Can Harlee come out on top in this local spat ?

30 Apr

This is it. Brentford v Fulham. The final Griffin Park game of the season. The final BBGiveaway from Kitman Bob (and what a giveaway it is…….). The final chance to #BeeTheDJ. The final chance to try and resist making the obligatory Richard Osman / Fulham pointless ‘joke’. (Is that a piece of tumbleweed I see before me?)

We all know what this one means. It’s a fixture which has provided Brentford fans with nothing but stunning memories these last few seasons.

Who could forget Harlee’s absolute blockbuster to level things up at home last season where the centre back leathered a piledriver into the top corner from just inside the box?

It was a hammer blow that any player would have been proud of although we must also thank the Fulham defence who left him totally unmarked. Harlee had enough time to pick his spot, read the maker’s name on the ball (Mitre, for the record) and wave to his girlfriend before leaving Bettinelli flapping at air.

How good would it be to see him do that again? Moreso after the, so called, ‘twitter spat’ of the last few days.

But if Harlee hit a screamer it was nothing compared to Jota. In the last minute. Naturellement.

Who needs words?

Brentford Fulham BBC 2 - 1final score

Jota – his winner against Fulham at Griffin Park was quite exciting

Life doesn’t get better. Except it does.

Not one, not two, not three but four contenders for goal of the season followed in last season’s encounter at Craven Cottage. 4-1 was beyond the dreams of most Brentford fans before kick off as Fulham were left on the wrong end of what the BBC have declared as a thrashing.

I still get goose bumps, even now, thinking about Stuart Dallas scoring his second goal – absolutely leathering it from about thirty yards out, straight and true to the top corner. It was a rocket of a shot that, equally, owes a huge debt to Andre Gray who held off three defenders before rolling it back out to the lurking midfielder.

I’ve rewatched it again this morning. And then once more use for luck. It really WAS that fantastic a goal.

Watch it again..and again..and again 

This season, the trip to Craven Cottage ‘only’ saw two goals and a single point.

The linesman’s flag denied Jota a winning goal as he was adjudged offside when given the freedom of the penalty box to make it 3-2 to the Bees. That the Spaniard had been granted more space than a professional footballer should have any right to expect his hardly his fault.

Whilst disappointing , relatively, Brentford fans were still left celebrating another game unbeaten against our near neighbours.Mores, given our goal tally had risen to 8 from 3 derby games.

For all we’ve had some incredible times, I’d still settle for an awkward and scrappy 1-0. The chance to consolidate our position above both Fulham and QPR, whilst making it 10 points out of 12 from game against the Cottagers since our return to the Championship would be a wonderful way to end our ‘home’ campaign.

Especially if we leave them, pointless.



Can’t. Resist. Crap. Joke

Nick Bruzon

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