Where’s the game plan? Who’s pulling the strings?

6 Mar

What’s the point? Were it not for my son asking when he could come and see the Bees again, I’d struggle to care after that turgid display. Well done Charlton on getting your three points but I hope they are the last you get all season. Quite simply, I can’t see Brentford picking up any more if we ‘play’ (and I use the word in the loosest sense) like we did yesterday. As such, we’re going to need the likes of MK Dons, Bolton, Rotherham and Charlton to make sure they go down for us.


By the second half, supporters were struggling

Words can’t describe how bad our 2-1 defeat was yesterday. Just take a look around social media for an idea of what people’s feelings are. To go behind after just 19 seconds was inept enough but for that to then have the result that, “The gameplan is forgot about ” (the word is forgotten, Dean) is just shameless. Then again if the plan B that we saw for the remaining 89 minutes and 41 seconds of the game was anything to go by then one can only wonder how bad things would have been Brentford had been able to stick to the original one.

What was that gameplan, exactly? Give it to Judge and hope he bails us out? Again. Only the Irishman, Ryan Woods and Mceachran(in patches) came out of that with any credit.

Swift clearly isn’t. David Button was at fault for the winning goal as his hash of a cross gave Charlton’s Harriott all the time in he world to waltz around the holes in the Brentford defence and pick a spot for his second goal of the afternoon. If ever you needed another example of this team’s reliance on our goalkeeper then here it is.

Like watching a kitten on a record player” was how one terrace wag described it. I’d also have accepted “headless chickens” or “spinning around like a drunk propellor“.


Are we making a move in the loan window?

Canos wasn’t at the races whilst the jury is very much out on Djuricin who fluffed a wonderful chance just prior to Barbet’s solitary moment of hope for the Bees. That goal, direct from a Judge corner (another assist for the one other invaluable part of our team), came at the denouement of the minute’s applause to commemorate the life of supporter Dean Langford. It was a wonderful moment and should have sparked the Bees back to life.

Instead we allowed ourselves to descend back into abject inadequacy. The irony of Dean Smith using his programme notes to say, “We will have to make sure that this afternoon we do not fall into the same trap that we did last week at Rotherham United.” That worked well, then.

Nick Pope in the Charlton goal didn’t have to make a save all game from what I recall. Forget testing the Pope’s faith, I’d just like if we could have tested his hands. Yet again, all the possession in the world counting for nothing if you can’t do anything with the ball.

Blah. What’s the point of criticising what we all saw? The recruitment model is clearly yet to pay dividends whilst the further loss of skill and experience in the January window is really showing just how frustrating a decision that was . Moreso, given it was one that with FFP compliance met with the summer sales, as confirmed by Cliff at the fans forum earlier in the season, we’d been assured that there would be no requirement to relinquish players in the period just gone.

Who’s to blame? Dean? Phil and Rasmus? The players? More to the point, where is our motivation coming from? Lee Carsley had us back to last season’s form so why did he step away so soon? Just WHO is pulling he strings?

Seeing a squad decimated and lightweight replacements, if any, brought in isn’t great for morale. Of course I’ll keep behind the Bees but it doesn’t mean I’m particularly enjoying what is happening at the moment. Is it that much to get the ball to our striker (hint: how about two ?) and asking them to have a shot.

Yesterday we talked up the possibility of being able to finish top ten. Based on that I’d be very happy for top twenty and survival.

Still, it’s only the trip to QPR on Saturday. That’s just another game. No need for anybody to give a sh*t .

I’ll be there but, frankly, given the input on display yesterday could do no worse a job in picking the team and giving their talk myself. This game matters above all others this season – our journey into the lion’s den.

If there is anything like the performance given yesterday we are going to be mauled. Badly. And that’s not something I want to see.


Nick Bruzon

10 Responses to “Where’s the game plan? Who’s pulling the strings?”

  1. RebelBee March 6, 2016 at 4:34 pm #

    Hard to argue with any of that – totally depressing! I think we can see why the attempt to sign Djuricin last winter was so contentious, the other manager (who’s name we cannot mention) clearly didn’t want him – we can see why. Really sad to see Judgey sprinting off at the final whistle each week, he’s a top man and we get his frustration, but it can’t be good for the others to see this. If the final games of this season are to be his last for us I pray that he can find a few more bits of magic to gain us the points we need, and can go out as the Brentford great that we all feel he is.

    Need a big positive reaction next week – this game matters more than any for most old school bees like me.

  2. Gordonbankole March 6, 2016 at 5:55 pm #

    My brother was in hospitality yesterday and said Judgey was seriously pissed off when he was presented with the Man of the Match award. I don’t blame him – it got to the point where the team were just playing “give it to Judgey and let’s see what he can do with it”. His booking said everything about his level of frustration

    This week our esteemed DOFs have got to pull their fingers out and find an experienced defensive midfielder on loan – someone who can do a vital if limited job for the side. There must be someone out there – and I don’t mean in the Moldovan fifth division.

  3. simonsapper March 6, 2016 at 8:58 pm #

    Hi Nick

    Good piece, as ever. Don’t quite share parts of your analysis though. Mceachran played his best game for us (tho that’s not saying so much, unfortunately), at least Swift had a go in the first half. Djuricin looked out of sorts for most of the game. The half time substitutions seemed obvious to me and my lad (and we don’t often agree on these things!) Hoff for MD given how panicky the Charlton defence were about anything in the air) and Vibe for Canos to give more bite and pace. That there was no change at h-t followed by a terrible second half makes me doubt that we have the right head coach.

    But how long do you carry on with a failing experiment before you recognise it just isn’t working? The responsibility for this goes all the way to the top. There seems to be a lack of transparency about our strategy which just makes things worse.

    You’re right – it looks like we will need others to lose for us to stay up. But at least we will have the best new ground in League One. Some comfort.

  4. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) March 6, 2016 at 11:04 pm #

    I saw a team whose body language in the warm up was one of languidity(?). Unfortunately after 20 seconds that transferred to the pitch. Smith later said that the gameplan was out of the window. Now that worries me. Have we really literally got no Plan B? Smith may as well have said.. they scored after 20 seconds, we didnt know what to do, so we did nothing.

    Like many im wondering whether we have got ourselves a head coach who is out of his depth. True, the DoFs have not helped him at all by completely failing in their job in keeping our squad strong, yet competitive. But I saw a toothless, heartless & confused display. Supporters booed when he replaced Canos, a player who was beginning to find gaps in the Charlton defence. Then they booed at the end, some arguing amongst themselves on ER, and as everyone exited there was a depressed hush, with almost no one uttering a word to each other.

    I really think we could end up going down this season. I just cannot see where are we even going to get a point at the moment, our team simply is not up to Championship standard and with most of the team appearing uninterested we could find ourselves at Huddersfield in May playing to stay up

  5. alan wenlock March 6, 2016 at 11:32 pm #

    i get the feelig that rasmus is a bigger problem than hes given credit for since he arrived we have sold a champion team and replaced it with third tier lightweights.

  6. Paddock boy March 7, 2016 at 12:15 am #

    I totally agree with almost all the points made. When you look at where we were at this time last year, it is hard to believe how far we have fallen, to the point where I seriously believe we could go down. We are almost relying on there being three teams worse than ourselves. Whilst I don’t hold Dean Smith fully accountable, I do believe he has to take some responsibility for what are, at times, very confusing tactics. Clearly, the much derided recruitment model has failed miserably. We have replaced some very talented players, with what could best be described as inferior replacements. For example, are the fans really the only ones who have seen for months that we have been crying out for a defensive midfielder and a forward who can score goals or at least get in a position to have a shot on goal. In my view, our so called DOF have not supported Dean Smith as well as they could have done. I remember them talking about the spreadsheet of performance stats etc that they have on hundreds of players. Isn’t it about time they actually used this information to bring in at least a couple of experienced loan players to raise the team’s morale and performance levels for the remainder of the season? In addition, you would hope that quality players are lined up to come in during the close season as given the poor levels of performance this year, it will take a lot of effort to persuade fans to part with their limited cash for new season tickets!

  7. Rob March 7, 2016 at 10:08 am #

    I was reading some of the reports about us looking at loan players and Smith said that it’s difficult to get the right players in and that it’ll probably be a youngster from a top division team. Then when asked about blooding our own youth players said that he wasn’t going to just yet, because our 1st team is a young squad and our youth players are youngsters and effectively he wants experience. . What? It makes no sense to me. Any ideas what he’s talking about Nick? We are completely toothless up front and we have a guy in Holldack who’s consistently putting the ball in the back of the net….give him a run of 5 games to run the rule over him. At least he’ll inject some enthusiasm and desire. He’ll be familiar with the setup at least and will want to play for his future 1st team aspirations surely…


  8. Rob O March 7, 2016 at 1:24 pm #

    Lets face it it’s pretty much been relegation form since Lee Carsley left so I reckon the potential is most certainly there.

    That will look good on your CV Rasmus and Phil: Promotion contenders to relegated in one season entirely through the decisions you made. I presume that will show as unlucky on the spreadsheets… Shrug the shoulders and move on somewhere else saying ‘Lessons will be learned’.

  9. Gerard Lyons (@gerardlyons) March 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm #

    There are ten points separating 10th from 18th in the championship today, meaning a lot of scope for big movements week-to-week. Welcome to squeaky-bumsville, we hope you enjoy your stay for the rest of the season. As for QPR on Saturday – what springs to mind is a bunch of blue-and-white sharks smelling blood in the water and moving in for the kill.

  10. Gordonbankole March 8, 2016 at 6:59 am #

    Not exactly full of optimism at this end Gerard and fairly sure of the outcome in fact, but those blue and white sharks were hardly smelling blood at Franchise Towers last weekend, were they?!

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