Party poop.Barnsley beat Brentford in game 4,000

23 Oct

Move along. Nothing to see here. A day that promised so much ended with Brentford having the candles blown off their own celebration cake by a Barnsley team who took their chances in a gritty game. As the Bees celebrated their 4,000th league game with the commemorative flags handed out to supporters, it was the away side who ended the day celebrating a first league win in 7(seven) games.

It’s just like watching Brazil” sang the visitors.

It’s just like watching League One”, sang the home support

I just can’t get no relief” sang the half time guest of honour, Annelies. That, of course, during her Queen number rather than being any form of match analysis.


Annelies serenades Buzzette. Or is that vice-versa?

Indeed, half time was about as good as it got.

Peter Gilham was on hand to introduce Ben Summers, whose winning competition entry had been selected to be the cover for the programme. However, if Ben was expecting the keys to Griffin Park he was to be sadly disappointed.

We’d like to say you’ve won a thousand pounds but you haven’t. Just a signed copy of the programme” announced Peter in his usual, avuncular style.

That said, Ben did have the honour of posing for a photograph with the protagonists in that other fan favourite – the half time mascot race. This, an event not seen since Scummy Bunny and Sonic the hedgehog were amongst those to grace the Griffin Park playing surface back in our League One (or was it two?) days.

This time around it was a three way shoot out between Buzz, Buzzette and the Barnsley mascot. I’m not sure if this was Toby the Tyke or, as one New Road observer noted,  Macroencephablitisbrain the bear.


Peter Gilham introduces Ben and the mascots

As for the game itself? I can’t talk about it. The BBC, Beesotted or ‘Official’ are your best hopes if any sort of match report is required. Likewise, the video highlights are already up on Sky, if anybody can draw highlights from yesterday’s game.

That said, two points of note to take away. Firstly, cheering the substitution of Romaine Sayers for Philipp Hofmann. Seriously? One can only hope this was due to the German’s popularity although I suspect not given the criticism the former Walsall man has come in for from certain quarters. Without wanting to get overly preachy, that’s really poor form and hardly going to help a player who would still seem to be settling into Championship life.

Secondly, Dean Smith’s post match interview which contained the pearler. “If we’d taken our chances it might have been a different story.” Hmm. That is, generally, how football works.

Instead, the interviews are probably best confined to those conducted by Sean Ridley with the return of Terrace Talk.

Can we have you every week?

That aside, it simply remains to offer congratulations to  Barnsley for a job well done. As for Brentford, there’s the small matter of a trip to Loftus Road on Friday.

I’m going, again. See you there.

Nick Bruzon


10 Responses to “Party poop.Barnsley beat Brentford in game 4,000”

  1. Gordonbankole October 23, 2016 at 9:37 am #

    Very much a day to forget. We were lacking speed on and off the ball and deservedly lost against a team who played pretty well.

    The cheering of the Sawyers substitution was a disgrace. A few weeks ago we had Douglas being applauded when he came on as sub for Ipswich. I think some fans need to look themselves in the mirror. Yes, he did have a shocking second half but you should never treat your own like that.

    The Sawyers question is going to be a problem if things keep on like this. He is going to be seen as Dean Smith’s man and I just hope this does not drive a wedge between the manager and a section of supporters.

    Sadly there were not many positives from yesterday – maybe Colin and Bjelland, but overall we were so flat in most areas of the pitch.

    We’re going to have to raise our game a few levels over the next fortnight.



    • Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) October 23, 2016 at 10:05 am #

      Some things some of our supporters do baffles me. Recently they gave dog abuse to Swift yet applauded Grigg. I thought Swift contributed far more to the club then Grigg did.

  2. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) October 23, 2016 at 10:03 am #

    If there was 1 game that summed up all 4000 it was this one. Big occasion. Brentford didnt turn up. Its Brentford innit. I came away feeling that so much was made of the 4000th game, that the need to win 3 points was a side thought.

    Our second poor home performance in a row, and 1 goal in 4 matches is not appalling form. One thing we learnt yesterday was that MacLeod and Clarke are clearly our best wide men, and should play when available. Sorry Nick, but Sam is not a first choice Championship player anymore. Future Scotland international MacLeod is.

    I too was horrified to hear the cheers when Sawyers number was up. OK. He hasnt been the player we expected this season, but sometimes players from a lower level find it difficult to adjust. I am sure he will come good. Maybe he needs to take a step back and spend some time on the bench and maybe give KK an opportunity to reconnect with Hogan. A combination which worked so well at the end of last year.

    One of the biggest cheers of the day on ER occurred when the singer’s mic packed up! To us on the ER it was excruciating. I looked around me and there was collective wincing as she failed to hit the right note yet again. It also completely deflates what atmosphere there is. Please Brentford no more singers!

    Finally, the game meant very little when news came out last night that Alan Buxton had passed away. I am sure everyone here is thinking of the Buxton family.

    • nickbruzon October 23, 2016 at 10:19 am #

      Wonderfully summed up as ever, BQ. And no need to apologise. Much as my admiration for our number 7(seven) I’d start with Lewis and Josh as my first choice – subject to fitness.
      As for Sawyers , putting the crowd reaction (smacks palm to head) he’s clearly struggling. Whether out of his depth or just taking time to gel there’s something missing . For the love of God I can’t understand why Dean persists putting him through this agony whilst, at the same time, leaving KK to rot.
      Re the singer, you can’t be surprised at Griffin Park having a mic/speaker mishap… Whatever your thoughts on her performance (“As time goes by, so slowly” – noted by one New Road observer) the sight of Buzz and Buzzete doing their best to get involved certainly made my day.

      As for the Buxton family, there are no words beyond the heartfelt condolences and thoughts of the Brentford family.

      • Sutton Tutors October 23, 2016 at 9:57 pm #

        Sawyers was so embarrassing in the first half, with three awful attempts on goal, that I was surprised he was not subbed off at the break. If Deano had done that, he would have spared him the shameful jeering.

  3. Gordonbankole October 23, 2016 at 12:29 pm #

    Like BQ, I’m struggling to see the point of the lovely Annelies. At best it’s cheesy and at worst painful.

    It almost makes you yearn for the days of the Gilham karaoke in the early 2000s. Now at least that was funny.

    Very sorry to hear about Alan Buxton. Sadly his son’s recent updates were not positive. Best wishes to his family at this sad time.



  4. RebelBee October 23, 2016 at 1:52 pm #

    Football can kick you in the plums when all you want, or need, is a pick up, our 4000th game was one of those days. Since the Reading game we’ve gone right off the boil, selections and tactics under the spotlight again, whilst our midfield looks ineffective and lightweight.

    The captain has to come back in and Josh Clake has earned a start at loftus rd in my view.

    A performance and result like this will not be acceptable in either of the next 2 games, so we’d better all get ourselves up for them. Nobody was yesterday, maybe we’re all missing our trips to Swindon and alike?

    Just to add condolences to the Buxton family, very sad news.

  5. oldbeesfan October 23, 2016 at 4:21 pm #

    Loved the Terrace Talk , in my 70’s now and it brought back many happy memories , Francis and Towers , Johnny Brooks , Big John O’Mara , Chic Brodie and the dog , a 3-3 draw with Arsenal in the London Challenge Cup. By the way back in the mists of time I seem to remember Barnsley being our bogey club , does anybody else remember that . ?

    • nickbruzon October 23, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

      Thanks very much for the comment. Great work from Sean and the TT gang in producing yesterday’s effort. Seems to have evoked a lot of good memories in a lot of supporters

  6. Gordonbankole October 23, 2016 at 4:44 pm #

    Josh Clarke does what I have rarely seen Kaikai do ie. take players on at pace.

    Can I just say too that MacEachran’s performance was an utter embarrassment for someone of his alleged ability. He has so much to prove, not least whether he has the appetite to make a half-decent career in professional football. This is very harsh, but he looks like someone who has made his money in the game and is happy just ticking over.



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