Chuckles and points on offer after a two minute fantasy with Rachel.

20 Aug

Another Saturday, another game. For most teams. With Brentford travelling to Rotherham United today and looking to the top of the table, Manchester United, Southampton and Sky have already disrupted things for supporters with the return of Friday night football to our TV screens. More on that later but first, the Rotherham game.

Like Wolves, The Millers are a team that Brentford have gone neck and neck with over the last few seasons. Coming up with the Bees from League One, albeit via something called a play-off victory (I read the words, but I fail to truly grasp the concept) the Millers also begin their third successive season of Championship life.

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Steve evans

Steve Evans – much missed. For now.


Alan Judge corner Rotherham

View from the Braemar : Alan Judge did it all against Rotherham last season


Chuckle brothers Brentford

The new look Chuckle Brothers line up was very short lived

Nick Bruzon


One Response to “Chuckles and points on offer after a two minute fantasy with Rachel.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 20, 2016 at 9:12 am #

    ‘I can’t call it today’. Exactly how I feel. Rovram games are never easy to predict and today’s encounter is also an Ian Holloway six-pointer. I admire the Millers. Like us, they have defied the odds and are still there in the Championship being an irritant and a thorn to the big egos of the division & a West Country ‘pundit’. With their grit and determination I hope they stay up yet again.

    I noticed there was a lot of wailing last night on social media with FNF. FNF sounds more like a sound effect from a DC comic. Alas Premier League fans have been unaware than Friday night football has been around for many many years now. I didnt bother watching it as I can imagine the coverage would sound to the uninitiated that Man U were playing Man U (what are Southampton?). Sky Sports coverage of Man U these past few weeks has bordered on the ridiculous. A day after gold medals were being won by GBR, News HQ led on what Jose Mourinho may be thinking about with a game 3 days away. I have also seen criticism of the programme. What do fans expect? Sky have spent an obscene amount of money for live coverage, coverage which has not progressed in 5 years. So inevitably be looking to do something different. Friday night TV has always traditionally been showbiz TV night. Years ago it was all glamorous game shows and exciting action series, before todays dirge of back to back soaps. It seemed obvious that FNF would be the same (well to me it did!)

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