No pressure, lads. This is one run that needs to continue

5 Mar

Charlton Athletic are the visitors to Griffin Park today and, on paper, surely Brentford couldn’t have picked their opponents better had we tried? The Addicks are on an absolutely woeful run of form that has seen them win only once in their last 18 games. That, a 4-1 victory against fellow relegation candidates Rotherham United. They’ve shipped 8 goals in their last three games alone whilst the miserable streak included successive 6-0 and 5-0 defeats at Hull City and Huddersfield Town respectively back in January.

So bad is their current run that even hapless Bolton Wanderers have overtaken them to leave Charlton rooted to the bottom of the Championship table and, seemingly, doomed. My online bookmaker has the Bees as odds-on favourites today whilst the ‘away’ win is a hefty 15/4. Surely there can be only one result: three points for Brentford?

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s nothing more dangerous than a team staring down the barrel. Moreso, one which knows that should they lose today the gap to safety could be as much as ten points (plus a goal difference that would be deemed an insult to the word ‘goal’). Many of us thought last Saturday would be a ‘banker’. How wrong that turned out to be and I don’t expect any difference today.

We’ve no Max Colin whilst Dean Smith must decide whether to recall Yoann Barbet. It’s still too soon for Scott Hogan to be considered although the centre forward must be chomping at the bit to get back to action after so long out. He’ll have been heartened by his recent development squad goal and one can only assume the Griffin Park faithful will see him on the pitch before the season is out.

Much closer to a return is Alan McCormack. How the Bees have missed a player of both his savoir-faire and firmness in the challenge over these last few months. It’s all very well having a team of potential stars but how much better to have the likes of a Toumani or Macca alongside them in the midfield? You can’t put a price on experience and I’m as excited at his potential involvement as anything else today.


Could Alan McCormack feature today?

Barring a statistical miracle/disaster (delete as applicable) Brentford’s season is over. At least, in terms of exiting the division. The top 6 are just too good whilst the bottom four look to be too far adrift. Whilst it would have been wonderful to push on from last campaign, to be lining up a third season in this division is still no bad thing at all when you look at where we have come from and, equally, what we’ve been through.

I just hope that rather than limp over the line, the lads give it their all. Aswell as today’s game, next Saturday sees the 237 derby as we head down the road for that most anticipated of encounters with the Loftus Road mob. Likewise, we’ve still got a home game with Fulham along with 9 other matches.

There’s plenty to play for, with finishing the season as top dogs in West London (at least from a Championship perspective now that Chelsea appear to have ditched their brief flirtation with relegation) at the top of that agenda for me. Likewise, a top ten finish would be something to be tremendously proud of and, from a personal note, my son (almost three) will be at the game today.

It’s been nothing but “Daddy Bees, Daddy Bees” , “Harlee“and “Buzz, Buzz” in our house this week whilst, from a statistical perspective, he’s never seen the Bees lose. All the mathematical models in the world count for nothing when you’ve got something as simple as a lucky shirt, a pair of magic pants or a child who’s never tasted the pain of a loss.

No pressure, lads. Please don’t end his run today. Explaining defeat could be as tricky a concept as the birds and the bees.

Hopefully both are conversations that will be a long time coming…

HB and HD

Harlee (and Buzz) very much favourites in our house

Nick Bruzon

6 Responses to “No pressure, lads. This is one run that needs to continue”

  1. Roderic March 5, 2016 at 3:15 pm #

    Off to a great start!

  2. Roderic March 5, 2016 at 4:39 pm #

    The chopping block of the “Championship”, 1-2!

  3. Roderic March 5, 2016 at 4:59 pm #

    Rotheram, fighters; BFC Losers, to the bottom club; well done Benham!

  4. Nigel Garrigan March 5, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

    Get rid of the mathematician and his Danish mate, they’re completely clueless and have destroyed what was a really good side – operation Benham Vanity is a complete disaster, never mind the statistics we are genuine relegation candidates.

    • Roderic March 6, 2016 at 10:54 am #

      Last season, up to the shocking mid season move against Mark Warburton, being a BFC supporter was a pleasure, something to be proud of; the cohesive strength of the team, management and owner/administration, looked in potent harmony and firing on all cylinders; then, the “great” man stepped from the shadows as the beneficent backer, to launch his big idea nonsense, which has resulted in all the progress being eroded and the mess we see now, and is of his making, end of story. Every realistic person has called this episode, wrong headed and a very bad decision.
      In my opinion, the “great” man was totally surprised by how well Warburton performed; he had probably been planning his “Progressive Experiment” aka Frankenstein Monster, for a while, so this amazing success, had to be reigned in, to be brought under his control and to fit with his unyielding demands that Warburton and his team conform to his rules; their refusal to yield, caused the “great” man to make the impending break with Warburton public and he commenced the undoing of what threatened to be a promotion season; there were no additions that I recall, to the progressively exhausted squad and the “great” man was angry with Warburton for turning down Djuric? As a n acquisition [ how right you were MW], in January last year; the “great” supporter then shut the door on strengthening the squad for a big push; I believe it is statistically unlikely, that BFC will ever have such a realistic chance to return to to the top flight, for a very
      long time to come, if ever.
      “Fan No 1”, [sic] wants control, total control ; he achieved his goal this season, look at the mess that has followed and this philosophy is not going to change; sadly, I believe that with his money, has come, built-in, the seeds of degeneration and decline.

  5. Rob March 6, 2016 at 12:36 am #

    Well, we seem to be falling back into the tepid, low energy displays thats blighted our first few games of this season. The desire, passion and high octane stamina seem to have been replaced with lethargy and indifference.
    Whos to blame? The manager? The management? Or the players themselves? I’m gojng to take a punt and say the management have a lot to be held accountable for. You can’t lose the quality we have with out replacing them, then hope to achieve the same results. Even if you do replace them things take time to gel.
    Then theres the players themselves. How can you keep getting beaten by a ball over over the top? None of the seem to be able to head the ball in the defensive half. Surely thats bread and butter football? It seems they don’t care enough…don’t jave enough pride any more. Perhaps that comes from players who are used to being in a top division ‘s under 21 squad dropping down a division…or maybe we need to employ a defensive header coach? I dont know. And maybe the managers training methods arent up to what they need to be. If you take Marinus’ Brentford, then see what Carsley did in the space of 3 – 4 weeks on the training pitch, they were almost unrecognisable. Now look at how we play and we seem to be drifting back to where we were around October time.
    Whats ny point? I’m not sure. All I’m saying is that a nymber of factors arein play here which can reasonably be assumed are causing our current relegation form plight.
    Roll end the end of the season where i hope we are still a Championship team….

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