Sawyers, Egan, Bentley all IN. And a return for Andy Scout

2 Jul

Well that was some day in TW8. Brentford boss Dean Smith embarked on a triple transfer swoop that has sent the fans into overdrive whilst, no doubt, earning further friends at Walsall. Romaine Sawyers IN. Daniel Bentley IN. John Egan IN. Oh, and then there was the small matter of captain Jake Bidwell joining QPR. There’ll be a separate piece on that one but, for now, we’ll simply say “good luck” and politely leave it there.

We’d all heard the rumours. We’d all scoured the local press looking for some crumb of Brentford related news in the lean summer months since the season ended. These names have been doing the rounds for some time but, being honest, did we expect to get them all? On day 1?

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 08.55.16

Official twitter has a triple transfer montage

More to the point, how did the local press get it so right this time? And for so long? I’ve long been scornful of a rumour mill that seems as much miss as it is hit. Throw enough mud and some will stick. However, on this on you have to say ‘hats off’ for calling them all, including the news about Jake, spot on.

This is nothing but stunning. Sawyers and Egan were both in the League 1 team of the year last season, an honour Bentley had the season previous as Southend got promoted via the play off final. That, a game Sam Saunders will remember (although perhaps for the wrong reasons) after injury forced him to leave the pitch quicker than you could say “And this is Saunders territory”, just seconds after kick off.

What does this all mean for the rest of the squad? Egan is a centre back and with Harlee Dean, Jack O’Connell, Andreas Bjelland and Yoann Barbet could somebody else be moving on? Might Dean be moving to a formation with three central defenders? Or is it a case of him having to try and keep a lot of players very happy with a place on the bench? Either way, this level of competition can only be a good thing.

As for Daniel Bentley, he comes very highly rated and there is a genuine sense of excitement at his joining. The obvious question is if he will be in line to support or replace David Button. In my eyes, he ran Alan Judge oh so close for player of the season last time out and helped keep the good ship Brentford afloat when things were, shall we politely say, going through a bit of a rough patch on field.

Reading the press release, Phil Giles has noted that, “As it stands all three goalkeepers, including Jack Bonham, will be competing to be first choice goalkeeper against Huddersfield on the opening day of the season.” Whilst I have no doubt that is true, as it stands, I can’t believe having al three on our books will be a long term option. Will David sign the new contract he has been offered? Will Daniel have to be content as an understudy at first? Or will it be a case of Bentley & Bonham being our goalkeeping 1-2 as we head into 2016/17?

Then there’s Romaine Sawyers. He earned plaudits all last season and no more so than as Walsall dumped Brentford out of the FA Cup in the game we don’t talk about. They deserved it that day and he was wonderful. With John Swift back at Chelsea, Sergi Canos back at Liverpool and Jota still on his ‘loan’ in Spain there’s certainly room for an attacking midfielder.


Romaine sports the signing scarf

Yesterday was nothing but brilliant.

Off the field, it was also confirmed that Andy Scott is now back at Brentford in an official capacity, as Chief Scout. Whilst Matthew Benham had previously alluded to his work for us, Andy is now fully on board with Phil Giles noting “I have been working with Andy over the last year or more, and he has been invaluable in identifying players and providing detailed scouting reports on all of our targets.

Andy, if you are reading then congratulations. It’s great to have you back. I’l never forget those goals or that night against Everton. Now, if you could hot foot it up to Liverpool and start compiling a dossier, there’s a chap called Sergi I think you might like to take a look at……

Nick Bruzon

And finally…. :  Andy, Daniel, Romaine or John, If you are reading ( you aren’t)  The Last Word ‘season review’ : Ready. Steady. Go Again and the three year anthology : The Bees are going up remain available for download. For all the info, the highs, the lows, more highs about the club you are joining then  you can do so now.

Its been a wonderful three years. Here’s to more of the same over 2016/17. Thanks, as ever, for reading

5 Responses to “Sawyers, Egan, Bentley all IN. And a return for Andy Scout”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) July 2, 2016 at 8:23 am #

    Three high quality signings, and all done with the minimum of fuss. Thats how we like things at Brentford. Andy Scott is also a perfect fit for the chief scout position. As soon as the post became available, he was the obvious choice, particularly knowing of his already excellent working relationship with Dean.

    Future transfer targets? Matty Taylor has been mentioned, and with Jake gone, maybe Rico Henry?

    By the way, Harlee & Yoann on Sky Sports News again today. Thankfully this time, depending on your preferences, they remembered their kit and wernt forced to do training in their pants

    • nickbruzon July 2, 2016 at 9:41 am #

      Thanks BQ. As erudite as ever.
      I think you are right – we’ll definitely see more in. We’ll also see more out.
      Expect Judge and Jota to go. I’d love for us to hang on to David Button but I suspect that could be close to an end if somebody bids. And with Fuljman having just offloaded a ‘keeper…..
      Regardless, these are exciting times once more. After startingast season’s build up fearing nothing but the unknown and the outdoor swinging, 12 months on we’re looking in a much happier place

  2. martin July 2, 2016 at 7:21 pm #

    hmm cant see such a promising keeper who has been in big demand being happy with the
    situation of 2nd keeper,he cant really wait for buttons form to dip, don’t think that likely. liked andy scott as manager , might be old age setting in but where did he go wrong,anyone jog my memory?

  3. Ian July 3, 2016 at 9:47 am #

    You’ve a cracker in Sawyers, but may need to be patient with him. His not always effective clever flicks get on the nerves of the impatient. And he’s a tendency to be overly cautious at times. But by far the most eloquent player I’ve seen in my near 30 years of following Walsall. Does this signal that Judge is out of the door?

    Egan and Bentley are two very assured performers at League One level too. Bentley put in an Herculean performance against us last year. If you watch the highlights of that game, at Walsall, it would serve as a very good showreel for that young man. It was like Walsall versus Bentley, not Southend.

    Hands off Rico Henry, for now, mind he’d command a tidy sum which Brentford seem to be more reluctant to part with these days.

    Wish you well for 16/17, unless you get us in the cup again!

    • nickbruzon July 3, 2016 at 10:21 am #

      Cheers Ian. Nice to have some genuinely insightful comment (after seeming to have upset the QPR gang).
      I think Judge’s exit has long been coming . But for that injury I’m sure he’d have starred at EURO2016 and been snapped up on July 1. Now it is simply a matter of where / when – although I live in hope he’ll be with us until at least January.
      As for Romaine, appreciate your views. It’s hard to step up and a lot of our new players struggled at the beginning of last season to now be nailed on starts. Here’s hoping for more of the same.
      As for the FA Cup, I’d love another crack at Walsall. You beat us fair and square on the day. Played with passion, heart and a desire to win. Knocked us off the park and deserved to go through.
      It was a real low point for me and I’d welcome a chance to try and even things up on that front. Not sure Dean Smith would though.
      Good luck for 2016/17

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