As the Bees prepare for a last hurrah, why Middlesbrough will go up on Saturday..

6 May

What a day tomorrow promises to be. Brentford travel to Huddersfield Town looking to secure 10th (and a possible 9th) place in the Championship table. At the business end, the mythical beast that is the fixture computer has served up a play-off before the play-offs in the Middlesbrough v Brighton ‘winner takes all’. As for yesterday’s Josh McEachran to Chelsea story. Let’s just park that one right here.

First up though, I have to start with the Middlesbrough – Brighton game simply because of what it represents. And I can tell you who’s going to reach the Premier League aswell.

With both teams locked on 88 points, The Seagulls have to win to snatch ‘automatic’. Anything less, with Boro on a superior goal difference, will see Brighton consigned to a play off with Sheffield Wednesday.

Sadly, for Brighton fans, I’ve got Boro’ all over this one. If for no other reason than Chris Hughton has just been named manager of the month for April. No matter how strong the visitors are and what the weight of expectation from the home supporters, we all know how the award works.

Win manager of the month – lose your next game.

It’s a curse as longstanding as Clem featuring ‘your team’ for his prematch feature. Last season saw a mere 7(seven) winners for sides highlighted by the ever popular roving reporter. ‘MotM’ is, for the jinx wary amongst us, no different.

Genuinely, I’d love to see former Bee Chris do it. Realistically, I think ‘that curse’ may strike again.

In a way, whilst proud that Dean Smith was also nominated, at least Chris ‘taking the hit’ has increased our chances slightly. No doubt Huddersfield will want to sign off in style etc etc etc but equally Brentford fans know what another three points means. Already 5 clear of QPR and out of sight from Fulham, this really is a stunning chance to strengthen our stranglehold on the West London mini league.

Hopefully this message has also translated to Dean and the players. Certainly the build up to, and reaction from, last weekend’s 3-0 thumping of the Cottagers suggests this will be the case.

For us, the season is almost over. We’ll look back on it over the next week or so (although I promise that the cliché of an ‘end of term report card‘ is one I’ll leave to others). Instead, for now, here’s hoping the men in black can ‘go again’ one more time.

For those fortunate enough to be able to make the trip, Kitman Bob has suggested on Twitter that the players plan to give their shirts away at the end of the game. I’ve no idea how this will happen although if Sam Saunders is reading, perhaps rather than throw it to the crowd you could just put yours in an envelope addressed to….

In all seriousness, this kit nerd has loved the various giveaways over the season and what a great gesture to say ‘thanks’ to those who have travelled with The Bees this campaign. Good luck to the 400+ able to make the trip tomorrow.

And finally, Josh McEachran to Chelsea?? No. Seriously. I don’t normally talk about rumours but this one was so random it bears reflection. Coming from a source weaker than a watered down bottle of value brand low-sugar ketchup, the Express ran a ‘story’ yesterday saying how Chelsea “hadn’t ruled out re-signing” Josh.

This, in itself, turned out to be a comment on something they’d read in the Evening Standard the night before. Thankfully Tom Moore, West London’s Premier Journalist, was able to speak with Dean Smith where this one was not so much scotched but laughed off in a state of confusion.

Tom’s article quotes Dean as saying: ” I have heard nothing at all about this. Is that to help him with his treatment? I’m not aware of any buyback clause either

Perhaps the Standard/Express had got confused and were assuming John Swift would be returning to Stamford Bridge when his loan expires. That, surely, the most likely outcome when the season draws to a close.

Either way, it just proves once more the old adage about not believing everything you read in the papers. Unless it comes from Beesotted, I’ll generally give such speculation a very wide berth.

And with that out of the way, I can get back to lumping the mortgage on Middlesbrough’s promotion.

What can go wrong?

Sam Saunders black kit

One last look – at the shirt..

Nick Bruzon


2 Responses to “As the Bees prepare for a last hurrah, why Middlesbrough will go up on Saturday..”

  1. RebelBee May 6, 2016 at 9:26 am #

    You’re probably right re Boro but won’t they be properly bricking it right now.

    i’m also rooting for Burton & Stanley tomorrow, add Burton, Accrington promotions to Leicester winning the Prem & it gives inspiration to everyone outside “the establishment”. To be fair Accrington’s achievement on 1,500 gates would be immense. It more than proves that we can keep on keeping on too.

    No Udders trip for me, shame as I wanted to watch Sergi one last time. Probably the next time I see the Bees it’ll be in Bochum.


  2. Rob May 6, 2016 at 1:49 pm #

    I want Boro to go up, in second, Burnley first, if nothing more than to earn myself a little bet I had a few weeks ago on this season finishing that way come saturday. Happy for Brighton to go up in the playoffs.
    So…Josh back to Chelsea eh? Based purely on performances this season, it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen, and if we were to pocket a profit to boot, that would be more than acceptable. That said, I can’t see that happening, and he merits another chance, if only because of what he certainly was capable of doing only a few years ago for the Chelsea U21. So, feeling is neutral on this one.
    The big one for me was a mention of Scotty Hogan linking up with the Ireland squad at some point. Given everything being stats related now (even those teams that don’t crow about it), he’s going to be flagged as someone of interest to a number of clubs and I expect teams to be following his progress very closely come next season. Ireland identifying him in some shape or form for the future is going to add to the vultures circling above, and if he were to start next season well and get international recognition there’s no telling what club and country football would do to his physical health.
    Let’s see what next season brings. I’m kinda chomping at the bit already…even with this one’s end only just looming. CoYBs!!

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