Happy birthday to you. Three years in Brentford pictures

5 Jun

Its one for friends and family today  – albeit with a Brentford theme.

Harry Samuel Bruce Bruzon has just turned three years old. I’ve no idea where that time has gone already, beyond saying that the subtle scheme to introduce my first born to all things Griffin Park related is, so far, working.

That’s introduce, not indoctrinate. Honest!

Buzzette, Sam, Harlee, New Road observers and terrace wags  – thanks all for your help with that job.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a life  – well, the first three years anyway – in Griffin Park related pictures .

Happy Birthday HB !

HB TV debut

A TV debut (of sorts). Something about some sort of penalty thing followed



First trip to Griffin Park


Harry Sam Bruce Bruzon – middle name coincidence, honest 😉 



Practice that dribbling


poster boy !

HB with Buzzette

Introduction to Buzzette didn’t go well



New shirt – a perfect fit


HB at Griffin Park once more

10628554_10152733297198033_6059094425229370731_n (1)

Learning those all important pre-match rituals

HB and mummy 2-2 Forest Brentford

Jota puts a smile on the face of Family Bruzon at 2-2 against Forest


HB – now friends with Buzzette…

HB and HD

….and Harlee



Don’t forget Buzz


Never too young for a retro shirt


Call the police – the Bees have been robbed



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