After a week of nothing but Bake Off, could we sting the Wolves ?

23 Sep

What a slow week. No football for Brentford beyond the forthcoming game at Wolves to look forward to. Whilst our next opponents have had two trips to Newcastle United in the space of four days to (hopefully) run down the energy levels a bit, the Bees have had that 5-0 win home over Preston followed by, well, nothing. My Twitter has been wall to wall tears and questions about the Great British Bake Off (which we’ll get to, briefly, where possible new hosts are named)  and not much more.

Of course, Wolves will be in high spirits following their last league trip, that 2-0 win at Newcastle that probably surprised just about everybody outside of the Black Country. Indeed, manager Walter Zenga was quoted afterwards as saying, “the spirit of the team, how they approached the game, how they started the game, how they played is a big answer to everybody.”.

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Zenga in his playing prime



A stunning programme cover – grab yours at the ground



Judy and Anton – you can’t buy chemistry like this

Nick Bruzon 


One Response to “After a week of nothing but Bake Off, could we sting the Wolves ?”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) September 24, 2016 at 10:14 am #

    These sort of games feel impossible to call. Then I think to myself this is Wolves away… Wolves! How far we have come!

    Loving the programme cover, although im not sure its something they can run with thinking about Fulham. What would they do? Portray a wolf walking into a public lavatory?

    I am the one person in the country who has never seen Bake Off. I just dont get it. For this im channelling the spirit of one of the greatest comedy creations ever, Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation…. A programme where contestants bake something and some some other people go mmmm or eeeurrgh and then theres a winner, yet the audience just have to take the word of the other people whether something is mmmmm or eeeuurrrgh. The only cookery programme I would watch is the one where an English person shouts a lot at some dim Americans

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