Aim for the head and don’t miss. That was unexpected!

11 Mar

Well that was a busy day. With Brentford about to take on local rivals QPR, watching last night’s Europa League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United was a clear demonstration of just what a derby means and how teams approach it. Closer to home, there can’t be a single person in TW8 who hasn’t seen the ‘BIG’ reveal from Beesotted that we talked about yesterday – namely their exclusive interview with Matthew Benham.

But I’ll start, briefly, at Anfield where despite an abject season Liverpool somehow found their self belief , passion and ability (on and off the field) to batter an inconsequential Manchester United side 2-0. But for Red Devils ‘keeper David de Gea, the game could have been out of sight by half time and, certainly, the home side can feel slightly aggrieved to have ‘only’ won by a couple of goals. United were too shambolic to even post in a performance and a rampant Liverpool took advantage of this to remind us that thirty years ago they used to be quite good in Europe. More importantly, that there’s no finer feeling for players or fans than getting one over your arch-rivals.

So can Brentford replicate the same on Saturday? Will QPR have taken note themselves? Are the Bees’ supporters ready to raise the roof? This is the game that matters more to most fans than probably any other in the regular calendar – a chance to take on our chief adversaries in their own back yard. There may only be three points on offer from the league but the chance to win bragging rights is far greater than any trophy or rise up the table. As Man U learned last night, failure to realise this can be catastrophic.

I’ve already talked on these pages about what a win would mean. I’m not going to overly regurgitate that beyond simply reminding Brentford fans (as if any reminder were needed) just how incredible it felt to beat Fulham in their own back yard last season. That 4-1 humping was, for many, THE moment of the last campaign. Oh, to even be half that good on Saturday.

If Brentford fans were in need of a further boost going into the game then Matthew Benham and Beesotted have certainly provided one with their exclusive interview. Given how private Matthew is when it comes to talking in public about the Bees, this interview was as open and honest as it was unexpected. And boy was it welcome.

Club comms, or lack of, have been high on the agenda in this column all season and so it was great to finally hear the man at the top give such an honest insight into what has happened so far this season, what hasn’t gone to plan, his own thoughts on the management aswell as aspirations for the summer.

Well done to the Beesotted team for their role in such a conversation taking place. That it can even happen in this environment rather than what would have been perceived as the sanitised approach of a chat with the likes of Chris Wickham or Mark Chapman (no offence) was a very clever, and reassuring, move.


We’ve all read it. We’ve all analysed it. We’ve mostly (if feedback is to be believed on social media) been impressed by it. A lot of time was taken to probing Matthew, Billy Reeves style, in regards to transfer activity – both those who have left and what will happen over the summer. Likewise, he gives his own take on the head coach situation that has evolved over the campaign whilst noting now that, “I’m really, really happy with Dean”.

I’m not going to deny I’ve had a lot of questions in regards to goings on at the club this season. On and off field. I’m not alone in this. That said, I’m much more comfortable that none other than Matthew himself has taken the time to speak to Billy and Dave in order to try and give his perspective. Great work all round and thank you. More of this would go down very well indeed.

As a final thought, one point that did confuse me slightly was Matthew’s observation in regards to recruitment. Namely that, “No matter how many times we tell people that we also scout players traditionally, that we spend a lot of time watching players, it will come back that we just use maths. It’s become like a zombie that we can’t kill. But what can you do, eh?

Matthew – you may be a statistical genius, an all round good guy, club owner and the man who has given Brentford the means to look at being an established Championship side with a new home on the horizon. But surely everyone knows how to kill a zombie?

Firearms , sporting goods, explosives, heavy machinery. Aim for the head. And don’t miss!


surely everybody knows?

Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “Aim for the head and don’t miss. That was unexpected!”

  1. Rod Davidson March 11, 2016 at 10:31 am #

    Well, that’s a lot better isn’t it? At least we now know that there is someone alive and kicking who is prepared to tell it as it is.
    It will always be very hard to get it right the ‘first time’ and I think the vast majority of fans can accept that.
    If lessons have been learned that’s encouraging too.
    One observation though! If it falls to the boss Mathew Benham to explain club strategy and policy, and it is team coach Dean Smith’s job to act on that strategy and policy, what is the point of the other two individuals currently at the helm.
    I dare say that they are doing a very good job for Matthew Benham in running things on a corporate basis, but it is Brentford we are all interested in, and the public face of Brentford at that.
    So let us have a ‘footballing image’ again, with owner and coach speaking in harmony.
    Now that would be visionary!

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) March 11, 2016 at 10:50 am #

    Indeed Id recommend that Matthew watch the documentary series ‘The Walking Dead’ & ‘Z Nation’ to see how you can kill a zombie. I’ve learnt a lot, mainly don’t visit America.

    Both Matthew’s & Phil Giles’ interviews with Beesotted & Greville have been enlightening, not only to try and understand more about what is going on behind the scenes, but hopes for the future, but also some ‘reality’ about our standing in the football world. Also one could even say that Dean has been given the ‘vote of confidence’ by Matthew

    I have worked in PR & dealt with media before, so its always interesting to pick up on what isnt being said. One of my main gripes this season has been about the relationship with FCM & the distraction it causes. I dont recall Matthew talking about it & Phil spoke of it being beneficial for having chats with Man U staff. Not the most glowing of tributes! Also the role of Rasmus, where Phil revealed he is 50:50 between here and Herning. Anyone who has ever worked closely with someone with split roles will know how frustrating it is getting anything done, so will still wonder whether the current structure is working. Obviously neither Matthew nor Phil would never talk about any issues about the current structure publicly. I guess we will have to wait & see what happens in the summer. I do think the club needs to make positive moves in May, already I can hear a lot of people on the terraces questioning whether they will buy a season ticket for 2016-17.

    So Beesotted got Matthew, Greville got Phil, the TITS boys have got a ‘legend’ lined up. Come on Nick the pressure is on! When can we expect the exclusive kiss and tell stories from Buzzette?

    • nickbruzon March 11, 2016 at 6:07 pm #

      Kiss and tell with Buzzette. It’s not normally my style (such as I have one) to go chasing stories . I’ll leave that to those with the time and, more importantly, ability to do so. That said, lifting the lid on Buzzette does have me intrigued….

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