Goals to Newcastle?

24 Aug

Tuesday saw rumours hitting overdrive after stories began to emerge suggesting that Newcastle United were looking to make a bid for Brentford supporters’ and players’ player of the year, Alan Judge. If the timing is a surprise, the player only having the screws removed from his leg (following that horrendous break inflicted by Luke Hyam of Ipswich Town in April) little over a week ago, the story was an inevitable one.

I was amazed he didn’t leave Brentford at Christmas and, but for that injury, would surely have departed in the current window following Euro 2016. He still might if this Newcastle story rings true.


View from the Braemar – how would the Bees go without Alan Judge?

At the time of his injury, Alan was the leading goal scorer for Brentford (14) and had provided the highest number of assists for any Championship club with 11.  Indeed, he was joint 7th overall goal scorer in the league at that juncture whilst finishing joint top, with Lasse Vibe, for the Bees as the season reached it’s denouement.

This would represent a major gamble for Newcastle United if they were to move now. There’s no way Judge can even be close to be being match ready, beyond a quick game of FIFA 16. And then, just which player will emerge from the other side of that injury? A shadow of his former self, the same man we knew before or one with even more determination to play at the highest levels and make up for the opportunity which was stolen from him over the summer?

The parachute payments will help any investment decision but it still would represent a significant outlay at this time. I have no doubt Alan will go – only the most naive can’t realise that until we have our new home, the current club ‘model’ will be one based around selling on and selling high. Even then, who knows what other expenses will need to be covered off down the line?

Alan has already been with us for three seasons during which time he has racked up 24 goals from 102 games (technically four seasons if you count 2016/17). He scored the penalty that took us up to the Championship in that famous game against Preston North End and has earned international recognition whilst on the books at Griffin Park.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 06.19.13

Scenes as Alan’s penalty helped confirm three points and promotion

For me, it isn’t a question of if he goes but when. That’s not that I want to see Alan leave but I’m not a (complete) idiot. We’ve had fantastic service from him whilst, given the club’s FFP related sales and desire to avoid players leaving on a free, this one seems inevitable.

Quality players attract money and whilst Newcastle may not be the force they once were (this, their second Championship campaign in recent times following previous relegation in 2008/09), you’d be a fool not to recognise their history or their spending potential.

Personally, I’d be amazed if anything happened in August. Surely it will be a case of nursing the player back to health and fitness, letting him get some games under his belt and then going from there. Come January, we could well be saying farewell.

Unless, of course, Newcastle are prepared to take the risk to secure a potential target before their promotion rivals. Ultimately, I’m just the numpty on the terrace rather than anybody ‘in the know’ but it will be very interesting to see how the Judge saga plays out.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be the Last Word without recognising yesterday’s terrible news away from the world of the football. At a time when the unspeakable ways people have come up with to inflict pain on each other continue to shock, Tuesday saw a new low point being reached. Mrs. Brown’s Boys has been voted the best sitcom of the 21st Century by Radio Times readers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 09.40.36

Mrs Brown – not the first time s(he) has produced a shock result

This is terrible, terrible news. Do ‘Radio Times’ employ any form of screening or was it just open to simpletons? She’s a man. A. Man.

Granted, a man wearing  a frock and a wig. But still a man. That seems to be the joke. Which I wouldn’t mind (the man dressing as a woman being a staple of British comedy over the years) were it not for the lack of any other comedy in an alleged sitcom.

I can’t even begin to start on why this is so awful. If nothing else, how its perceived popularity is sure to see Brendan O’Carroll’s show commissioned for further series and Christmas specials. The latter, in particular, so often used to shunt the football highlights further into a graveyard slot over the years.

“There is an audience out there that comedy forgot – that Are You Being Served? audience has been left behind” said O’Carroll afterwards.

Different class, O’Carroll. Different class. How he can compare the sharp wit of Grace Brothers and Mrs. Slocombe’s Pussy to a man in a wig is like saying Alan Judge and Nick Proschwitz are both footballers.

All of a sudden, the possible sale of a footballer doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Alan Judge celebrates

Alan Judge could soon deliver a blow to Brentford fans

Nick Bruzon


6 Responses to “Goals to Newcastle?”

  1. martin August 24, 2016 at 1:13 pm #

    had to laugh at your description of mrs browns boys (which is more than I did when catching the show after “rave” reviews of this dross) . judge will be off before long and go with no animosity but with thanks and admiration.only hope when he returns to play against as not one single person boos,(bit optimistic I guess),all we can ask of any player is to give commitment to the club when being here. as long as their is no acrimonious parting ala tarkowski then good luck to them

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) August 24, 2016 at 1:27 pm #

    What gets to me most about the Alan Judge situation is how Brentford FC were effectively denied over £4m because of Luke Hyam’s recklessness. It could have been even more if Judge had gone to the Euros and been a success.

    Sadly, there are some Bees supporters who still believe that running a football club is like a My Little Pony story, full of joy, happiness and with not a care in the world. Running a football club is expensive and we cannot be 100% reliant on Mr Benham’s money. The club does not make anywhere near the amount of money which is needed to run a club. Unfortunately, many supporters dont get that at all, and their lack of perception was not helped by talk at the Fans Forum of a Top 6 finish. I would be happy with, what one Bee said on twitter with a sneer, mid table mediocrity with as little off the pitch drama as possible.

    Sadly I do think the drama will continue through the season, with squad numbers dwindling and very little happening from the DoFs. I really hope we dont end up having to pick up released players on a non contract basis in order to make up the numbers. Unless Dean Smith feels that some of Brentford B(ee) are now capable of making the step up to the first team, I can genuinely see this happening if we don t sign 3 or 4 players in the next week.

  3. Geoff Buckingham August 24, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

    I don’t know which has upset me most;
    Judge possibly leaving!.
    No ‘ present’ yet for the very patient Dean Smith!!.
    Mrs Brown’s Boys’ being voted best sitcom!!!
    The ridiculous over use of the ‘F ‘ word reveals a pathetic lack of imaginative writing, the cast pretending to uncontrollably crack up at O’Carroll’s jokes takes the audience for mugs , and the casting of his wife(surely the least funny comedy actress on British tv?) is nepotism in the extreme! The show is nowhere near the league of those memorable sitcoms jointly written by Brentford supporter Alan Simpson, along with Ray Galton.. Not forgetting the late John Sullivan and ‘Only Fools and Horses’.
    As for Brentford, let us hope it all works out well. For many years we craved for a chance of Championship football. Now we have it and we must cherish it. The huge financial challenges and the high quality of most of opponents is daunting,but I would much rather have that than scraping along in the bottom division with gates dropping to 3000, our local derby being Aldershot, and the late lamented Hillingdon Borough being the only club interested in any our players!
    This is not the time to quit supporting the club, nor to give our owner grief.
    I heard about a supporter of 60 years saying he is off. My advice is ” don’t go. Please stay! Far better to get behind the players that do wish to play for our beloved Brentford. better still, bring a mate or two along and help swell the numbers at Griffin Park. For that may send out the right messages that our club is worth investing in and playing for!

    • RebelBee August 25, 2016 at 3:25 pm #

      Looks as though AJ / SH will be staying for a bit and that DS may get his presents. As Geoff says it’s the best time to be a BFC supporter, everyone should try to reset and go back to the us against the world mentality and enjoy the ride. Who who could ever quit on our club anyway???

      As for that sitcom – brain numbing fodder – or tripe as the father in law called it.


  4. sutton tutor August 28, 2016 at 10:24 pm #

    I read elsewhere that the likelihood of a club the size of Newcastle buying a 27 year old player with a broken leg from a club like Brentford is quite small indeed.

    I just hope it’s too small and we get to keep him for at least another few months, eh?!

    • nickbruzon August 29, 2016 at 5:56 am #

      I wouldn’t wish any ill on Alan whatsoever and can only hope he makes a full and complete recovery. With even Christmas being wishful thinking, is it possible we could still see him play in a Brentford shirt once more? I would suspect, like you, that the chances of anybody going in early are slim

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