The ultimate sucker punch; the ultimate indignity. Leeds sting Bees with a short corner

18 Dec

After 7 (seven) attempts, Leeds United finally recorded a win over Brentford in modern times as Kyle Bartley’s 89th minute header saw the home side shade a 1-0 win over the Bees at Elland Road. No complaints here. We’ve always said there’s only one stat that counts – balls in the back of the net. Leeds aced that statistical column yet how different it might have all been.

Scott Hogan had a ‘goal’ ruled out for an apparent offside that Dean Smith was left hugely frustrated about at full time. His post match interviews saw him telling the BBC that, “It wasn’t justified. I’ve seen the replays and he was marginally onside” whilst his chat with Channel 5 included the observation that “we’ve had a goal chalked off when it was marginally onside”. Interestingly, the BBC match report claim this one was ‘rightly’ ruled out yet the views that are perhaps most telling are those of former Leeds player Michael Gray.

Sitting on the Channel Five punditry sofa (what a far cry for those early days of an awkward looking studio audience milling around the set), and with the benefit of video replay, his own take on it was : “Looking across the six yard line here, he’s actually onside Scott Hogan when he put’s the ball in the back of the net… the ball does go back a little bit and it should have actually stood.


Channel 5 footage supported their view – Scott was onside

Yes, Channel Five. Whilst this page normally opts for the Sky clip one has to say that Five’s video package is definitely the winner this weekend. Besides, when the alternate 9pm TV  option last night was Michael McIntyre with both David Brent and Sting (a man whose recent Twitter trending made me fear 2016 had lost another rock legend but, alas, it was worse than that – he was on national TV) then it was a no-brainer to opt for George Riley and co.

At least, until Sunday lunchtime when we get the Burridge free Beesplayer take on things featuring Chris Wickham, Mark Chapman and Sean Ridley. Pity those three doing their best to light up this one – a game that another internet source I stumbled across mid-afternoon described as “anything but a Christmas Cracker”.

Official highlights now available, too

Then again, it was only going to be the proverbial,’gritty game’. Tell me otherwise but it seems one of few chances with those that were taken amounting to nothing even close. At least, until first Hogan and then Bartley had their respective moments.

“Chances were at a premium” said Dean afterwards. This was only ever going to be the case going into this game and sure enough it transpired as Leeds moved to within a couple of points of third place with their late, late winner.

Tom Field started, again. He was mysteriously substituted, again. A shame for so many reasons, not the least of which being there just didn’t seem to be any need to do it. I have to be honest, Dean’s substitution philosophy does seem somewhat random at times. Perhaps the youngster just hasn’t got the legs but, equally, against Burton he came on for Yoann Barbet . Perhaps the Frenchman is still seen as first choice and isn’t fully fit.

Either way, the goal came from a ball dropped amongst our plethora of centre backs, who then parted like the Red Sea. More tellingly it was one delivered from a short corner. A short corner for crying out loud. This most maligned of set pieces works about as frequently as a Brentford win in the play offs yet here it was, reaping reward at the denouement of what should have been at least a point for the visitors. It is a routine that even the Beesplayer team had noted Leeds were favouring and if they could spot this, surely our fleet of coaches would have done the same and looked to shut it down?

Go figure?

Anyway, we’ve lost and all the analysis in the world won’t change a thing. I’d called home win, away win, draw from these three games prior to Burton. But for a rogue corner / offside flag Christmas would have come early in our house. Instead, it’s gruel for lunch next week as an investment made for research purposes only came unstuck at the death.

On the positive side, we’ve got a home clash on Boxing Day to look forward to. Always a favourite, I’ve no doubt the Bees will get back to winning ways on the 26th.

See you then  – preferably with Fields (of goals), and no Sting.


Nick Bruzon


3 Responses to “The ultimate sucker punch; the ultimate indignity. Leeds sting Bees with a short corner”

  1. RebelBee December 18, 2016 at 9:57 am #

    Poor defeat which we brought on ourselves in the end, trying to take a point and sitting deep. Tactics and subs not great imo. Some ordinary sides around the play off places, Leeds are one of them, we look like lower mid table at best, that’s with Scott Hogan. Sat and watched Huddersfield dismantle Norwich the other night, couldn’t help thinking that their recruitment, coaching methods and style of play. are what MB has been striving for all along. Can’t see it happening with DS and without better recruitment from the DoF’s.

    Just my view, still love this club and will follow them everywhere….

  2. Oldbeesfan December 18, 2016 at 11:47 am #

    The top two will be looking to add a striker in the transfer window . Luckily MB and Brighton’s Bloom are not the best of buddies so hope we can keep SH out of the grasp of money bags Newcasle .
    Happy Christmas to you Nick and all those who enjoy your chatter .

  3. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) December 18, 2016 at 12:10 pm #

    I actually really enjoyed this game. Watching the game in HD via some German TV with no commentary, but just crowd noise. What a joy!

    It was like a game of chess. I thought we were pressing a lot higher up the pitch than normal. Giving their forwards very little opportunity. For the best part it worked well. It wasnt until the peculiar substitutions that things unravelled. Josh for Nico. No thanks. Didnt get that one at all when we were bedding in for the point. For me it had to be Sam. Sam is brilliantly to bring on when things are tight, he is so experienced and reads the game well, does so much off the ball. Kaikai for Vibe. Again unfathomable decision. To be fair Sullay did OK when he came on, but I did wonder about bringing on the Hoff who could have caused Bartley a few issues. Yoann for Field. Yoann is my favourite player at GP, but I want to see him at centre half, not LB. Unfortunately, it was Yoann’s slip which set the goal in motion. Field again was outstanding. I guess he was outstanding in his Field.

    I cannot complain about the performance. Elland Road in the midst of the best Leeds team for a decade is a difficult place to go. We more than held our own, yet our shortcomings are clear and if we are to compete over a season with the likes of Leeds, then we desperately need strengthening next month. The owner & DoFs need to decide, do we go for it or are we happy with a 16th place finish. We will find out next month.

    I like Football on 5. I feel its far superior to the BBC version. The BBC version felt so unloved and was just treading water until the contract was up. Other than Virgo the pundits are not bad, and theres a lot more energy about it and you dont need to be an insomniac to watch it. At least we will have shows over Xmas which is more than the BBC did in the end.

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