Jota shows how to do it with class

17 Jan

With the news of James Tarkoffski refusing to play against Burnley still leaving a worse taste in the mouth than a stadium burger, it was news of another player who is leaving Brentford that brought nothing but good vibes and best wishes from the Griffin Park faithful. With Jota confirming his much anticipated 18 month loan move to SD Eibar in Span, it sees the departure of one of the most exciting players we’ve had the pleasure to see play in living memory.

Probably more important in the immediate short term was his method of delivering this news. A heartfelt and emotional letter shared on social media. “This isn’t “goodbye” but more of a “see you later” he notes about a decision “based solely on personal circumstances” . A glowing tribute to the club, his team mates and the supporters also includes the news that he has signed an additional year’s contract extension with Brentford.


Jota – will now be rushing into action for Eibar

The letter is still up on Twitter or you can read it in full at the bottom of this article. As a supporter I’m gutted but from a personal perspective you can only appreciate the situation he has found himself in and respect this decision. Contrast this with the news from Friday night prior to the Burnley game just to see who leaves Griffin Park with their head held high and nothing but best wishes and who skulks off with their tail between their legs.

Jota. In the last minute”.

It is a phrase and chant that has become as familiar as, “Ooh Richy Cadette in the back of the net”, “ Big Ben Burgesssss” and “Owusuuuu” But then again, why wouldn’t it?

If ever there has a been a player to turn it on in style, at THE most important time, it was Jota. The moment of his goal against Nottingham Forest, and that solo run across Griffin Park towards the directors’ box in celebration, was something I’ll never forget. But the goal at home to arch rivals Fulham was the last minute winner to top them all.

The goal wrapped up a deserved three points as, with the clock well into the 90th, it looked as though our chance to secure all three points and second place, our highest league position in 62 years, had gone. Then Jota arrived. His shot from distance left the goalkeeper flat-footed and sent the crowd bonkers.

Brentford Fulham BBC 2 - 1final score

Jota – his winner against Fulham at Griffin Park was quite exciting

And what he did in the home game, he repeated at Craven Cottage. With the game surely safe at a mere 3-1 to the Bees, and the Brentford supporters reminding our hosts what happened previously with (another) rendition of “Jota, in the last minute”, the Spaniard duly obliged. Again. A beautiful half volley into the roof of the net from twelve yards out gave the scoreline an almost surreal feeling.

Even this season, but for a rogue linesman he’d have tied up another win at Craven Cottage. With the scores locked at 2-2 his beautiful header, in acres of space, secured the points before the official’s flag took them back with an ‘offside’ decision that TV subsequently proved wrong.

You can pick your Jota moment. For many, it was the wonderful solo goal up at Blackburn Rovers which inspired the infamous ‘Burridgegasm’ up in the Beesplayer commentary box. An incredible run and strike that summed up just how good he really can be and how lucky Eibar are to have him back in Spain.

Mark Burridge and Jota – the dream team

Flicking through my own season review (the cover of which was inspired by that goal against Forest), it’s incredible just how often his name comes up in relation to some trick, run, assist or stunning goal. You can’t replace a player of this ability yet, at the same time, one who always came across as a welcoming and friendly individual.

Brentford’s loss is very much Eibar’s gain. Despite our loss, I’ve never seen a player depart with such an outpouring of love and respect. Social media was awash with good wishes and tributes as the news broke. Such is the measure of the man.

Farewell, Jota. And THANK YOU. I hope we see you again.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 07.21.36

A heartfelt letter from Jota

Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “Jota shows how to do it with class”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) January 17, 2016 at 4:29 pm #

    I truly hope that Jota does come back in the future, but if he doesnt then he will always be held in the highest regard. That goal in the last minute against Fulham will be remembered decades into the future, particularly for those of us who were there. I dont think I will ever forget the look of joy on everyone single person’s face as they left the ER that night. Thanks Jota!

  2. The Griffin January 17, 2016 at 11:52 pm #

    Rasmus and Giles
    One by one you remove the heart of the team, yes there can be many ways to leave a club but push comes to shove the reality is that the team that warns had is slowly been dismantled. Why else would you contact other clubs in the hope of starting a bidding war.
    Your pathetic and shallow, jota has gone soon to be followed by Tarky, Diagouraga,Judge, McCormack, Dean and Saunders if not by January window then definately by start of new season. Financial fair play reason is full of hot air but the cause of the problems at the club is the disparity in salaries between the new signings ( vibe, jelland, mceachran, kerschbauer ) on double of those who got the club where they are today. Can you blame Tarky for wanting to move somewhere where he will at least get the same money as those around him at Brentford.
    Could have done it differently totally agree but when the people who play gods with players careers do not care what do they expect.
    Jota , wish you all the best back in Spain. Jumped or pushed only you will know.
    as for the 2 numpties at the helm……. Please give yourselves a free transfer to wherever.
    We want our Brentford back, eventually people will see the big picture and what you are doing.

    • hobo January 18, 2016 at 5:47 pm #

      Griffin,so You want Old Brentford back,administration and league 2 football at best , how short your memory is, careful what you wish for mate.

    • Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) January 20, 2016 at 5:30 pm #

      Did you really think in the summer that the play off team was going to remain intact? Of course it wouldn’t. We cannot compete with other clubs wage offers, so players were always going to leave, a group at a time.

      Yet here we are having had a 3 changes in head coach, more injured players than fit, 3 of the biggest signings of the last couple of years managing zero minutes between them, yet we are sitting very comfortably mid table in the Championship, with no thought of relegation, and one of the top scorers in the division.

      And you call that a bad season? I call it a minor miracle.

  3. RebelBee January 18, 2016 at 9:32 am #

    You can’t defend Tarkowski’s actions – totally unforgivable. But yes Griffin the performance of our 2 DoF’s and the so called “model” that they are working to should be under scrutiny. Things were going too well, then the “smart people” with their lap tops turned up. Let’s not forget the stated aim for this season was to do better than last. So how’s that working our Rasmus?

    Sure we’re in an OK position and have had a couple of highs (Charlton, QPR, Reading), but the unnecessary disruption at the club continues unabated – been like it for a year now. I just pray we can stop the rot.

  4. RebelBee January 18, 2016 at 9:58 am #

    As for Jota’s departure – yes classily handled but still a bad deal for BFC. Can only wish him well, undoubtedly one of the best players to wear the red/white stripes.

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