Harlee, thongs and perfect scoring. Dean’s ‘false 9’ secure a genuine 3. Points, that is.

22 Feb

Why do Brentford exist?” Not my words but those of one Sheffield Wednesday fan on Twitter, just prior to kick off. Two hours later he’d found out why, as Dean Smith’s Bees recorded a quite wonderful 2-1 away win. It was a first victory for Brentford over Wednesday in more time than I can remember – certainly since our paths recrossed in the Championship.


The spirit of Descartes is alive and well at Hillsborough

A looping header from John Egan and a follow up from captain Harlee Dean just before the end of the first period had given the Bees a deserved 2-0 lead going in for their half time cuppa. It was a gap we maintained until the game reached the last gasps of a frantic denouement, Fernando Forestieri pulling one back for the hosts. Yet despite the Owls having, finally, turned the Brentfrod goal into a metaphorical Alamo after what seems a somewhat contained first 80 minutes, the brilliant Dan Bentley and his defence more than held firm.

As ever, decent match reports are on the BBC, ‘official’ or Beesotted. As are Dean’s post match thoughts where, amongst other things, he made the very valid point that Wednesday “Will be a top six side“.  I didn’t travel and nor, does it seem, were many others in a position to do so. What a reward for those who did make it. Yet, likewise, what a treat for those stuck at home relying on Beesplayer or the wireless. Personally, I opted for the later on this occasion (with apologies to Mark Burridge), giving BBC Radio London a spin. It was a twist of the dial well worth making.

Phill Parry’s opening gambit to Billy Reeves of “You half expect the players to come out wearing nothing but leather thongs” as the prematch music built was the shape of things to come. Our commentary team subsequently noting that, perhaps, this would be against FA regulations. I was then lost in a sea of praise for Harlee, conjecture over ‘false 9s’ and general admiration for the luxuriance of Jota’s hair. Great job chaps, and thank you.

False 9’s, you (possibly) say? Indeed. With Lasse Vibe and Philipp Hofmann both missing, an already tough task was made the harder by having no recognised centre forward (don’t be naughty, they were injured….).

This is territory we’d been in before with last season’s visit to QPR. The difference then being Dean’s decision had been deliberate. And horrific. Alan Judge ending up looking like a little boy lost as sea through no fault of his own as the hosts, and it pains me to say, ran riot. Then again, Brentford couldn’t have organised a pissup in a barn door with a banjo on that day – we were that disorganised.

This time around was clearly different. Romaine Sawyers was recalled to team where he filled that ‘false’ position, with Canos and Jota continuing to add width. Likewise, a debut for Rico Henry in place of Tom Field was one which met with instant plaudits. Phil Parry has probably woken up still talking about his incredible pace – such was the impression made by the former Walsall man. Brentford were solid at the back and exciting going forward.

Billy  QPR

Catwalk Billy Reeves had provided the one moment of joy the last time we tried a ‘false 9’

As ever, the video highlights are available from Sky. At least, until Bees Player are allowed to put their package up and that’s one I’ll certainly be adding here later. If for no other reason than to see how the ever wonderful Mark Burridge, assisted this time by Ciaran Brett, compared to Phil and Billy.

Mark Burridge adds the words, if not the leather thongs

The huge downside for the night was the injury suffered by Josh McEachran. He was stretchered off late in the first half following protracted treatment from both physios. Whilst Dean Smith had the luxury of KK to fall back on, nobody likes to see any player injured. Moreso one who has really stepped up his game this season and become an integral part of this team. Here’s hoping it looked worse than it actually was.


Jota speaking for everyone

The other slight negative about the evening was Sergi Canos. Nothing to do with his on-pitch performance but, more, his use of post match Twitter.

Hasn’t anybody told him “We go again”  should only be used after a poor away defeat? By the defence.


In all seriousness though, one can’t help but get drawn in by his enthusiasm about a return to the Brentford team. Long may it continue. It truly is wonderful to have him back in our ranks and out there on pitch.

And so we roll on to Saturday. A home game with doomed Rotherham United. Common sense says this one will be : lots – nil. However, as Mrs Bruzon would note, common sense is something that yours truly is severely lacking in.

Until then, let’s revel in the job done so far. The aforementioned prematch critic of Brentford was, at least, magnanimous enough to note the performance of Daniel Bentley at full time.

Personally, I’m just amazed how many goals Brentford continue to score. Scott who now?As one Twitter wag noted……


Nick Bruzon    

8 Responses to “Harlee, thongs and perfect scoring. Dean’s ‘false 9’ secure a genuine 3. Points, that is.”

  1. peter lumley February 22, 2017 at 10:24 am #

    As always Nick an excellent summary of a great team performance. So sorry for Josh and what appeared to be another serious injury.Can only hope it looked worse than it was.Sad also that Dan Bentley was robbed ,in added time, of another clean-sheet he so richly deserved What a come back from his horror mistake against Reading ?

  2. RebelBee February 22, 2017 at 12:47 pm #

    “Why do bfc even exist”? Well 50 years ago we almost didn’t, I urge all of the many thousands that love our club to try to be @ GP on Sat to commemorate these events, & the incredible people that kept our club alive for others to enjoy. Maybe our SW friend could read up & learn something about us, but he won’t!

  3. Henry Walker February 22, 2017 at 1:27 pm #

    It would perfectly sum up our season to lose to Rotherham on Saturday after this most unexpected win. To back up your Canos enthusiasm point he was absolutely furious to be subbed. He just wants to play to Brentford, great to see!

  4. Bernard Quackenbush (@BernardQuack) February 22, 2017 at 5:21 pm #

    Well I didnt expect that.Was expecting to tune into a heroic defeat to be fair, so this was a massive surprise. We finally cashed in on all the bad luck we have recently, and with inspired keeping from Bentley, we were reportedly well worth the three points with Sky Sports pundit Steve Cotterill with nothing but good words to say about us.

    Yet the coverage after on the aforementioned channel focussed on the penalty incident in the first half. An incident that Messrs Burridge & Co on BeesPlayer thought was a nailed on penalty. With lots of airtime given to Wednesday manager, Carlos Carvajal, livid with rage at referee Mr Bond. Yet when I watched the clip I just could not see the foul. All I saw was a Wednesday forward surge into the box and then lunge sideways into Harlee and then go to ground. This seemed to be the view of those Brentford Twitter correspondents behind the goal too. It was never a foul and if anything the forward should have been booked. Well done Mr Bond, who by neutral accounts had a pretty good game throughout.

    Unfortunately there was one massive piece of bad luck yesterday. Awful to hear the news of McEachran just as he was finally playing to his potential after so many false starts. Hoping its not as bad as feared.

    • nickbruzon February 22, 2017 at 6:42 pm #

      I’m just furious with myself for missing out on Mr Bond. Dean has been expecting him.

    • RebelBee February 23, 2017 at 7:43 am #

      SSN coverage was a joke, DS not given a chance to reply to Carvahal’s rant & all about them. Big club syndrome – entitled to everything!

  5. Gordonbankole February 22, 2017 at 6:08 pm #

    Dear All

    Great result and plaudits where they’re due to DS and the team.

    Let’s kick on from here and hit those 50 points asap.

    I was very impressed by the boy Henry (Rico, not Karl or Thierry) last year and he should be a great addition (and he provides more pace in the side). Well done too to the boy Field who has performed excellently on the left.

    BQ, normally we agree but I have to say that the Dean-Forestieri incident was the most blatant penalty I’ve seen in a very long time. Though after some we haven’t been given, about bloody time something went our way.



    • nickbruzon February 22, 2017 at 6:44 pm #

      BBC Radio London also called it ‘penalty’. Those behind the goal whom I was in touch with said ‘no’ Go figure? Let’s just put it down to one outhouse times that the referee is always right….
      Finally, we get one going our way 🙂

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