And now Rangers join the mix as Brentford staff respond to rumours

8 Jan

Amidst the glut of Sheffield Wednesday and Burnley related transfer rumours currently doing the rounds at Brentford it was one out of leftfield, from Rangers, that had Bees fans talking yesterday. The BBC were among the news outlets to confirm that Mark Warburton had made a bid, which has been rejected, for supporter’s player of the year Toumani Diagouraga.

But first those longstanding stories about Alan Judge and James Tarkowski were finally confirmed by Dean Smith in an interview on the club’s YouTube channel. Whilst I don’t for one second believe anybody of any significance pays any attention to this column, fair play to the media team for putting the rumours which we’ve all read about direct to the Head Coach. And you can see this on the video, where he also expands on the Jota situation, below.

Dean Smith speaks

As mentioned in Tuesday’s column, I really didn’t think that was our style (discussing rumours up front). Yet Dean confirmed, “We’ve had bids for Alan Judge and James Tarkowski but we’ve turned both of them down” although didn’t go so far as to confirm these were Sheffield Wednesday and Burnley. And the reason, “We’re in a position where we don’t want to sell our players at the moment…we want to keep our better players at the football club”.

So all the right noises and just what supporters would hope to hear. Sentiments echoed, likewise, by co-director of football Phil Giles on the latest Beesotted podcast – which you can find here . Stay for the full hour twenty experience or jump straight to Phil’s piece 11 minutes into the playback. Either way, very well worth a listen and hats off to Dave and Billy for nabbing another exclusive. Phil comes across very well whilst the probing questions certainly bear a considered listen.

As for Toumani, well it was no doubt Mark Warburton would be hoping to take some former players to Rangers. Indeed, Warbs has already signed up former golden boy Harry Forrester after his jumping ship for the dream of Championship football with Doncaster quickly turned into a nightmare.

But the bid to lure Toumani sees a significant step up in Mark’s intent, given this a player who is still a regular in a Brentford team pushing for the Premier League play offs. Was the £100,000 bid, which of course was rejected, just the first salvo in a bidding war to lure the ever popular midfielder.


Toumani, Sam, Buzz and Buzzette. Bees for years and massively popular

Whilst there’s no doubt we have a huge selection in the middle of the park, Toumani is surely one of the first names on the teamsheet, around whom the others fit. If nothing else, there’d be huge disappointment if he leaves – for Rangers or elsewhere – prior to scoring a goal.

What happens next is going to be a very interesting test of the club’s ambition versus the obvious lure presented by a lorry load of cash. Whilst I’m just the numpty on the terrace rather than any insider, I’m not that stupid as to realise that every player does have his price. Indeed, this is something Phil discusses on that Beesotted interview.

Are we prepared to fight for our players – as seems to be the intent from the first round of bids? Or is this simply just a case of playing the waiting game? With the transfer window remaining open for the best part of another four weeks, there’s simply no reason to jump at the first bid – if that is our long term goal.

My own personal feel for all of this is that at least one of these three will leave before Jim White declares the window as officially slammed shut. If nothing else, the financial rewards for playing top-flight football, with buckets of TV money sloshing around, do help compensate some of this initial investment. As long as the bidding club do then make the ‘promised land’, of course.

Dean Smith did acknowledge an element of rotation will be in effect on Saturday. This works for him in potentially camouflaging any sales we may be considering. Tuesday night against league leaders Middlesbrough, a game where surely your first choice XI need to start, will be a very different and interesting selection.

Until then, despite all the speculation and opinion, there’s nothing any of us can do to stop or influence matters. Alan Judge will leave the Bees at some point in his career as, I’d suspect, will Toums, Tarks and most of this team. Let’s just hope it isn’t until the summer time, at the least.

Despite our slow start to the campaign, this team is tearing up the blindside. I’d love to see it given at least another six months to see what we can do. Will money talk or will we hold it altogether?

The next few days could prove to be extremely ‘squeaky bum’ time for those wanting to hang on to our current squad.

Nick Bruzon  

4 Responses to “And now Rangers join the mix as Brentford staff respond to rumours”

  1. Rob January 8, 2016 at 11:01 am #

    Personally speaking, I’d be gutted to see Alan and “Dave” leave the club. Dave is the defensive midfield general and losing him will probably lead to us leaking more goals, and he’s worth far more than £500k to us. Judge of course is unbelievable at the moment. Would it improve his chances of playing for Ireland if he leaves to sit on a bench in the Premier League? I don’t think so. There are no guarantees he’ll slot into another team with a different style of play either. And he’s had that experience when he left Notts County for Blackburn. Hopefully he’s a little wiser. We do need to up his salary significantly if we want to hold on to him though.
    I firmly believe we have a ready made replacement for Tarks in Jack, and I think Jota’s injury is a smoke screen as it’s already been alluded to that there’s some personal issues he’s having difficulties with (missing Spain?). So, I would expect Jota to go, and if you were to twist my arm as to who out of the other 3 I’d let go (on a huge fee of course!) then it would be Tarks. And I’d use the money on paying key players a better salary, and one or two reinforcements.

  2. mark hanlon (@harrykrane) January 8, 2016 at 2:09 pm #

    for me Dave has gone. as a bees season ticket holder and exiled gers fan I am gutted dave would leave but happy at his choice of destination. I think warbs has such a strong bond with him that he will go and he is a guaranteed starter as gers desperately need a defensive midfielder. having said that the bees midfield is strong and we have able replacements in woods, mac, mcloed (he will be great if proves fitness) and mcechran etc and no doubt we will strengthen should something happen. not ideal but I think this will go through

  3. Paul January 8, 2016 at 2:14 pm #

    Am I the only person who remembers Toumani scoring against Charlton a few years ago?

    I’ve just looked it up, I was afraid I was suffering from false memory syndrome;

    • paul nighty January 16, 2016 at 6:19 am #

      from what we are told in the media up here in the northern outpost of burnley ,it isnt our club who has made public the two bids ..its either their agent or your club letting everyone know bids are in and trying to drive up the price .unfortunately it appears to have many burnley fans i would have liked to have seen him play tonight especially in the first half to see how good he is….good luck for the rest of the season

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