was for Fulham’s own Beiber-lite in the second half.

Fulham flare

Despite their best efforts, it’s back to ‘sniffer school’

It was a cracking atmosphere (at our end) and The Bees were LOUD. Moreso compared to the wall of silence that came from the rest of the ground. If we thought the Chelsea fans were quiet at Stamford Bridge, this took things to a new level. Mind you, with Bournemouth overtaking Chelsea last night in the Premier League table, Fulham might be getting another West London derby next season.

That said, it certainly seemed that anybody who could travel for this one, did. You know the winter months are upon us when ‘jumper man’ switches from his summer waistcoat to the world’s greatest pullover.


The world’s greatest jumper. Fact

Likewise, one supporter – who I won’t name but simply refer to as “Project Coordinator for the Brentford Community Stadium project team” – was seen stumbling down the steps on the way to his seat before kick off. A seat which, I am sure, in line with stadium regulations he sat down in for the entire game.

Even the great and the good from the opposition were out and about after the game. Brentford may not have won, but we can still feel very hard done by not to have left the opposition…..pointless.

Nick Bruzon


one point – for Fulham


12 Responses to “Lino’s flag saves Fulham from a pointless afternoon”

  1. Roberto Cecil Wilson December 13, 2015 at 3:31 pm #

    Yet another brazen, Bruzon , completely one-sided account of the game yesterday. At least we didn’t get all the usual Bruzon heavily laden adjectives to describe all the action and goals in Brentford’s biggest game of the season. The last time I encountered Nick’s blog was after the 2-1 Brentford home win last season describing all the millions watching at home on tv-priceless! I didn’t bother reading it after the 4-1 win. It was painful for any Fulham supporter watching let all deal with another smug self-satisfied one -sided assessment of that particular game. Anyway, I happen to think Brentford played well yesterday especially on the break; the impressive Bidwell and Judge bossing things periodically. However, as much as Jota may have been on-side for the disallowed goal – the penalty was very, very soft, Richards getting to the ball first and if it had been the other way round, then Nicholas you would have been complaining long and hard with those adjectival phrases you are so keen on!
    James Tarkowski’s OG was a product of continued pressure down both flanks with Fulham’s Garbutt and Fredricks and Dembele’s probing in the first half. The stats at half-time were Corners: Fulham 4 Brentford 0, shots Fulham 1 Brentford 7 and this explains not only how quick Brentford were on the break and also how hard they worked in closing Fulham down and blocking shots and crosses – see I am not going to sit here and write how excellent Fulham were when they weren’t. Clearly, tactically both sides needed to do something after the break. Both teams pushed up and suddenly Dembele got more room in the middle and Brentford looked more effective on the counter. Fulham struggled to get a hold in midfield all afternoon with Parker and Cairney fairly quiet but what a lovely flick it was to Ross McCormack who flicked onto Dembele for an absolutely class goal (see I can also be brazen with my descriptions). As for the cracking atmosphere at the Brentford end. I thought: was it me but I thought you lot were the most muted I have seen in recent years and the tired old ‘Bees Up Fulham Down’ was embarrassing. Others I asked after the game thought so too because of several Fulham chants of “We forgot you that you was here” and indeed on BBC radio all one could hear was the Fulham crowd I was told this morning. Chatting to some Brentford fans in the ‘ Yardbird’ after the game they were fairly complimentary about Fulham and admitted that 2-2 was fair reflection of the game- Fulham could so easily have won it as could Brentford -both keepers made good saves, both teams went close. Nice to see not all Brentford fans hate Fulham despite the odd one-
    sided Nick Bruzon versions of events. Hoo Haa and a Merry Xmas!

    • nickbruzon December 13, 2015 at 3:58 pm #

      Brazen Bruzon in Biased Brentford blog shock 🙂

      I’m all seriousness, thanks for your observations. Always good to hear the opposition viewpoint. I’m not a journo or reporter so this column will always have a Bees based perspective. Mostly about ‘the other stuff’ from a game.

      Thanks for reading. Here’s to the return encounter….

  2. Gordon Bankole December 13, 2015 at 6:53 pm #

    Dear Mr Wilson

    You might find the chant about us going up and your lot going down “embarrassing”. Fair enough, you are more than entitled to your opinion on that.

    However, I have to say that I find the time-honoured “you said you made more noise than us but in fact we made more than you – oh yes we did oh no you didn’t etc. etc. etc.” argument equally boring, juvenile and embarrassing. You hear the same thing between fans every week and no one can ever prove it one way or the other. Totally pointless therefore.

    Just one other thing – I was always under the impression that Fulham were a decent footballing side during the glory years. Now it might be my imagination, but an awful lot of balls from players in black and white seemed to be of the aerial variety.

    I look forward to seeing you at Griffin Park if you can bring yourself to attend such a meaningless game for yourselves.



    • Roberto Cecil Wilson December 13, 2015 at 8:45 pm #

      Hi Gordon
      Relax, why the long face? You didn’t lose did you? I was purely commenting on my observations and did not mean to give the impression that I was entering into a childish argument about who made the most noise. As for the return leg I don’t think I meant to give the impression I thought it meaningless. I think though that it’s probably thought of as a bigger game by Brentford fans. Anyway looking at official figures carried out by the City Radio and Audio Reporting Body (CRAP) the Fulham crowd were slightly louder by 6 decibels to 4. So we won something yesterday! Just kidding – lighten up it’s Christmas!

  3. Gordon Bankole December 13, 2015 at 9:09 pm #

    Dear Mr Wilson

    Why the “long face”? Possibly connected with your tiresome comments about noise and those extremely astute observations about a Brentford blogger being biased towards Brentford. Well I never.

    However, I can assure you that my face was far from long when I read what you said about the penalty. Once I had stopped laughing, I contacted Fighting Talk on Radio Five to recommend you for the “defending the indefensible” round at the end of the show. I hope they will get in contact with you so you can provide us with more comedy gold.



  4. RebelBee December 14, 2015 at 12:18 pm #

    OK so i’ll bite, Cecil this is a Bees blog – so take your sour meaningless observations and non impressions back to the rowing club, and sling yer hook. If we are so unimportant to you why are you here?. The team from TW8 is rising again and you’d better get used to it.

  5. Roberto Cecil Wilson December 14, 2015 at 3:25 pm #

    I find it strange that many ignorant people cannot take the least bit of criticism and revert to type which highlights their ignorance in the first place. Reading Nick’s blog and answering it is a bit of fun and as Nick says “it’s always good to hear from the opposition”. Your crack about the rowing club really does show the sort of person you are. I reserve the right to write what and when I like if you don’t like it-hopefully you may get this crossword clue: Anglo Saxon word meaning go away and fornicate, two words, first is four letters the second three.

    • RebelBee December 14, 2015 at 4:59 pm #

      “I reserve the right” – who gave you any rights to reserve on a BFC blog Cecil you entitled genius? If you want to come on here and “criticise” that’s up to you, but your faux outrage at having to take some back from us Hounslow upstarts is comedy gold.

      I’m struggling with your cryptic put down clue, what could it be – “quelle surprise” – I have it now.

      Do you sit at the back of the boat with a megaphone? Give “Bees up Fulham down” a try next time.

    • hobo December 14, 2015 at 5:32 pm #

      Cecil, i suggest you watch the full 90 min Brentford video on the Fulham web site like i just have, only one set of fans singing and having a great time and it aint Fulham.By the way as for Fulham being our biggest game of the season, if you as a set of fans cant be up for a local derby its a sad reflection on your support, personally i would rather stuff QPR any day.

  6. Gordon Bankole December 14, 2015 at 5:03 pm #

    Dear Mr RebelBee

    The funniest thing about our friend Roberto is his vain attempt to appear fair-minded among all his derogatory comments (which he probably defends under the habitual banner of ‘banter’), sensational revelations about bias and utterly ridiculous observations on the game (it was never a pen ref,[t]he [outside edge of his stud] clearly played the ball). Unfortunately he fails miserably, and we see the result in the post above.

    Fair play to the guy though, whether he means it or not he is shining through as a comedy genius.

    You will notice I have not mentioned anything about the name Tarquin at this point and shall refrain from doing so in order to avoid further repercussions.



    • RebelBee December 14, 2015 at 5:22 pm #

      Indeed Mr Bankole I long for more of Cecil’s fair minded mirth at this wonderful time of the year. My guess is that he’s done now, the Leander blazer is on and he’s up at at the RC – no small cox entendres please.

      I do so hope he returns however, the boy has comedic talent.

  7. Gordon Bankole December 14, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

    Dear Mr RebelBee

    Something tells me that our friend will be back for some bantz soon enough.

    Seconds away, round four…



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