Brilliant Bees have their chips stolen by Seagulls. But what a game and what a goal!

5 Feb

Is it wrong to walk out of that game feeling totally crushed? If ever there was a rollercoaster ride of footballing emotion then here it was as Brighton left Griffin Park with a point that looked anything but expected for huge periods of this game. That it ended 3-3 was beyond most people’s comprehension with the clock showing 94 minutes played and the score at 2-2.

Anybody who wasn’t here missed one of the games of the season. Anybody who wasn’t here missed one of THE goals of the season as Konstantin Kerschbaumer’s late strike sent tidal waves of delirium cascading over Griffin Park with the Bees retaking a lead they’d held for all but the final 12 minutes of the game. It was a lead we held until all but the final 12 seconds of the game as Brighton broke Brentford hearts to snatch a late, late equaliser.

If you were there then you know what happened. If you weren’t then there’s the BBC, Brentford official, Beesotted etc. You all know the drill by now. We don’t do in-depth match reports here. I’ll leave that to the likes of Billy – Reeves and/or Grant. That said, whether you were or weren’t then do check out the highlights, which Sky TV have already put up on their website.

With barely twenty minute gone, the Bees had raced into a two goal lead. The first a back heel from Jota that was as delicious as a half time cup of Bovril. The second, a powerful header from Harlee Dean.

Reminiscent of Terry Evans” was the verdict for one terrace wag whilst discussing the opening period on the forecourt over a well deserved cup of the aforementioned meat extract drink. And yes, it was. Yet Big Tel wouldn’t have driven forward so purposefully for so long. With a two man central defence restored, Harlee has looked even bigger and better than before. Even charging forward on breakaway runs whilst leaving Ryan Woods to cover. He’s been magnificent.

The second half could have seen it all wrapped up. Another blitzkrieg raid from Jota saw a penalty earned. Lasse Vibe stepped up, only to see the diving Stockdale in the Brighton goal somehow get a hand to it and send the ball looping over the Ealing Road in a trajectory not seen on a dead ball since Miguel Llera lined up for the Bees.


Jota all of a blur as he shredded Brighton

No matter, this one was still in the bag. Surely? Brentford had been simply magnificent up until this point. Whilst the penalty had, somehow, been saved another goal was only a matter of time. And sure enough, it came. To Brighton.

What? This wasn’t in the script. Moreso, when it was followed three minutes later by another. Shane Duffy (who I could have sworn was part of popular music’s Boyzone) headed home for 2-2.  Noooo. How could this happen? We should be 3-0 up. not pegged back to 2-2. Not on the ropes and reeling as only poor finishing and Daniel Bentley’s point blank save stopped the Seagulls from stealing all three points as though they were a tourist’s chips.

And then, it happened. With 7(seven) minutes on the board, most of those had elapsed when KK picked up a through ball from Alan McCormack just inside the Brighton half.

I repeat: KK picked up a through ball from Alan McCormack. Oh, how these two have been conspicuous by their absence yet coming off the bench they showed Dean Smith just what he had been missing out on all these months.

Like Forrest Gump (except quality entertainment) he ran. And ran. An exchange of passes with Lasse Vibe just outside the Brighton box was met with a crushing drive, low into the bottom corner past the despairing Stockdale.

Yeeeeessssssssss! The net rippled, there was the briefest of silences as we all registered what happened and then Griffin Park exploded. 9000 voices erupting as one in an outpouring of joy I haven’t heard the likes of at home since Jota did that thing against Fulham. In the last minute.

Oh, what a moment. Word cannot describe how that felt. Utter joy. Utter jubilation . Utterly deserved. 3-2 up. Three points in the bag. Even quality journalists such as the BBC, and also Ian Moose from Talksport,  had declared it as a win. All we had to do was run out the clock.


KK is in there, somewhere

Yet Brighton are pushing Newcastle United neck and neck at the top of the Championship table for good reason. With the totally ineffectual Glenn Murray having been replaced, the Seagulls had finally looked like a team worthy of their lofty position. And with virtually the last play of the match, it was their fans who had their own moment of ecstasy. Tomer Hemed being the man to head home an equaliser that, if KK had provided the orgasmic denouement, was the equivalent of then being told “Its not you, its me”.

Brentford had been well and truly dumped.

Yes. I walked out of Griffin Park feeling crushed. But a bit of past match perspective is a wonderful thing. Two weeks ago we were a team who had struggled to put more than 20 minutes of pressure on our opponents. Now we’ve destroyed Aston Villa and, arguably, should have had another three points after making Brighton look like relegation fodder rather than title contenders for huge swathes of this game.

The new look formation and a couple of judicious changes have worked wonders. We’ve scored six goals in two games since the day Scott Hogan was sold to an Aston Villa side who remain behind us in the table. KK’s moment of brilliance is one I’ll never forget. As one Braemar Road observer would later reflect, “I think that Kersch goal is up in my all-time list that I’ve seen live.”

I wouldn’t disagree. Chin up lads, you were magnificent today. Again. Chin up Tom Field and Lasse Vibe. You were both wonderful and totally underserving of the respective tweets that you have been forced to post. Heckling your own players after this one? Feeling guilty about missing a spot kick?

Utter nonsense. I feel blessed to have watched that one today.

Chin up, Brentford. That was incredible.

Nick Bruzon 


8 Responses to “Brilliant Bees have their chips stolen by Seagulls. But what a game and what a goal!”

  1. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 5, 2017 at 11:08 pm #

    I think you have said it all Nick.

    A word for Sergi. Lots of signs of the Sergi of last season. Anyone noticed that when he walked across the pitch to the bench before the game, he could not stop looking towards the ER. He loves this club!

    I am also pretty convinced Jota is actually even better than when he left for Spain. He is very much in my all time XI. Another one, Maxime Colin, I thought was sorely missed today. Josh Clarke is an outstanding player, but I think you would be hard pushed to find a better right back in the Championship than Colin.

    I hope Brighton go up. They are a very good side. Knockaert possibly the best player in the Championship this season. Also like to see Chris Hughton succeed. Many players have come to Brentford to finish their careers, picked up their pay and run out of puff without making much of a difference. Hughton was the exception. He was outstanding for us. His injury cruelly ended his career and quite possibly our Division 1 status that year.

  2. Rob February 5, 2017 at 11:12 pm #

    I picked a blinder of a match to watch today. It had everything! Brentford turned up for the first half (not happened much this season but has coincided with Jota in the starting 11) promptly racrd into the 2 goal lead, then the penalty. That goes in we’re home, unfortunately the ex fulham keeper dived but stuck a foot out and somehow flicked it over the bar. That gave them and their fans a lift and we conceded a presentable goal, then there height and physicality earned them a 2nd. Then we were on the ropes and looking like the team who’d had 2 days less to recover for the match and not Brighton who were full of running. Macca came on and when Field went down in the box just before another Brighton corner, immediately showed what we’ve been missing with him out of the team.. His leadership qualities. He called Canos back from being upfront to help out in defence as it was uncertain if we were allowed to bring on a sub at that moment. I was surprised but genuinely happy KK came on (personally i would have chosen Egan) but of course the experienced cool headed Macca played a nice ball through to KK and a nice one two and bam….its in the back of the net…jubilation..Bees back in front, a couple of minutes left to play…we’ve won….my £10 bet at 2/1 has come in…..But no. Fair play to Brighton. Another weak defensive clearance from Bjelland falls to their winger, he puts in a quality cross and the much more effect Tomer Hemed breaks hearts! But what a match!! Jozefzoon looks quality Sergi’s back, Jota Dean and Woods were brilliant, Macheacran is starting to look the part and we’re now playing on the front foot, letting the opposition worry about us instead of playing to nullify their formation. We’ve also got genuine quality off the bench too. What a difference a couple of weeks and a few million quid in the bank makes.

  3. Jason Van Donovan February 5, 2017 at 11:29 pm #

    Jota looked great today. I think he’s been hitting the gym since he was last here. His legs are very toned and hairy.

    • peter lumley February 6, 2017 at 4:29 pm #

      A fascinating summary,Nick. I was utterly devastated when we contrived to snatch a draw out of the jaws of victory The match was a credit to both sides, arguably the best game and the best Bees performance seen at GP for along time. Jota was an absolute revelation. The quicker we offer him a long-term extension to his current contract the better.And the welcome “home” received by Sergi Canos was heart-warming.The only sour note for me was the hearsay news that some “so-called” Bees fans verbally abused Tom Field on his way home after receiving what appeared to be painful injury. How anyone can “have a go” at a lad aged 19 striving to carve out a career as a footballer beggars belief.I avoid Twitter like the plague so I just hope the info was not true.!!

      • peter lumley February 6, 2017 at 6:18 pm #

        Further to my previous comment,the prospect of watching Jota and Sergi in the same side for the next 3-4 seasons (at least)is one of mouth watering proportions. I can only hope our two D of Fs will recognise the boost it could give to new season ticket sales in the summer.

      • peter lumley February 6, 2017 at 6:27 pm #

        Further to my previous comment, the prospect of watching Sergi and Jota in the same side for the next 3-4 seasons (at least) is one of mouth-watering proportions. I can only hope that our two Ds of F will recognise the boost it could give to new season ticket sales in the summer

  4. Ratcatcher February 6, 2017 at 6:59 pm #

    I actually became excited just watching the highlights. Well done you two teams, perhaps we will be playing each other soon. A great performance Bees.

  5. WakeUp10 February 6, 2017 at 9:10 pm #

    Great report Nick, how lucky were we all to witness such a game. Remember that incredible Wright Phillips, Donaldson late show v Portsmouth? In a game that kept our play off hopes alive (ahead of THAT game at Bramhall Lane)…..well it was the same ref as yesterday.
    Jeremy Simpson must wonder what it is about time added on at GP.

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