King Kev the Eighth. Will you be a part of history on Saturday?

21 Oct

Kevin O’Connor. Is there nothing he can’t do? With Brentford approaching our 4,000th league game this Saturday, the home encounter with Barnsley, many of us just coming in from work last night (or who had been home in the morning) would have received a letter from the great man himself.

We all know Kevin as Mr. Brentford. A ‘one club’ man who made 501 appearances between January 2000 and August 2014. A man who is fourth in the club’s all time appearance list(behind Ken Coote, Jamie Bates and Peter Gelson). A man who is still with the club, as B Team Head Coach. This, having taken up the role after Flemming Pedersen left during the week to take over as Technical Director of FC Nordsjælland in Denmark.

Kevin even judged the first ever ‘Last Word’ caption competition back in the fledgling days of these pages. That, a picture featuring himself and Simon Moore, saw Iain Roswell earn himself a Buzzette mug with the line: “After last year’s success of London 2012, there was a massive disappointment with the anniversary games.”


He’s done just about everything at Griffin Park, short of taking the microphone from Peter Gilham to announce Scott Hogan as a goalscorer – sponsored by Siracusa. It’s a little Italian restaurant by Brentford lock. And that, I would pay good money to hear.

But in addition to all of this, Kevin clearly holds sway as a club  figurehead. And rightly so. Certainly one of the nicest footballers I’ve had the pleasure to meet, something that can’t be a unique feeling to yours truly.

So it was a timely reminder, if one were needed, to receive the letter telling us that you can still buy tickets for Saturday’s 4,000th with Barnsley. More to the point, that Season Ticket holders can pick up extras for just £10 each via the online ticket site.

If you’re reading this and know somebody who might want to come along, it’s £10. £10. Ten pounds. That’s not even three pints these days. For the chance to see Brentford make another thrust for the play-offs. For the chance to be a part of history and say “I was there” for game 4,000.

4,000. Just to put that into context, it means Kevin (and Peter Gelson, who will also be in attendance) have both played in pretty much an eighth of our entire history. A quarter of every Brentford league game, ever, between them.


To quote one regular correspondent, RebelBee: “Saturday is huge, both for the occasion and the chance to move into the play off places. It’s another tough game and we need to fill GP and give the same vocal support we’ve seen on the road this past few days”.

And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, don’t forget that singer Annelies (who has already sung ‘Hey, Jude, prior to the 4-1 demolition of Reading) will be back at Griffin Park. As ‘official’ tell us, “ The Voice contestant and University of West London student performed ‘Hey Jude’ pre-match before our win against Reading last month and now returns for our half-time show against Barnsley on Saturday 22 October.  Tweet us your requests at BrentfordFC and she’ll choose the best two”.

I can’t believe I’ve missed that one and, surely, it is now too late? Or is it? I’d love to hear her covering The Quo.

As if Saturday isn’t going to be special enough already….


Annelies was at Griffin Park for the Reading game.

Nick Bruzon

One Response to “King Kev the Eighth. Will you be a part of history on Saturday?”

  1. RebelBee October 21, 2016 at 7:04 am #

    Nicely job today Nick. Bring on the Barnsley! Btw you can barely get 2 pints for £10 in some opportunistic boozers close to GP these days. We got 10 beers for this in Brum – yep really we did! .

    Hope it’s OK to post these pre game words here, I doubt anyone read them in their original place…just my take on tomorrow and what comes afterwards. (Thanks as always)

    Barnsley @ GP For Game 4000.

    For me Saturday is a momentous occasion, the chance to see our beautiful football club competing in its 4000th league fixture should be something to savor.

    I’m minded to think about all of those who’ve gone before us but that aren’t here now. The souls of BFC who’ve done just what we will do on Saturday at GP, meet their mates, have a beer or a bovril and immerse themselves in Brentford Football club. Some who put in decades and never got to see us play at this level, some who got through wars simply hoping for better days. Those who gave more than they really should have to fend off the QPR takeover, then the attempt to dump our BFC in Woking. The unsung legends that make our club special!

    Also think of the well meaning former owners who did & spent what they could, loved the club and had only the best at heart, and then of course the current owner, who’s wisdom and determination has revived us & taken it to a place once beyond our wildest dreams. And those who have, and still work for the club, many for small reward, who’ve given so much to the community, and to keep BFC special.

    With a new home on the horizon and the chance to regain our pre war place in the game, the future could be even brighter.

    Were it not for these people, and so many others, there would be no 4000th game. So now it’s our turn – to see in this fixture in the championship, to watch talented players wearing the stripes and with a shot at a play off position as a bonus.

    Sure we have 2 big derby games to come, but first this, a celebration of Brentford FC, the pride of Middlesex, a proper club with soul. Everyone who is anyone & who shares a fondness or love for this club really should come down and roar on the Bees – this one matters.

    See you there.

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