Bees a Royal pain as Sam abdicates on a night of goals and glory.

28 Sep

After a day where the majority of the footballing world were talking about Fat Sam leaving the England job ‘by mutual consent’ (definitely not sacked. Just to be clear. Not. Sacked) one would imagine that outside of TW8, Brentford thumping Reading 4-1 will quite likely be low on most people’s topics of discussion this morning. Which is a massive shame because the victory, which saw the Bees rise above the likes of  Newcastle United to fourth place in the Championship table, was one to savour.

Even now (Wednesday morning, 6 a.m.), I’m speechless. The questions going in to the game were how would Dean Smith rebuild his midfield whilst, at the same time, countering the perceived attacking threat from a supposedly rejuvenated John Swift? Didn’t they get answered in some style?


Reading’s lurid kit was about as awkward as it got for Brentford

Quite frankly, victory by a mere three goal margin flattered Reading. Brentford were simply magnificent in their attacking play. With Lasse Vibe sitting up top alongside Scott Hogan it marked a change in set up, at least to my untrained eye, that looked more like a traditional 4-4-2 formation.

It was one that reaped rewards. The combative Alan McCormack, who would eventually leave the field of play to a  standing ovation, bossed the centre of the park. Man of the match Josh Clarke had a night he will never forget, tearing down the flanks and running Reading ragged. (Round and round the ragged Reading the rugged rascal ran?).

The opening goal and an assist for Max Colin to make it 3-0 were the least he deserved after a true coming of age performance. Josh has impressed when he has featured but this was something else.  If ever there was a gauntlet thrown down to Dean Smith to give him a permanent starting berth then here it was.

As for the other Josh, McEachran, thankfully the stretcher used at Wolves seems to have been purely a precautionary one. He replaced the aforementioned Macca and set up Scott Hogan for the fourth. The exquisite ball through the Reading defence cutting them open as easily as a manger earning £400,000 for two hours work. Allegedly.

In between this and Josh’s opener, Lasse Vibe grabbed the second just before half time with Colin’s effort making it 3-0 within an hour. A game which had never been in doubt from the moment it kicked off was now secure in all but final score. Even Yann Cormorant’s second half penalty proved to be little more than the stereotypical consolation goal.

How it was only four I still don’t know. Hats off to Dean Smith and his team for a display of simply scintillating football. One move at the death came close to producing goal of the decade at Griffin Park.

A wondrous cross field ball from Romaine Swayers picked out Max Colin from fifty yards out. The former Walsall man then moving forward to take an equally delicious return pass before freeing Sullay Kaikai. Oh for the subsequent strike to have found the back of the net rather than the gloves of Al-Habsi in the Reading goal.

I make no apologies for bigging us up. It really was that good a display from the Bees. Let’s not be blind to the fact that Reading had their chances too, hitting the post twice in a game where they could have taken the lead. Yet even when chances did come, Daniel Bentley was on hand to keep the Royals at bay.


View from the terrace – Annette Curran grabbed this one of Daniel doing his thing

The perceived threat of Swift was snuffed out  (although presumably he still got paid) whilst for all the visitor’s 63% possession the only true stat that counted was the one which read: Goals. And the Bees owned that by 4 to 1.

With the Championship now ten games old, the table has officially ‘taken shape’. And what a shape. There’s another home game to follow on Saturday, this time against Wigan, and with it the perfect way to set ourselves up (in a footballing rather than a financial sense) for the International break.

As QPR(a) goes on sale to the first category qualifiers today, let’s hope the team in the ticket booth are ready to take a few phone calls. It was always going be THE away game yet with spirits high, and the Bees already five points clear of the not so super hoops, expect them to fly off the shelves.

What a shame Jake Bidwell won’t be playing in that one. Our former captain now expected to be out for anything from two to four months (depending on which source you read) following an injury in their 1-1 at Burton. Here’s hoping it is nothing too severe. Whatever your thoughts on his move, nobody likes to see a player hurt.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Why not enjoy last night once more. On a day that began with stories of Sam being ‘stung’ by the press in a restaurant, it ended with the Bees stinging Reading in the backside.


Maybe a slightly more modest restaurant these days

Nick Bruzon


2 Responses to “Bees a Royal pain as Sam abdicates on a night of goals and glory.”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) September 28, 2016 at 3:16 pm #

    I must admit I have only just heard about Fat Sam’s demise (Wednesday lunchtime). I stopped watching Sky Sports News some time ago when I was appalled at the lack of publicity surrounding West Ham’s ground move.

    Yesterday’s game was stunning for many reasons. First the display. Awesome! A change of formation 4-4-1-1 brought some superb displays out of Lasse, Romaine, Scotty and Josh Clarke who was a revelation and MOM. One of the performances of the season so far. Macca a superb understudy for Woods, brought a different type of game, but his experience and guile was evident throughout. Macca is the master of the ‘move into the oppo player and fall forwards, thus winning a free kick every single time’ move. Max Colin, outstanding too and fully deserved of his goal. It was a game I wasnt sure we would get anything from, but we dominated and produced some outstandin football and look forward to rewatching the 90 on BeesPlayer.

    Why are the runts (City of God reference) at the back of ER so obsessed with John Swift? Their hatred towards him baffles me. I feel that the runts need to redirect their energies elsewhere. Reading employ Swift in a slightly different way to what we did, with Swift being their man to get things going. Thankfully he was having one of his off colour days, which as we know he is liable to have occasionally.

    Also best wishes to the fella who took ill on ER. Hoping he makes a full recovery.

    3 amusing moments. Buzzette bustin a move before kick off. That bee can groove!

    A woman from some reality programme singing Hey Jude on the pitch with no one joining in and subsequently only 1 half hearted rendition of Hey Jude for the rest of the game. Please dont do that again Marketing Dept!

    Also just before the first goal, three ‘gorillas’ barging through spectators on ER caused the ire of one gentleman who would not excuse his rudeness. A rather vociferous argument ensued which then developed into a fight. Seeing these two middle aged, overweight and balding men grappling with each other, with one having the other in headlock, reminded me of sitting on my grandmother’s knee in the 1970s watching the middle aged overweight balding wrestlers on World of Sport. It was a moment that I couldnt help and laugh at and become my moment of the season so far.

  2. gordonbankole September 29, 2016 at 4:45 pm #

    The Hey Jude karaoke performance from our reality TV Welsh songstress was as surreal as when Peter Gilham sang it before a FA Cup first round match against Morecambe in 2001.

    God knows why he did it that day and God knows why we had it on Tuesday.

    If you want true surrealism at football though, nothing will ever beat Eddy Wally landing on the pitch in a helicopter to sing a song ten minutes before kick-off at a Belgian first division match I went to in the late 90s, before then buggering off in said helicopter five minutes later. If you ever watched Eurotrash, you’ll know we’re talking a very odd man with delusions of musical talent.

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