Will form go out the window in today’s ‘Game of Throws’?

20 Feb

Saturday and game on. Brentford await the arrival of Derby County in a Championship game that sees two teams who, it would be fair to say, are currently going through a dip in form. We’ve talked enough about the results against Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday to warrant any further regurgitation of those facts. Suffice to say that Bees fans will, surely, be looking for something a bit more positive now we are back at Griffin Park after a nightmare road trip.

Derby are faring even worse than us at present and this was a point really hammered home by the arrival of yesterday’s match preview email. The description of ‘current form’ is one which, whilst technically accurate, highlights the sticky patch both clubs have currently hit. The question is, who will be the first to pull themselves out of it?

current form

The club’s ‘current form’ graphic

Well, my online bookmaker (used purely for research purposes) has the Bees at a very generous 21/10, Derby 13/10 and the draw 23/10. All of which makes the Rams slight favourites but, really, suggests that nobody has a clue. I can’t call it.

Then again I can’t even call which options Dean Smith will start with today. The main thing we can say for sure is that central defence will feature Jack O’Connell and Harlee, following last week’s red card for Yoann Barbet.

Whilst, of course, the likes of Alan Judge, David Button and Jake Bidwell also name themselves, the rest still remains somewhat up for grabs in terms of a guaranteed start. And the return to fitness of Alan McCormack adds a further option in centre mid.Regardless of whether he is picked, if nothing else surely this makes ‘Return of the Mack’ an absolute shoe-in for #BeeTheDJ today?

Get the crowbar out

I have it on good authority that the other thing returning for this game will be Terrace Talk. I have no idea where or when Jo and her camera crew will appear but do keep your eyes open for a chance to shine in our latest, and greatest, social media feature. Terrace Talk was conspicuous by its absence for the Leeds game so here’s hoping its back with a bang today.

Talking of social media this brings us (with all the subtly of a McCormack challenge) to Snapchat. Anybody like myself, confused as to why we’d changed our twitter profile picture to something resembling a white tadpole in a dress, soon found the answer on the club site.

Of course (?!), this was just our own take on the logo for the popular photo sharing app which ‘BrentfordFC’ have now joined . Personally, I’ve never used this before but, having signed up, it’ll be interesting to see what our media team send through over the course of a match day.

As for our Twitter account, this morning the ever direct annette c has since noted “What the f*@ is Brentfords new display picture thing?! Ew. Get the crest back please!!”

bfc snap

BrentfordFC are now on Snapchat

It really is all happening today at Griffin Park. Along with the ever popular ‘free chilli’ in the Hive (get in early) we’ve also got our ‘new shirts for old’ promotion running in the club shop.

But for me (Clive) Kitman Bob Oteng has beaten Jo, chilli, the club shop and BeeTheDJ in one fell swoop when it comes to pre-game excitement .

Yes, its the return of his cryptic quiz. Bob is to giveaways what Matthew Benham was to transfer clues. And today’s competition sees supporters given, quite literally, the chance to win the shirt off Toumani’s back. Likewise, a pair of boots. Promising us a debut qualifying question, those up early saw the unveiling of his latest attempt to bamboozle Brentford fans.

What a prize. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the black ‘third’ shirt is stunning. Here’s hoping for a chance to finally guess one right.

Nick Bruzon


7 Responses to “Will form go out the window in today’s ‘Game of Throws’?”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 20, 2016 at 9:01 am #

    An absolute shoe-in for #BeeTheDJ? Come on Nick, there is no such thing as I have found out this season. I’ve only managed to get 1 request played, and that was my most obscure Billy Reeves-esque selection of mid 60s French pop, and then the request got credited to someone else! So officially im on zero requests played. My choice today is the unrealistically optimistic 90s rave classic ‘Not Over Yet’ by Grace.

    Although the absolute shoe-in is to request ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ by The Courteeners. Seems to get played every game. Which has left me wondering why. Do you think the club DJ is sending out a message to an unrequited love? With the distant hope that the young lady (or fella) in question would hear his pain? Its all very Tony Blackburn/Tessa Wyatt.

    • nickbruzon February 20, 2016 at 9:40 am #

      Perhaps to a fellow member of the media team? Who know what subtle undertones / message of love are being played out to all but a few who are ‘in the know’?
      You could be on to something here.

      Of course, the one sure way to get onto BeeTheDJ is simply to request Paul Weller, The Jam, The Style Council or any combination of the above. I gather they are firm ‘media’ favourites

  2. Roderic February 20, 2016 at 5:03 pm #

    Heroics by Button, Sky quote “miraculous saves”, cannot save BFC from another trouncing , by a troubled side, at home; the player permutations make no difference, because the genius in charge, has ripped the guts out of the side and placed it in the charge of inadequate leaders; there are no strikers, only Judge can aim straight. Fulham are coming up fast on the rails, BFC tread water, perhaps will now drift slowly down to the zone of peril.

    • Rob February 20, 2016 at 5:23 pm #

      And thats 10 (ten) goals conceded, and only 1 scored in 3 games……
      That 600k for Dave looks more and more like bad business to me.

  3. Brian Dismore February 22, 2016 at 9:36 pm #

    Ironic comment of the week about the strength of the Derby FC bench. How about a bench of Douglas,Gray,Moses,Dallas,Toums,Jota,& Tarky. If only we could attract players like that. So sad then that all the good work of Mcpharland, Uve, Warbs, & Weir, has been wasted. On Saturday against Derby I witnessed BFC players pulling out of 50/50 challenges and hiding avoiding passes. Warbs gospel of taking care of the football has long since been forgotten sadly. We have had zero investment on the playing side despite quality players queuing up to leave. Am I alone in thinking that this money is being invested across the North Sea in Walter Mitty land.
    We have 3 strikers who together haven’t mustered a goal since Jan 2nd.
    I have stood on the terraces on a freezing Tuesday night with 1800 hardy souls in my 40 years of supporting the bees,but there have been few occasions when I have left the ground as deflated as last Saturday.
    Where would we be without Judge & Button who are magnificent week after week(we will probably find out in the summer).Harlee & Jake still give 110 per cent,we could do with a few more with their spirit.
    Hopefully we can limp to the seasons end without being involved in a relegation battle.
    Never mind there’s always next season.

    • nickbruzon February 23, 2016 at 7:26 am #

      Cheers Brian. There’s the story of the season.
      A lot of people have a lot of hopes for the summer…

      • hobbo February 23, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

        Come on Brian,in my 50 years of supporting the Bees, i can remember plenty of occasions walking away deflated and dejected, home and away after a dire performance, in some of those fighting re election to the football league, just trying to put some perspective on things as usual.

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