If another player is going to be missing, can we find our voice?

25 Mar

Is Josh McEachran out for the rest of the season? With the loan window not so much being slammed as quietly easing shut yesterday, it was being reported on both West London Sport and Sky Sports (although both Lyall Thomas) that the former Chelsea man has suffered a training ground injury similar to the one that kept him out for such a long time at the Marinus end of the season. And with nobody else joining Leandro Rodríguez from Everton, despite suggestions after the Blackburn game that Head Coach Dean Smith was looking to make two more short-term acquisitions what does this mean for the Bees?

Firstly, and as has been said many times, our local press love talk of a double transfer swoop. An event that is actually rarer than a Nick Proschwitz goal, when it comes to inbound activity this is one area where I take nothing as fact until Matthew Benham has fired up his cryptic clue generator, Besotted have run an ‘exclusive’ or Brentford official have published the ‘signing shirt’ photo. I’ll also accept: ‘player holding scarf aloft’ or ‘new man sitting in portacabin holding pen over contract’.


Josh signs for Brentford – classic ‘contract’ pose

Still, aside from goalkeepers (where Dean can still delve into the market to cover a ‘7 day emergency’), we now know the make up of the players available to see us, hopefully, over the line and start preparations for a third successive season in the Championship. Or do we?

The McEachran question is very much out there with nothing, as at the time of writing (Friday morning), from Brentford official. It would be a huge shame for the Bees and the player if this is the case. Josh did, if we’re being honest, struggle at the early part of his Griffin Park career but had been showing steady improvement over his 15 games. Now, it could be back to square one.

subbutteo injurie mount up

The injuries have piled up this season

Moreso, it would be yet another injury in a season which has been overshadowed (amongst other things) by the vast amount of players sidelined for medical reasons. We were told at the fans forum earlier in the season it was nothing but coincidence yet this horrendous run of bad luck has hardly helped our cause.

Still, we are where we are and there is enough quality in this squad to more than see us home. Should they play to their potential and ability – as a team. None of this ‘one man show’ stuff that we saw against a Blackburn side who were there for the taking.

Presumably Alan McCormack will slot straight into Josh’s position whilst we can also expect that other Chelsea wunderkind, John Swift, to return after the strange affair of the ‘hipster’ meme. Here’s hoping this period of enforced absence will have him reinvigorated and firing on all guns, back to the player who helped tear Wolves apart back in February. That result, a rare moment of solace in a 2016 that has seen Brentford lose 11 out of our 14 fixtures. Only the win at Preston and draw with Leeds in late January breaking the run of L’s blotting Dean’s copy book this calendar year.

We can moan and bitch about results all we want. Most of us have at various points, myself included. And rightly so at times.Yet without a bit of solidarity now, we could conceivably be facing a desperate start to 2016/17. In League 1.

The Bees still have to play 4 of the teams below us and with the gap a mere 6 points between us and the relegation spots, let’s not take anything for granted. Let’s not leave it too late to find our voice and our unity. Let’s not leave it too late to stop sniping at each other.

Absolutely, the players and the management team have to play their part. They are the only ones who can secure the points. But as supporters, we also have a our own role. Assuming we want to stay up, of course.

I saw a quite terrifying graphic on Twitter last night, c/o Jonathan Burchill. It highlighted this season and our previous Championship relegation campaign, back in 1992/93.

No words needed…..

The choice is simple. Stay up and we could be taking on the likes of Aston Villa and Newcastle United (I’m counting Chelsea as safe now, despite their mid-season hilarity). Throw it away, and it’ll be trips to Bristol Rovers, Oxford and Accrington Stanley.

Accrington Stanley, you may ask. Who are they?


Nick Bruzon


7 Responses to “If another player is going to be missing, can we find our voice?”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) March 25, 2016 at 8:47 am #

    Firstly, excellent graph Jonathan Burchill. It wasnt just in my mind I was thinking that this was getting too similar to 92-93. I guess we must be due an own goal at Newcastle now and a referee to play injury time into the next day at a home game.

    Was looking around everywhere last night looking for our new signing(s). It took me a while to realise we didnt actually make one. Had the DoF’s forgot? Did they get their weeks mixed up? Or are they away on international duty? All this after Dean so publicly said the club would sign players. Or was this Dean’s way to put pressure on the DoF’s to actually do something. Sadly it didnt work!

    Bad news for Josh. I guess he should just write off this season as a bad one and look forward to 2016-17 as a new start.

    Also a new addition to our international roll of honour last night, with Lasse appearing for Denmark. Would love him to play against Scotland on Tuesday & get a goal. Would be great news all round.

    • nickbruzon March 25, 2016 at 8:14 pm #

      It WAS great work BQ. JB has also done another one to show points. Similarly similar (if you follow).
      I can only now assume that 2016’s Biggar will turn out to be Stroud, with the whistle, in the Fulham (h) game

  2. gordonbankole March 25, 2016 at 5:04 pm #

    Brave man Bernard for suggesting the DOFs have been sadly lacking again. Always a way to get the ultra-loyalists and self-appointed superfans steaming in all heavy-handed.

    Personally I don’t think the loss of MacEachran will affect us too much. It might reduce the amount of square or backward passes played and might even speed up the build-up play. Both would be very welcome.

    Paul “Wheelie Bin” Slattery mentioned 1993 back in January, and while many were laughing back then, he’s not looking so far off the mark now.

    • nickbruzon March 25, 2016 at 8:13 pm #

      Ultra loyalists and super fans? Surely you don’t mean on any form of online message board?

      McEachran had a poor start to his 15 games. I thought he was showing signs of potential but would prefer Macca to him every day of the week.

      As for the ill fated dual DOF roles , just where do you start?

  3. gordonbankole March 26, 2016 at 8:01 am #

    Watch it Nick, you’ll be accused of making “sly digs”. Exactly the same phrase I saw from someone with a remarkably similar attitude on another blog. I wonder if they could be in some way connected…

    My problem with MacEachran (apart from the endless square balls) is his failure to impose himself on games. He clearly has something about him but his class just doesn’t tell often enough.

    • nickbruzon March 26, 2016 at 8:09 am #

      Who knows GB. I was hoping the culprit might slip up on a banana skin and give themselves away but I guess not.
      As for Josh going sideways, fully agree it is a current frustration in his game. I DO think he has something about him as has been seen in patches. genuinely hope for all concerned it will come through

    • nickbruzon March 26, 2016 at 8:10 am #

      PS – re ‘sly digs’. The irony of such an (incorrect) accusation being levelled by somebody who hides behind a false identity has not been lost….

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