Double goal 7(seven). You couldn’t have made that finish up.

8 May

9th. We’ve finished 9th !!  Brentford continued their stunning run to the denouement of season 2015/16 with a 5-1 humbling of Huddersfield Town. In a quite bonkers afternoon that saw Middlesbrough promoted (sorry Brighton fans, genuinely, but ‘manager of the month’ rarely lies) and Burnley crowned as Champions amidst bizarre scene at Charlton, Scott Hogan took his strike rate to something that must be approaching an average of 5 goals a game whilst Liverpool loanee Sergi Canos bid a very fond farewell.

Where do you start from the Huddersfield game, though? For a season that saw Brentford involved in what Dean Smith agreed was a relegation scrap as recently as 19 March, things have taken a turn for the surreal. We’ve scored 24 goals and won 7(seven) out of the last 10 games. Formwise, that puts only Brighton above us. Five more of the goals total coming yesterday to make it 9 for the season against The Terriers alone.

We don’t, generally, do match reports on these pages. The highlights are already doing the rounds and , if you haven’t seen them yet, do take the time to catch up with these. The quality of every goal – from Sergi Canos grabbing the opener on just 21 seconds  – to substitute John Swift blasting the fifth home as we approached full time is to be admired. Lasse Vibe shot home from the edge of the box after a delightful ball from Canos whilst man of the moment Scott Hogan grabbed another two.

Having spent muchh of the last 18 months with his leg in a brace (I’d imagine) how brilliant to see him now grabbing one on pitch. A brace, that is. The opening 64 minutes was the longest we’ve seen Scott in action since the oh-so gradual and carefully managed return from that sickening injury. Having lasted 45 minutes in the previous game (the 3-0 over Fulham) making it as far as the hour allowed Hogan to get the goals which took his total to 7(seven) for the season. Not a bad return !

Sergio Canos also made it 7(seven) for the campaign in what was, barring some form of transfer coup over the summer, his final appearance for the Bees. Surely he will only be Liverpool bound when the next campaign kicks off in August ? Certainly, his twitter feed suggested that this would be the case.

Sergi sign off

If this transpires to be the case then we can all, truly, say we’ve had the pleasure of watching a prodigious talent emerge. I’d love to see Sergi back next time around and, whilst stranger things have happened, can only imagine a place at Anfield will be calling.

His mood was one shared by all the players on social media. After what must have been some horrendous pressure at various points this campaign and some harsh, albeit warranted at times, criticism of the set up the flip side is that when they have been let off the leash it has been an absolute joy to watch.

Rasmus nailed it in the recent video when he noted that a team wins three in a row and you think they’ll never lose again. Certainly, that’s how it has felt.

Lasse and Sam tweet

Lasse wins at Twitter as the squad end in high spirits

Injury has forced a rejig in the midfield with Josh McEachran and John Swift undergoing an enforced rest. Nico has stepped up in style whilst Scott has made his well documented return. KK and Gogia have started to show what ‘the model’ (please note: traditional recruiting is also involved) has suggested whilst even an experienced pro like Sam Saunders has pushed onwards and upwards. With this has come the results.

The only slight disappointment was on Bees Player where the assertion was made of Dean Smith supposedly berating Scott Hogan for not going down in the box but, rather, staying on his feet, with the Bees 1-0 up. I’m all for winning games but I’d much rather we did it by fair means. Let’s hope this was simply a misinterpretation of the conversation rather than a terrible example for any young children who may have been watching etc etc

That said, we won. Handsomely. We’ve finished the season in 9th place which would be an incredible achievement in its own right. Let alone when you factor in the challenges of FFP enforced sales, The Marinus experiment, pitchgate and that quite dreadful start to 2016. I stand by what I said about these things at the time but, equally, who isn’t thrilled at how Brentford have emerged from all of this?

For the record, Fulham and QPR also both recorded  final game victories. As such, although we ended the season as the top side in London outside the Premier League, the lead over our West London rivals remained at a ‘mere’ 14 and 5 points respectively.


QPR and Fulham could only watch the red and white express

Are we the finished article? No. But I’m not alone in feeling tremendously positive going into the summer break. Given the low points of the season have ben particularly painful, to end it on such a high has left all around Griffin Park with a huge buzz. Who knows just what a fully match fit Scott Hogan will do whilst we have the added advantage of finally saying goodbye to Middlesbrough.

Whether you believe in bogey teams or not (and for somebody who swears by ‘lucky pants’ and the ‘motm curse’, to criticise would be somewhat hypocritical) nobody can deny that in 4 league and 2 play-off encounters since our return to the Championship, Brentford’s record with Boro’ reads:  P: 6  W: 0  D: 0  L: 6 .

For now, it’s time to catch our breath once more. Hey, when we went up to the Championship on that famous day against Preston,  if you’d have been offered 5th and 9th from our first two seasons there wouldn’t have been anybody amongst us who wouldn’t have bitten the hand off to secure that.

I love seeing the Bees do well. I thought that last season was not the “punching above our weight” that so many people claimed but, actually, a wonderful triumph of ability and team spirit based around the infectious warmth of Mark Warburton. We got where we got on merit.

With that well documented parting of the ways, this season was always going to be a tough one. Moreso given the other issues noted above. I stand by my assertion that we could have handled ourselves better off-field, comms wise, but you live and learn. Hindsight is always wonderful.

Something, perhaps, the owners at Charlton Athletic could learn. Amidst understandable  scenes at The Valley, their supporters showed just what they thought of the people in charge. Even ‘official’ twitter had somewhat of a Freudian slip (or sabotage from within the ranks? ) as their campaign came to a sad climax.

Charlton poison 2

Whatever you’ve thought about our lowest points this season, things could have been an awful lot worse. Still, sad though I am for Charlton, their fate lies elsewhere.

For Brentford, we’ve got watching the play-off finals to look forward to and the final Premier league fixtures to see who joins us next season. There’s the new shirt to be released whilst the promise from Kitman Bob that his BBGiveaway will return.

Oh,and there’s been the small matter of Euro 2016 in the summer. Whilst Alan Judge will be missing, could the presence of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane at yesterday’s game have any additional significance? The local press believe he was checking on Town winger Sean Scannell but with Scott scoring those two goals, could there be a surprise call up in the offing?

I’ll leave that thought here……

However, as a final observation, for me (Clive) Twitter user @MrJamie88 nails it in words and pictures better than most could hope to.


Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 14.55.02

Do the body and legs match?

Nick Bruzon


5 Responses to “Double goal 7(seven). You couldn’t have made that finish up.”

  1. John May 8, 2016 at 8:25 am #

    Great article as always Nick. As you say thank god boro have gone up…them and Burnley are clearly the best 2, and I don’t think any of the play offs team are to be feared for next season….along with Newcastle, Villa and Norwich. Will Judge now stay, that is the question or do we need the money?….him with Hogan up front would be pacey….our defence looks good at times and then very Leaky at others as the figures suggest. Canos will be hard to replace but as with Pritchard life goes on. We need to clear out Hoffman, Djuricin and get another striker with experience…a Nugent type player, to support Hogan and Vibe. We have some good youth coming through with Clarke, Field and Yennaris and hopefully a few more. Things look rosey….a bonus if Judge stays that can have summer to now rest although I am sure he sees if differently and pray to god that Hogan was not being watched by Keane! I can see Hull going up in play offs as I think Brighton will be gutted and with Stephens out…we shall see. Roll on fixtures announcement in June!!

  2. Gordonbankole May 8, 2016 at 7:10 pm #

    Certainly the maddest season in my 40 years as a fan – half the season (the two good runs) we played like champions – literally we would have got 100 points if replicated – and the other half (the two crap runs) we had the same record as Bolton. 23 games for each.

    Joint top scorers and 17th as regards defending.

    Record against the top six – P12 D1 L11.

    Apologies and well done to Dean Smith. It wasn’t looking good but he turned it around. I won’t apologise for asking questions, but have to hand it to our owner for not spending anything in January. That’s why he’s good at his job and I do something else. However, it did get a bit too close for comfort. As it happens the 43 points we had after Wolves would have been enough.

    A lot of optimism therefore for next year – for one thing, if that bloke doesn’t appeal and delay things further, Lionel Road starts. Meanwhile, the team should have more belief having gone through some pretty tough times and come out the right side.



  3. RebelBee May 9, 2016 at 8:14 am #

    Thank you for producing this excellent blog through such a momentous season, and to the other fine BFC bloggers that we have too. We are broad church, but we all love this beautiful football club, you’ve never lost sight of that and have taken some hits along the way for your troubles. BFC is in a better place for the way we have come through this challenging season, maybe it had to be this way, defining in so many areas.

    Other than that all I can do is to completely endorse the words above from John and Mr Bankole – they’ve nailed it.

  4. FulhamPrideofWestLondon May 13, 2016 at 12:08 am #

    I am
    Tired of of your insults directed at Fulham;
    Curse You

    • nickbruzon May 13, 2016 at 5:23 am #

      Why thank you for reading a Brentford blog. My humblest apologies if your delicate feelings have been hurt whilst reading a Brentford blog.
      Could I just clarify? Is this any particular form of ‘curse’ or just a general one?

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