Enough of this West Ham nonsense. Bees need to focus on Chelsea

25 Jan

Brentford, of course, are due to visit Premier League leaders Chelsea on Saturday (and how often can you say that?) as the Bees continue their FA Cup campaign with a fourth round tie (and how often can you say that?). Yet at what should be a time of maximum excitement, I still can’t help but feel distracted by the ongoing Scott Hogan stories. West Ham? Watford? Other? Nowhere?

With the transfer window due to slam shut(tm) in less than a week, where will Scott be in 7(seven) days time? And will he even feature on Saturday as we look to take a step closer to the W place in North London?

cup wembley

Another Wembley dream continues this Saturday

To be quite honest, I’m getting royally cheesed off with all of this now. West Ham are in pole position yet, in what would seem to be a display of arch-hypocrisy given their (understandable) stance over Dimitri Payet, we are no further on as Brentford’s valuation is yet to be met.

The Bees have made no secret of the fact that every player has a value – meet it and we’ll sell. Don’t and he’s ours. And, as such, should be playing against Chelsea on Saturday.

But he won’t. Everybody will be left sitting in limbo as West Ham dither and hamstrings will likely tighten once more. Scott failed to make it off the bench against Newcastle United and wasn’t even named in the 18 for the debacle at Wigan Athletic on Saturday. It was a decision that left Phil Giles fuming, livid and raging after agents had advised him of the potential riches elsewhere. With stories emerging yesterday of the 5% of any transfer he’ll earn as signing on bonus, what man wouldn’t have his head turned by that sort of cash?

Everybody will be left sitting in limbo as the Bees will be unable to finalise any potential incoming transfer plans. On January 3rd Phil’s fellow co-director, Rasmus Ankersen, confirmed that Brentford related transfer news was ‘in progress’ yet, three weeks later there’s only tumbleweed blowing across the Griffin Park forecourt.

To be fair to Rasmus, he didn’t say in which direction. This could simply have been an oblique reference to outward activity and he was giving us all an exclusive on Scott’s departure.


Progress, apparently, still ,erm, in progress

I don’t envy anybody involved in this situation. Whilst, normally, summer is the time for our main transfer movements to lose a player of Scott’s calibre half way through the season would impact any team. Likewise, one would presume that some sort of replacement would need to come in immediately. Whilst promotion is now a pipe dream and relegation is surely too extreme to consider, complacency is the mother of all fu@k ups. More importantly though, we’ve got a cup run to try and focus on. Starting with the small matter of Chelsea away.

The image of Harlee Dean lifting that trophy on 7th May is one I still have in my mind’s eye. Could it happen? Well, the bookies have us at anything form 12-1 to 18-1. And that’s just to beat Chelsea. But this is the FA Cup where anything is possible. Our hosts have come unstuck in the past whilst the trophy remains synonymous with the words ‘shock’ and ‘upset’ – to this day

That said, things would be a lot easier if we know exactly who is in our squad. Preferably, that includes Scott Hogan. Realistically, I’ve already said goodbye.

Let’s just get this done so as we can focus on the football.


Will cup romance be limited to dreams of Buzzette?

Nick Bruzon


8 Responses to “Enough of this West Ham nonsense. Bees need to focus on Chelsea”

  1. Ian Westbrook January 25, 2017 at 9:17 am #

    Picture the scene Nick – with the transfer window “slamming shut” about an hour and a half after the end of the Villa game, what are the odds on Scott Hogan being named on the bench but disappearing at half-time after being signed by West Ham, leaving Dean Smith to manage the team for the second half while on the phone trying to sign a last-minute replacement!

  2. Mark Hardy January 25, 2017 at 9:19 am #

    Good article… But…with or without Scotty, we need players ‘in’ – if only to maintain the status-quo. Do we have the dosh to do it…or are we going to miss out badly all around at the back end of next week…?

  3. Rob January 25, 2017 at 10:50 am #

    Yes this whole affair is massively disruptive. As per usual Brentford have come out of this (so far) with the worst possible outcome; a £15m star who isn’t playing for us and yet we don’t have any money with which to go after Sergi, Winnall, Power et al. He may have his head turned but he really should start to realise that if this deal doesn’t go through and he’s not on the putch scoring goals, other destinations are less likely to come off and his value will plummet (and that 5% won’t be quite so life changing). In fairness to our PoF we have identified a number of targets but they’ve gone to teams who can offer more money or we haven’t been able to match valuations. So, as is often the case the Bees are left in limbo land….

    • hobbo January 25, 2017 at 8:40 pm #

      There lies the crux of the matter Rob, clubs that can offer far more money wage wise than the Bees.

  4. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) January 25, 2017 at 4:27 pm #

    To be fair to Rasmus he didnt actually say what was in progress. In likelihood it was the Lifeline Draw.

    The whole Hogan situation is an utter mess and has left the club looking amateurish. The club appears to be holding out for the full £15m, and that alone should be applauded. Yet we have allowed outside influences play games with us which has resulted in Hogan becoming unavailable for the last two league games. Where is the man management in all this? Most of us have had situations at work where amazing career and life changing opportunities have arisen, or unfortunately the opposite, yet we have concentrated on the matter at hand and got on with our work.

    We were made to look at our most amateurish with Phil Giles’s rant to a local journalist on a busy train on Saturday night. This was an utterly unprofessional thing to have done. If I had bumped into a reporter and volunteered to them my woes in my job, it would be likely that I would be presented with my P45 on Monday morning. West Ham must have been absolutely weeing themselves seeing how much they have wound us up and has given them significant leverage. We have become the little bird, being toyed with by West Ham’s big cat. Either they will finally put us out of misery and quite possibly for less money after Mr Giles foolishly showed his hand, or they will just get bored and wander off and leave us wounded with nowhere else to go.

  5. peter lumley January 27, 2017 at 9:40 am #

    An excellent contribution,Nick.I am sure you are reflecting the views of at least 90 per.cent of fellow Bees fans. I will be extremely disappointed if a fit Scott Hogan is not in the starting line-up or if he finds an excuse not to play. The Chelsea game provides the perfect opportunity for DS to demonstrate he will only act in the best interests of the club in making the team selection and for Scott,himself, to demonstrate that he is worth the valuation that the club has placed on him- not to mention a degree of “loyalty” to the club that stood by him for so long!Peter Lumley- a Brentford fan since

  6. peter lumley January 27, 2017 at 9:44 am #

    a Brentford fan since 1942. Sorry for the “senior moment”

  7. Frank Howletrt January 28, 2017 at 12:43 am #

    If Dean Smith has any balls he would say on friday afternoon ” This the team for saturday. Scott you’re playing and no excuses”. But has he got the balls to do it.. I doubt it unfortunately.. Another supporter from way back in the forties when the Gaffer was the Gaffer

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