The two most beautiful words in footballing parlance are back.

18 Aug

There are just two words to mention today for Brentford fans. You’d be forgiven for thinking these are Leeds and Barnsley. This, after their respective 90th minute goals in the latest round of fixtures denied three points for Fulham and turned a plucky away draw into a glorious defeat for QPR. You could even have Shane Duffy in mind after the Blackburn defender has endured what could be politely called a ’torrid’ a start to the season. But you’d be wrong. For me, it’s all about the most beautiful piece of alliteration in the English language…. Terrace Talk.

Yes, football’s most brilliant feature is back. And this time Sean Ridley is in charge.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 21.47.29

What, if we’re being honest, began life with a few teething issues as everybody got used to the format quickly became Griffin Park’s most hotly anticipated piece of videotape. Forget Mark Burridge losing the plot (in the best sense) on the Sunday highlights, what we secretly all loved was Jo Tilley going rogue with the mic and asking Brentford fans those most random of Bees related questions.

Then, against Ipswich Town for the season opener, it was gone. Despite the assurance from Mark Devlin that we would be seeing the return of Terrace Talk, there was nothing. Nothing.

Fortunately this was only a temporary absence. The relief was palpable in TW8 as this most hotly anticipated five minutes of fan footage reappeared yesterday. With a new host. None other than Sean Ridley. Brentford’s video whizkid and part time Alex Pritchard body double is back in front of the mic.

Sadly, Jo has moved on but with Sean having already proven his abilities in a one off guest slot last season, we know that the TT baton has been safely passed. And sure enough, within 90 seconds, it would be fair to say that nothing has changed. A black and white montage in tribute to Jo’s work kicked off 2016/17 in style.

Who doesn’t love a montage? Cinema’s favourite means of showing new skills being acquired or progress made in a short frame of time. Preferably to a stirring soundtrack. The training sequence from Rocky IV, a double montage with compare and contrast training methods, being my all time favourite of course. But this one is no exception.

Come for Terrace Talk. Stay for Drago and Rocky

This (Jo, not Sylvester Stallone) was instantly followed by Sean’s first interviewees of the season all being Reading fans so having no Brentford memories whatsoever. Jamie who now? Move along, nothing to talk about here.

To give anymore away would be to ruin it. Suffice to say that whilst I’ll miss Jo, Terrace Talk has lost none of the spirit which she filled it with. Why not check it out now?

Sean Ridley does his thing. wonderfully 

The other football news from yesterday involved the latest round of Championship fixtures. A late winner for Barnsley at home to QPR stopped the visitors dead in their tracks after winning the opening two games of the season. Shame. With Fulham also being pegged back at Leeds United on Tuesday night, it means the play-off zone already has a very interesting look.

Whilst, of course, it is far too early to gain any significant meaning I’d rather be where we are in the table than down at the bottom end. The Bees are already six points closer to safety and two points clear of where Marinus had taken us this time last season.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 06.04.09

The BBC table doesn’t lie (Although will tell a more accurate story after 10 games)

But if QPR fans feel upset at missing out on any points then perhaps they, and we, should all spare a thought for Blackburn Rovers. They’d already lost their first two home games of the season , with defender Shane Duffy further adding to their woes by scoring an own goal in the 3-0 loss at Wigan on Saturday. But that was a mere drop in the ocean compared to last night.

Not one, but two more own goals followed for Duffy as Rovers went down 2-1 at Cardiff City. Then, to compound the ignimony, he received a last minute second yellow to see red and take a slightly earlier bath than his team mates.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No matter how bad Brentford fans think things might be at times, there’s always somebody worse off.

For now though, lets just enjoy the fact that we’re one point off the top. Could results go our way at the weekend? Might we head up the West London mini league?

Roll on the trip to Rotherham when we can find out. Until then, I might go and watch Terrace Talk once more.

Farewell Jo and good luck in the future. TT is in safe hands.

Jo Tilley Terrace Talk

Jo – Queen of the TT ‘walk and talk’

Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “The two most beautiful words in footballing parlance are back.”

  1. David Carney. August 18, 2016 at 6:40 am #

    Sorry…….but you have the two words wrong. The only two words that matter in football are ‘Three Points’. Those two words determine success or failure and come match day that is all the club, the players and the supporters are interested in achieving.

    • nickbruzon August 18, 2016 at 6:52 am #

      Come match day ‘Three Points’ are amongst the things that supporters look to achieve. Along with ‘good times’, ‘seeing friends’ and ‘terrace talk’ 😀
      I’d never deny ‘three points’ aren’t equally key but the low brow, light hearted approach of these pages means that we celebrate ‘the other stuff’ in football as much as the victories.
      For me, ‘terrace talk’ are both beautiful words. Here’s to more over the season.
      And, of course, wins for the Bees.

      • David Carney. August 18, 2016 at 7:04 am #

        With three points banter is good, lively, fun, etc. With no points it is demoralising, feeds on negativity and allows the cynics to get stuck into the players… we need the three points first, then everything is fun and the sun is always shining.

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