What a start to the home campaign. Pants?

14 Aug

What a Championship Saturday. Brentford made it 7(seven) points out of 9 from our last 3 encounters with Ipswich Town as Dean Smith’s team recorded their first win of the season. Newcastle United stay out of the relegation zone by virtue of their alphabetical superiority to Preston (both teams amongst five still on nil points) whilst Huddersfield Town and Bristol City top the lot.

Football is back. At Griffin Park, that is. Whatever Gary Lineker and the rest of the Premier League pundits may tell you about it being a new season, football didn’t return yesterday but has already been with us for a good week.  A week that saw Brentford go down 2-1 at Huddersfield and then limp out of the cup at Exeter City. A week that has already seen initial outpourings of social media drivel and nonsense as to the capabilities of our management and squad. Each to their own, I suppose. At least there’s no danger of a Charlton style banning order.

Then again, what does Gary know about football?

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Gary pants

There was nothing awkward about the vibe in the BBC studio whatsoever


Mick And Dean

View from the New Road – Mick wonders what’s going on


Bees Ipswich

View from the Braemar – despite kicking the wrong way, the Bees recorded a fine win

Nick Bruzon

2 Responses to “What a start to the home campaign. Pants?”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 14, 2016 at 10:20 am #

    I dont think we should get too overcarried away with yesterday’s win. We grew into the game & came out with a very comfortable win. Although in my memory that was has to be the worst Ipswich side I can ever remember, particularly when you think back to the side that came to GP on Boxing Day 2014. How McCarthy can come out with another batch of ridiculous excuses is beyond me. If they carry on like that, than Towns fans patience will begetting very thin, and he will be out the door before Boxing Day this year.

    I can still see many areas of improvement needed. Im not convinced the left flank is gelling at the moment, and Clarke was more comfortable as a right back than right wing. Whereas Sawyers was superb, particularly first half. Hogan was a constant menace. Nico succeeded where Josh failed and Egan & Dean will make it very difficult for Bjelland or Barbet to get into the side. I still think we need 3 more players. I dont know how many heavy hints Dean Smith has made to the DoF’s that he feels he needs reinforcements. Lets hope its soon.

    • RebelBee August 14, 2016 at 11:08 am #

      Kinda agree in part, but felt we were loads better than a year ago against the same oppo. We caught a break with them missing a couple of key players (mcgoldrick in particular). Whether MM keeps his job or not, this Ipswich side will still be top half, so let’s not undervalue a big win either. The free flowing play from the back football has gone for now, not so much posession or chances created. But far more solid & hungry to press & win the ball or the 2nd ball at every opportunity. I guess that’s how it’ll be until we find a couple more who can inject a bit of magic & pace into the mix.

      Pragmatism rules for the moment with DS, maybe he’s figured out a way to keep us competitive whilst we wait for reinforcements.

      Great to be back at GP in the championship!

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