Just how did he call THIS?

16 Dec

These are strange times in football. It’s mid December and Chelsea are looking forward to another relegation six pointer at the weekend, this time against Sunderland. Bournemouth have (deservedly) had back-to-back league victories against teams who did sufficient last time out to grace this season’s Champions League. And as for Brentford… we may have lost out at the death to Cardiff City last night but things took a freaky turn.

I wasn’t at the game so can’t overly comment on a 3-2 defeat that still sees us just six points off fifth place in the Championship table. It was gutting to lose after such a fight back, and if for no other reason than Cardiff grabbing the winner in the 90th minute (isn’t that Jota’s job ?) denied me use of a seasonal ,”Russell, Sleighed” headline.

But the Brentford fightback and resolution to the question of whether Harlee would get his place back (no, being the answer) played second fiddle to what came before. Specifically on Twitter, courtesy of ‘kitman Bob’ Oteng (who you can follow at @ganodecafe10 ).

Things had taken a bizarre turn last week when Brentford scored from a short corner against MK Dons. As any regular reader (hey, you never know) will be aware, until that point I’d never seen one succeed. And I’ve been following the Bees since 1979. “Don’t take it short; They never f**king work” is the usual refrain from one terrace wag.

And he’s right. Or was, until the MK game. But then last night things reached scary levels.

We all know Jake Bidwell has achieved huge things at Brentford. A promotion medal in his pocket and heading towards 200 appearances for the Bees despite being just 22 years old. Oh, and he’s club captain too. But, sadly, he has never made the net bulge. That is, until last night.

But what was even more odd about this one is that Bob called it. What power does he possess to have tweeted this ?

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 05.33.27

Did any ‘eagle-eyed’ punters have an ‘anytime scorer’ bet? Hey, I’d have been happy to scoop a shirt. More importantly though, it’s great to see Jake get off the mark.

Well done Jake. And to Bob. As Luis Adriano noted afterward…., our very own Mystic Meg.

Now, any idea who first goalscorer will be against Huddersfield Town on Saturday?

Bob crystal ball

How did Bob see this coming?

Nick Bruzon


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