Brentford are top of the pile when it comes to Christmas

7 Dec

Here’s a thing. Brentford FC is brilliant. And that’s a fact. Whatever is happening on the pitch – win, lose or draw (the result rather than the early 90’s pictionary aping TV show fronted by Danny Baker) – nobody could deny that when it comes to family, The Bees are top of the pile.

Last night saw the now traditional Junior Bees Christmas event at Griffin Park. As ever, the first team squad were in full attendance along with Head Coach Dean Smith. As ever, they were nothing but welcoming to those youngsters out to meet their heroes. And possibly the mums and dads, too!

One could have been forgiven for perhaps imagining a slightly jaded mood after Saturday. Far from it. The place was rocking to the tune of Christmas carols as the squad signed autographs and hosted all manner of party games.

Giant Jenga with Romaine Sawyers? Snowball toss with Yoann Barbet and Maxime Colin? Daniel Bentley and Jack Bonham amongst those at the child friendly version of ‘beer pong’? It had them all, and more.



Sam Saunders and Ryan Woods were holed up in the clubshop at the table usually reserved for Greville’s book signings. Harlee Dean was running the fitness machine challenge whilst none other than Alan Judge and Alan McCormack were amongst those to be found in the home dressing room. Oh for a repeat this weekend.

But whoever the kids met and wherever you went, to a man the squad were nothing but brilliant. Signing player cards and posing for photographs with everybody. My own son was in tears at the end, “Nooo daddy. I don’t want to go home.

Sadly, there was no Jota shaped parcel under the giant Christmas tree on the Braemar Road forecourt. However, there’s always December 25th for that to happen. Come on Santa, I have been good this year.

In all seriousness though, whilst it’s easy to knock the team when results don’t go as expected one can’t help but be impressed by the positive vibe on display last night. And that was just Lasse.

Saturday is another day and another chance to get back to winning ways. Thanks to the smile on my lad’s face last night and this morning’s request “To take my Bees hat and badge to nursery to show everybody” (him, not me – I’ve still got a cupcake from the cake stall), I’m going into the game with a renewed sense of optimism and pride.

Great job, Bees. Thank you. Now let’s go do it at weekend.


Dean welcomed all

Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “Brentford are top of the pile when it comes to Christmas”

  1. Jason Van Donovan December 7, 2016 at 10:18 am #

    That red jumper really brings out the flush in Dean’s cheeks. He looks a million dollars.

  2. Jax December 7, 2016 at 11:23 am #

    Lovely stuff.

    At a time when there’s murmurings of a disconnect between the club and the fans, events like this give renewed hope.

    Glad your lad enjoyed it and seems to well and truly have the Bess bug.

    The next generation could see some beautiful times for the club, fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Geoff Buckingham December 7, 2016 at 7:37 pm #

    Lovely to read that!
    Well done our club!
    That sort of thing sadly never happened when I was a kid. Other than when I waited for autographs by the Players entrance,
    the only time I met one of my favourites was when I bumped into Tommy Higginson who always ran to and from Griffin Park – even on match days!
    Things changed as I got older. Then I sometimes bumped into one or two of them in the pub!
    Seriously though , the club have made many strides in recent years so let us give credit where it is due.

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