What do we know after the first round of Championship fixtures?

8 Aug

And relax. With the weekend’s opening round of Championship fixtures having played out, Brentford find themselves just three points off Ipswich and Norwich (to name but a few) at the top end of the table whilst staying clear of Newcastle and Leeds United amongst others. Put a bit more simply, we lost to Huddersfield Town.2-1

What can you say? Well, for one I wasn’t even there. A last minute summer’s weekend camping meant the closest yours truly got to match action was tripping over the guy ropes chasing a rogue ball during an on-site kick about. Hey , at least it wasn’t a twig.  And then failing, spectacularly , to get any internet reception to keep track of the scores.


Football action was limited to tripping over guy ropes (rather than twigs)

As such, it meant a hasty retreat to the local pub – this, purely for research purposes – to catch up on all the scores, updates , comments etc.


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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 05.57.10

Bob pulled a retro rabbit from his kit bag on Saturday

Nick Bruzon

2 Responses to “What do we know after the first round of Championship fixtures?”

  1. RebelBee August 8, 2016 at 7:34 am #

    Wasn’t there on Sat either, friends who were said we were poor, and that whilst Huddersfield deserved the win, they weren’t that great. Whilst I think there are nagging questions on the squad and our preparedness that have carried over from pre-season, this is the reality check we probably all needed.

    No problem was ever solved by standing back and moaning about it, from the top down all at BFC need to redouble efforts this week to try to bring in a bit more quality and to get everyone fit. And we as supporters need to come together now and get behind the team & club, frankly the battle to say in the division starts on Saturday & we have to approach things like this. Get everyone down to GP and let’s all show the passion and determination needed to get a confidence boosting win.

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 8, 2016 at 2:42 pm #

    Before the game I wrote here that firstly opening games are rarely indicators of the season to come, and secondly we are 3 players short. The first I hope will be true and the second definitely so.

    Dean Smith’s post match comments said so much. His frustration with the lack of recruits in key areas was made very public. I am sure he must be getting very annoyed that since he has taken over last year the DoF’s have failed to give him the players he needs.

    For the Exeter game I would only make 2 or 3 changes. Its obvious that a number of players feel underprepared and need more match time. I would definitely start with Nico, and I would give Bonham a game just to give him more experience of a competitive game.

    You did miss a blinder on Saturday Nick, not on the pitch but in the Comms box where we were treated to the thoughts of Big Ben Burgess. His analysis of a situation is second to none and makes it easy for the listener to understand what is happening and why. No wonder he is now a school teacher! Lucky kids! It also makes Mark Burridge’s job so much easier. So many times last season it was poor Mark having to carry the comms more or less by himself, with some ‘questionable’ expertise alongside him. For an amateur he does an outstanding job, and would not be out of place in a more professional capacity

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