Putting the ‘beautiful’ back into our game. THIS is why I love my club

23 Dec

What can you say? Brentford have done it again. With most fans looking forward to the Boxing Day clash with Brighton, Tuesday night saw the focus on our Junior Bees as Griffin Park opened its gates for their now annual ‘Meet the players Christmas party.’ And, as ever, Brentford showed just what a great family club we are.

The squad was out in force signing ‘player cards’, posing for photographs and taking part in all manner of football related activities. Also present were Buzz and Buzzette, along with chairman Cliff Crown.

But it was the attitude that really impressed me. To a man, they were nothing but absolutely welcoming to our young fans (along with mums and dads) when, being honest, they may well have preferred to be sat indoors in front of Holby City on what was a wet and windy evening.


A very happy two year old

To put on an event of this nature so close to Christmas shows, yet again, what a fantastic family environment we have at Griffin Park. The players and all others involved in the set up were an absolute credit to the club.

It’s very easy to criticise and, at times this season, I have done. However, even the most Scrooge-like amongst us could only have been impressed by what happened last night. For a team knocking on the door of the Premier League (and with the Bees just two points outside the play-off zone, we all know how significant a win over Brighton at the weekend could be), it was so refreshing to see how down to earth Brentford remain.

The sport has, rightly at times, come into much criticism for having a reputation of avaricious greed whilst Messrs Platini and Blatter are hardly portraying the beautiful game in a beautiful light at present. Yet what happened at Griffin Park was a wonderful check to remind us what is at the heart of football.

Great job all round – and THANK YOU. If nothing else, I’ve now got a son who worships Buzzette. Not bad compared to this time last year.

HB and Buzzette xmas 2014 2015

Left – December 2014. Right – December 2015

The other news of note was the fantastic ‘wall of fame’ that has sprung up behind the Braemar Road stand. I know Bournemouth did something similar a few seasons back and I’d always thought this might be a nice touch if we could make our own attempt.

Well, we have, and I have to say it looks absolutely stunning. Do get along early on Saturday for a look. Honouring players from Jimmy Jay via the likes of Ken Coote, Jim Towers and George Francis it takes us on a trip through the annals of club history, right up to Kevin O’Connor.

A stunning piece of artwork and one which has the memories flooding back. If only for Gary Blissett and his short shorts.

Will any of today’s players join that illustrious list? On Saturday, we’ll take another step on the journey to finding out.

Wall of fame

Some of the more recent entries on the ‘wall of fame’

Nick Bruzon



3 Responses to “Putting the ‘beautiful’ back into our game. THIS is why I love my club”

  1. michael ohl December 23, 2015 at 9:43 am #

    The contrast between the shenanigans at F**a and the Bees could not be greater. Its about game which excites passions like no other and the fans who support their club, through thick and thin.

    Your right Nick, it shows why the Bees has always been my club. From acknowledging the players of yesteryear so that us oldies don’t feel left out, to the genuiness of the players giving up their time to make a memorable day for the Junior Bees.

    I hope that when we are in the Premier League, and we will be soon, we don’t lose that family atmosphere, although I can’t see that happening.

    Well done Brentford.

  2. Rob December 23, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    Congrats to the Bees, and Merry Xmas to all Bees fans too. It’s been an exciting roller coaster of a year, lets see what 2016 has to offer, and keep up the good work Nick. COYB!!

  3. Steve FoxBee December 23, 2015 at 12:58 pm #

    Agree with you entirely about last nights meet the players. My kids (13,11,9) loved it. Even the one who doesn’t like football(???). The players were brilliant and a big thanks to the staff who helped it run smoothly. Merry Xmas all, roll on Boxing Day.

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